Easiest Ways To Pass NECO 2021 Exam (NECO Secrets)

Is their any secrets on how to pass NECO 2021 Examination? Yes! Their are many working tips to pass NECO in one sitting, before NECO 2021 registration started many students have been asking is NECO harder than WAEC? My answer, No! Nationality Examination Council is the most easiest examination you may ever write only if you know the secret to pass it.

How to pass NECO

in this article am going to show you the hidden secrets that I used to clear all my paper back then during my NECO examination, I was able to get Eight (8)B’s with One (1)A in my NECO result I was able to achieve all this without Expo/Runz.

I could remember back then in 2017 when I was preparing for my NECO examination many people started telling me things like; NECO is very hard, It is only brilliant students that pass NECO, You can never pass NECO without Expo, to get B in NECO is not easy at all the highest grade NECO can give you is C.

haaa! Those statements put fear in me I started thinking on how to pass NECO, Note that I do not Register for WAEC nor do I write WAEC because my parent told me that they do not have money to register WAEC for me, I have to hustle before I get money to register for NECO.

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I started searching for how to pass NECO exam in one sitting because I do not want to fail, were will I see money to register for the exam again!

One day I sat down on a chair holding my English textbook that I was preparing to start reading, immediately my academic mentor entered he said “hello” I replied “Hi” after greeting him I explain all my problem about NECO most especially what I have been hearing about NECO to him.

He said hmm! all those statements are not true that those people telling me that NECO is difficult are those that do not no the key secret on how to pass NECO examination, he said NECO is the easiest examination I may ever dream of writing, I stood up will my mouth opened, my two ear widely open too.

He told me that he is going to tell me every thing about NECO such as: Easy ways to Pass NECO without Runz, Things i should never do before NECO examination etc, without long story let move straight to the major aim of this post.

Before we move on to the business of the day let me quickly explain some things to you.

What does NECO means?

NECO is an acronym for: National Examinations Council, it is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education (GCE ) in June/July and November/December respectively.

  • NECO was founded by; Abdulsalami Abubakar
  • It was founded on; April 1999
  • It headquarters is in; Minna

Things that am going to point out/Explain to you here are:

  1. Is NECO Easy to pass?
  2. How to pass NECO exam without stress.

Note: What am about to reveal to you here is the fact, if you really want to pass NECO 2021 examination in one sitting you need to calm down and read this guide.

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Is NECO exam Easy to Pass?

The fact is that no examination is easy to pass, but once you no the main strategies on how to pass the examination wow! Passing it is as easy as ABC, NECO is easy to pass only if you no how to prepare and pass NECO.

do not worry am going to show you the strategies on how to pass NECO exam here in this article.

How to pass NECO 2021 exam without stress

If you really want to pass 2021 NECO examination in one sitting you need to note all this points on how to pass NECO exam, if you make good use of this guide the lowest grade you will see in your NECO result is C. Let me not waste your time and reveal the hiding secrets to you.

1. Change your Negative thoughts about NECO to positive

Remove statement like “Will I pass NECO, Emaka and John failed NECO two time I hope I will not join the lane!” I urge you to remove all negative thoughts from your mind and reset your mindset, that they fail does not mean that you are going to fail also.

Let me tell you some people fail because they were deformed, they do not have mentor no one to tell them the right thing to do, no one tell them to study for the exam etc just remove those negative thoughts and start thinking positively tell your self “Am going to pass NECO 2021”.

2. Draft out a study timetable

Time table is what will tell you what to do at a particular time, time table triggers you to act either to read or for you to do any other activities , make sure you follow the timetable up, never miss any time from the time you set for study, make sure you make proper use of your time, never waste any seconds.

Drafting out a study timetable helps you find a balance that you are comfortable with and also helps in developing good study habits and establish good study routines which ensures that all subjects are studied. It is important to have an effective timetable to help you manage the time spent on each subject.

3. Make proper use of Comprehensive textbooks

For you to pass NECO examination you need to study , not only for you to just read any type of textbook that you see rather read textbooks that is well detailed , avoid the use of key points, not only that the topics in the key points are not always explain fully to your understanding,

Sometimes they willl not give you example that will make you understand what you are reading, but if you use a comprehensive textbook the information in it is always explain in such a way that any one reading it will be able to understand it.

I urge you to get a good textbook that is well detailed with information on each topic.

4. Never skip exercises and examples

almost 80% of students skip examples and exercises when they are reading , most especially in subject like Mathematics , do not think that you are the only one that do make such mistake I also do!

