How To Prepare And Pass IJMB Exam In One Sitting

Pass IJMB Exam

I am here now to answer this two major questions about IJMB examination, is IJMB exam difficult? ,and How to pass IJMB exam , those are the main things am going to be discussing in this article.

Many IJMB aspirants after their IJMB Registration have been asking me of the simple ways to pass IJMB examination in one sitting without expo , because of their thoughts and how hard they have been hearing IJMB exam is.

Am here to tell you the simple truth about IJMB and all you need to know about the exam, but before I move on you can quickly take a look at my previous article on How to score above 300 in JAMB exam , this article have been helping JAMB candidates to score very high in JAMB exam.

But today am going to turn the hot water in to cold water, do not worry I will teach you all I just need is your attention , and for you not to skip any word in this article.

Some of the basic questions am going to answer here are;

1.)What is the meanings of IJMB ?

2.) Is IJMB exam difficult ?

3.) What is the cut off mark for IJMB ?

4.) How many years does IJMB result last ?

5.) How is IJMB done?

6.) How to pass IJMB exam and score very high points

Those questions above are what am going to answer in this article , if you have been looking for the answer to any of those questions ,

smile you are very lucky because am going to give you the real answers to those questions, follow me as I turn on the TV for you to watch let go.

1.) What is the meanings of IJMB ?

IJMB means : Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) is an Advanced Level (A’level) Nine months federal government approved programme run and moderated by Ahmadu Bello University, ABU Zaria.

2.) Is IJMB exam difficult ?

If I may ask , Is eating food difficult? Lol! that is just exactly how IJMB exam is, IJMB exam is just like any other ordinary exam like WAEC, NECO and JAMB , let me tell you this no exam is simple and no one is hard.

The only thing that speakes is how far you have prepared for the exam, will you expect someone that have not been reading to write any exam and pass, No! The fact here is that IJMB exam is very simple but it is only when you study .

3.) what is the cut off mark for IJMB

The minimum cut off mark for IJMB is 5 points to study professional courses in Nigeria you need to have 10 points upward.

4.) How many years does IJMB result last ?

As we all already known that IJMB result do not expired easily like JAMB, But IJMB result can last for up to 7 years.

5.) How is IJMB done?

This is the basic ways on how IJMB works, to make use of your IJMB result to gain admission into 200 level , the candidate is required to visits JAMB website or move to the JAMB office to obtain the Direct Entry (DE) form,

Fill the form that will be given to you, In Correlation with your IJMB result, that is when you will have the opportunity to choose your choice of institution both first and second .

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6.) How to pass IJMB exam and score very high points

Have you do your IJMB Resgistration and you are searching for the secret to pass IJMB exam without F9, I will urge you to calm Down and read this preparation guide very well because this tips am going to share Here can make you pass any examination without having any F9 in your result.

this tips am going to share here work for 99% of those that used it , in fact this tips is what I used and score 14 points in my IJMB examination in 2020 , let me not sound like a motivational speaker and dive into the Maine business of the day.

1.) You need to draft out your own personal timetable

Timetable is one of the major thing you need when preparing for any exam, if you check all my examination guide you will notice that I do emphasis much on the use of timetable because I no the value of timetable.

Timetable is a map that will tell you what to do at a particular time, it gives you direction and tells you the type of book to read at any period of time.

Not having a timetable might make you not to be ready to face the exam because you do not plan your study very well, for instance when you do not have a timetable you will just keep on picking any book you feel like reading and be reading each day,

if you find maths difficult you may forget about maths and keep reading other subject that is you will keep ponsponding the day you will solve the maths, but if you have timetable once you notice that you have maths you will quickly pick it and start read without feeling may be is hard or not.

2.) Start dating those subjects you are finding difficult to understand

Which subject are you finding difficult, is it mathematics , Chemistry , English or which subject , pick those subjects that you know you feel that are hard for you to understand and fall in love with them.

If it is maths you will need constant practice for you to be able to fall fully in love with maths , so also it apply to other subjects make sure you study that subject very well, make sure you to not rush it when read.

