How To Pass UI Post UTME 2021 Exam Excellently (No Cheating)

How to pass UI post UTME 2021 screening examination is what we are going to discuss in this article, am going to show you step by step on how to prepare and pass UI post UTME exam and get high score.

How to pass UI post UTME

It is so sad that after some students might have struggled to pass JAMB UTME Exam, they end up failing Post UTME, why? it is because of lack of information and proper guidance.

Usulorinform have take it uppon him self to inform you and also to giude you on how to pass UI post UTME exam excellently, if you are ready to prepare and pass UI post UTME exam follow me as I show you the ultimate tips to pass UI post UTME exam in one sitting without cheating.

If you are among those candidates that have been searching for answers to below questions, we have answered it all in this article;

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Before I move on to show you how to pass Ui Post UTME i will like to tell you more about University of Ibadan.

University of Ibadan is one of the oldest degree awarding Institution in Nigeria, and it is located five miles from the centre of the major city of Ibadan in western Nigeria. University of Ibadan is popularly known as Unibadan or UI

It was founded on 18 January, 1948. UI is among the best university in Nigeria currently, let forget about the good story of this great institution and furge straight to the business of the day.

For you to win any battle you need to get prepared, he who failed to prepare is preparing to fail.

I will divide this Guide into two parts A and B.

Part A

How To Prepare For UI Post UTME 2021 Exam

This are the basic things you need to do that will make you to score very high in UI post UTME exam, the fact is that the tips that am about to share with you here is the same tips that I used to score 90% in Obafemi Awolowo University post UTME exam last year.

Look for the best comprehensive textbook

For you to prepare adequately for University of Ibadan Post UTME you need to get a good textbook, a good Comprehensive textbook is one that covers everything in UI post UTME syllabus 2021.

forget about key points, Read textbooks that is well detailed with information that you need, key points are not well detailed so it can’t give you what you need, but with a good detailed textbooks you can read any topics and understand it very clear because it will explain it very well with relevant examples.

Set up a reading timetable

killing time is not a murder but suicide

Do not wast your time doing nothing when you are surppost to be reading your books, you may either set up the studying schedule alone or with friends, if it is with friends once it is time to read you people already known the usual place you people are going to be meeting.

Do not go ingroup and be discussing, rather discuss about a particular topic in your textbook, do not joke with time. Use any free period that you have either at work place or at home to pick up your textbook and read.

Join post UTME tutorial center

This does not necessarily mean that you must Join tutorial named Post UTME Tutorial, No! You can join JAMB, WAEC tutorial because they are all o’level standard Joining post UTME tutorial will help to brush you up and you will still be able to ask question based on any topics that you do not understand.

But if you are reading alone at home, you may not have such opportunity to ask question except you see someone that is capable of giving you the right answer.

Get UI Post UTME past questions

UI post UTME past question is the number one expo to pass UI Post UTME exam, it is only few people that no this, if you have been solving past questions you will notice that UI do repeat questions every year after studying your books pick up past questions and solve it will really help you, do not cram past questions  study them.

Materials Needed to prepare for UI post UTME Exam

  • Jotter: You need jotter to jot down the relevant point from the topic in which you are reading, once you are reading make sure you keep your jotter beside you.
  • Notebook: Your secondary school notebook is very important when preparing for post UTME , Make sure you read and understand all the topics in which you were thought in the secondary school.
  • Rough paper: Rough paper is also important when solving mathematics or any calculating subject because it help you to calculate something on it, even if you make any mistake you can still cancel it and move to another space.
  • Table and Chair: This is the most important one because you need to sit down when studying it is very bad to be reading on the bed, you might fall asleep easily.
  • Your Brain: make sure you make your brain to be calm , do not study in an environment were by your brain will be disturbed, your need to learn how to study and understand easily.
  • More than one pen: I could remember my secondary school days were by I do buy at least two pen when preparing for exam, I have a reason you can’t trust Pen that they are producing nowadays.

The materials above are the best materials you can use to prepare for UI post UTME examination, without much story let enter into the Part B which is How to pass UI post UTME exam in one sitting, let go.


Past B

How To Pass UI Post UTME 2021 Exam

Below tips are the best key to smash UI post UTME exam in one sitting, you need to calm down and read it, much sure you do not skip any word.

Think positively about the Post UTME Exam remove any negative thoughts from your mind

Some students were asking me just before I started writing this guide that “Is UI Post UTME examination hard?” in fact i can tell you that the easiest examination you may ever write is UI post UTME exam.

those that usually fail UI post UTME are those that do not use to listen to instructions, they do not think first before they act, for you to pass university of Ibadan post UTME you need to be smart  you need to always think before you act, read all instructions that you come across , then move over to the second tips.


Time is your worst Enemy during UI post UTME Exam

During UI post post UTME most especially when you enter the exam hall time is not going to be your friend  in fact 1hour is just like 10 minutes , you need to be fast like speed of light .

Learn how to solve any calculation question fast , that is why you need to study very well solve as many maths and economics examples as you can.

On the exam day do not let the environment distract you

if you keep watching University of Ibadan environment you may end up not knowing road that you followed when you entered, because the beauty of the environment is very attractive, i will advice you not to think about the beauty of the environment just move straight to the block in which the exam is going to take place.

Even when the exam is going on never look out side much because the beauty of what you see might draw your attention, and before you no your time is already gone.


Never skip any question during UI post UTME no matter how hard it might look

Answer any question from Number one to the last question, never leave any question with the hope to answer it later, because you might end up not answering those questions again, we are human and we can forget things to avoid such it is better you answer all the question.

Immediately you have finished answering all the question go back to number one and start cross checking it one after another to no if they are all correct.

Bring Required Exam materials to the center on the exam day

make sure you go to the exam venue with all required materials such as  Your original JAMB result, your UI post UTME reprinting slip etc.

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What is the nature Of UI Post UTME

Is University of Ibadan Post UTME CBT or PPT ? That is the most common question that I have been receiving from UI aspirants but do not worry am here to answer the question.

UI Post UTME examination is Not Computer Base Test (CBT) , It is Paper Type (PPT).


Importance things That you should note

  1. University of Ibadan post UTME is 100 questions that is 25 questions in each subject because you are going to write only four subjects. And this exam is going to last for just 1hour 30 minutes.
  2. Make sure you print your slip after registering for UI post UTME.

I will like to stop here for now more updates about How to pass UI Post UTME 2021 loading…

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