But I discovered that when my academic mentor told me, I have to start taking examples and excercises very serious when ever am studying I have failed many examination just because I do not understand one particular topic.

Sometimes you will think that you know what you do not know, the best way to no actually that you understand what you are reading is by making sure you understand the examples and solving exercises in the text.

As for me after solving many examples in maths once I noticed that I have understood the topic I will pick up to 6 to 8 exercise and start solving if am able to solve those 6 or 8 questions correctly wow! No need of telling you that I have understood the topic.

5. Never think of cheating or using expo

some students that are preparing for NECO asked me this questions ; Is NECO Expo real ? Can someone pass NECO without expo ? I do not even no how I will start answering such question but here am ready to answer it now!

let me answer the hot question now,

Can someone pass NECO without Expo? Yes! You can get straight A’s in NECO without expo.

is NECO expo real ? No! their is nothing like NECO expo , Never pay any one for any thing related to Expo it is not real they will just collect your money and turn back to you.

Also remember that if you were caught cheating inside exam hall , you might be hold to fill malpractice form or they push you out of the exam hall and you will loose your whole exam.

Even if you succeed in doing the cheating your result might be withheld once they notice any error in your answer booklet during marking.

6. Attend NECO tutorial

Attending NECO tutorial is another key to pass NECO examination , their is a lot of benefits for those that attend tutorial , if you do not understand one particular topic in your school when teacher is teaching you might raise the question in the tutorial center for your tutor or master to help you out.

I could remember when I usually attend tutorial after school have dismissed once I go back to school the next day I will start teaching my mates the new thing that I learn’t in the tutorial, but I do not tell any of them that I do attend any tutorial rather they always see me as a very sharp guy that is ready to share what he no to others.

Am I telling you that if you do not attend NECO tutorial you can’t pass NECO , No! You can pass NECO examination even without passing tutorial , the only thing is that tutorial make things easier for you, you ask question about any topic you do not no,

if you strongly believe in your self that you can actually study and understand go on, the only key to pass NECO is for you to studying hard not only hard smart.

7. Start dating NECO Past Questions

Past question is a very important material that you can use to brush NECO in one Sitting, make sure you have past questions for each subject so that after reading your textbook you practice past questions.

when practicing past questions always put your self in exam condition to see how NECO would be like, another thing you should note is that NECO do repeat past questions each year, do not go and be cramming past questions rather study it and make sure you understand any question you see in the past questions.

Why is it important to study past questions? It is because NECO might twist they question for instance they might use another style and ask your the same question you saw in the past question and if you are the type that just cram the past question you will end of choosing the wrong answer.

8. Consistent is the key to pass NECO

Do not just read a book once and dump it always reread the book , review it any other time you have the chance , never stay a day without looking at your textbook it is very important.

Sometimes students stop reading their book simply because they are not preparing to write any exam , but immediately they see exam timetable wow! That is when every body will start attending night class, avoid that start burning your night candle right from now!

Let go on we are about to reach the end on how to pass JAMB in one sitting without cheating , do not worry I have a secret that I want to leak.

9. Set a target and how to actualize it

When you are on a race with others if you no your target place that is were you are going to stop you will try to run faster so you can be the first to reach and once you reach you rrelax and wait for others to come,

that is just exactly how NECO examination is, if you plan well by studying hard then you will rip the fruit of your labour in aboudant and those that fail to plan will fail, tell your self I need to make sure u get A in maths , B in English etc and work toward it.

Read those subjects as if your life depends on it, I no it will be stressful but it pays at last.

Stress does not kill it teaches lesson

10. Do not be lazy

Laziness kill it leads one to land of suffering it is someone That is lazy that will look for NECO expo which is not real but he/she will still fall victim because of laziness, if you are lazy as a students you will always believe that two plus two is equal to one lol!

Keep doing the work you have been doing before do not stop working because you are preparing for NECO , most students stop going to work simply because they are preparing for exam do not try such rather look for a way go schedule your plan.

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I hope you understood all my points on the topic how to pass NECO examination those points also contain the best way to prepare for the examination adequately and pass , if you are able to follow my points and guide sure your success in NECO is sure,

Over thousands of NECO candidates that followed my guide in the past have beening giving testimonies, your own case will not be different.

Never forget that prayer is another great key to success if you want to succeed in any examination you need a spiritual guidance too call on your creator he will answer you.

I wish you success in your NECO 2021 examination.

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