3.) Never cram Rather study

I do see so many IJMB aspirants after their IJMB registration they will forget about attending lectures, studying their book , they will only start cramming their books few days to the exam which is very bad,

If you really want to pass Ijmb exam you need to start studying early avoid cramming your books, if you think that it is because you do not use to understand the content of the book that do make you cram, just start studying early and you will be surprise to see A’s in your result.

4.) Teach others what you have studied

The best way to snap what you have studied is by teaching others, once you are able to teach others that In which you know you will always retain the information from your long term memory easily.

Once read a particular topic let others ask you questions base on that topic so you can know your ability and how far you have gone, the fact remains that teaching others what you know will push that information into your long term memory.

5.) Always take break while studying

Never forget to take break when you feel tired, I do not encourage students to studying straight without little break before they go on.

Let me tell you a story:

“My name is Tolulope from Ilorin I registered for IJMB in 2020 but I failed to attend lectures nor do I use to study my books till few days to the exam I just pack all my books move to my hostel every night I do read till the next day without rest just for me to be able to cover all topics in the IJMB syllabus ,

But to cut the long story short after I read voraciously on the exam day I was unable to recall all I have been reading since! When the IJMB result came out I score 6 points”

I hope you have read the true life sorry of Tolulope , never try to do such mistake to avoid hard I no at the end , always make sure you take break to be able to allow your rain to relax.

6.) Take advantage of IJMB past questions

Ijmb past questions is another great material you can use to pass Ijmb exam in one sitting, IJMB past questions is not made to be cram Rather to be studied , it gives you clue on how IJMB do ask their questions.

I urge you to get some past questions either as PDF or just text after studying a particular subject pick up your past questions and start solving , at the end mark it or give it to you friends to help you mark it by so doing you will no your capability.

7.) IJMB Expo/Runz is not real

A young girl asked me yesterday just before I started writing this great article, Usulor please were can I get IJMB Runz? I asked, you said IJMB Runz? she boldly replied yes!

I said young girl can you listen to me if you really want to pass IJMB exam never look for Runz or expo rather search for the secret on how to pass IJMB exam without expo.

IJMB expo/Runz is not real, no one can ever give you real IJMB question before exam people can only collect your money and run away with it, I warn all IJMB candidates never to stay near any one talking about IJMB expo/Runz it is not real, they will just collect your money and send past questions to you at the end be careful .

8.) Try to understand questions before you answer

Most IJMB candidates usually be on hast just to write exam very fast and go! That is very bad for you to really make very high point in IJMB you need to always carefully read and understand any question before you answer .

Not understand questions before you answer them how did you expect to get the score when you are not sure of what you wrote , always think very rational before you answer any question and make sure you do not rush rushing might make you not to read the question in the way you will understand it,

Rather make sure you calm down read the question at least two to three time to know if you can understand it.

9.) Work on your handwriting

IJMB exam is not CBT rather PPT it is writing with paper pen , if your really mean that you want to pass IJMB exam you need to make sure your handwriting is very clear and neat.

No examiner have such time of trying to get what you wrote if your handwriting is bad the examination will just collect your answer booklet and drop it aside, which might make you to fail that particular subject,

Try and change your bad handwriting to good and clear one before you move to wrote IJMB exam.

10.) Plan your exam day

This is the last point but not the least, Did you want to go and write IJMB exam? how prepared are you, have you plan your journey and what you are going to take along to the exam centre that day?

If those answer is no then you are not yet ready to pass IJMB exam , I have already told you that you should not rush any thing at all, make sure you plan ahead of time arrange every thing in other ask question about what and what are you going to take to the exam centre etc by so doing you will not get distracted on the day for exam because you already plan ahead of time.


I strongly believed that those points that I mentioned above are all understandable by you , in case you do not understand any one feel free to ask question, do not hang your shoulder up by feeling too no rather calm down and learn from others ,

That doesn’t make them to be your boss or your master you can learn from both young and old , prepare for the IJMB exam as if you are preparing to go war , make the examiner’s work easy by writing a very clear handwriting in other for you not to loose any mark because of your handwriting, because your mark started counting from your handwriting before going to your answers.

Did you have any questions , Or any problem you are facing that is related to IJMB feel free to drop it in the comment box, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Usulorinform wish you success in your IJMB Exam.

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