Easy Ways To Pass UNILAG Post UTME Exam 2021 And Score Very High

Immediately after JAMB examination so many JAMB candidates started asking questions such as; will my school of choice write post UTME this year, when is UNILAG Post UTME registration 2021 start those and other questions are what prospect, candidates do ask.

pass Unilag Post UTME

but in today’s article i am here to reveal How to pass UNILAG Post UTME examination not only that am also going to show you how to prepare for UNILAG post UTME adequately.

Let me gist you before going on to today’s work, did you no that not all schools in Nigeria that do conduct post utme screening exam?

Oh! Now you know, The fact is that Post UTME exam was banned in 2016, however they started conducting the exam again after it was approved in 2017.

school like; Ebonyi state university (EBSU) did not conduct post UTME in 2018, 2019 even 2020 and they may later decide to conduct the screening exam in the future.

But some schools like; FUTA, AAU, FUTO, University of Nigeria Nsukka, UNILORIN, University of Ibadan, UNILAG etc Have been conducting Post UTME exam since even in 2021, but today am going to focus mainly on UNILAG post UTME screening exam.

About University of Lagos (UNILAG)

University of Lagos (UNILAG) is one of the prestigious University in Nigeria , The university aspire to be a global class centre for learning and research that will be reputable Nationally and internationally.

It was founded in the year; 1962

UNILAG student portal; Www.unilag.edu.ng

The University has three campuses in Lagos including their main campus that is located in Akoka.

Let me skip the wonders of the great institution and move straight to the business of the day which is how to pass Unilag post utme exam.

Take note; this article will be divided into two parts, which are

  1. How to prepare for UNILAG Post UTME exam
  2. How to pass Unilag post UTME.

The techniques that am going to show you here will really help you to pass Unilag post utme examination, if you are detamin to gain admission into University of Lagos this year this guide will really be of great help to you, let move straight away.



calm down and read this preparation guide, and make sure you take a necessary action were required, after reading this article you will stop asking question like; how do I prepare for unilag post utme.

1.) Get all materials that you are going to use to prepare ready

What are those necessary materials that you are going to need during your preparation for University of Lagos post utme exam?

  • Unilag post UTME subjects
  • Unilag post Utme past questions
  • Current affair.

Those three things mentioned above are the major things you will need to prepare for Unilag post UTME, let me make it clear to you;

Make sure you get all standard textbooks for Unilag post UTME subjects and make sure you study it.

Get unilag post utme past questions those past questions will make you to understand how unilag do set their questions, the past questions is not made to cram rather to study.

The last one is current affair, this is another important thing you do not have to joke with you need to buy current affair and read because unilag post utme questions is usually set in this way;

How many questions are in Unilag Post UTME?

English 20 questions, Mathematics 20 questions, General paper 10 questions. which is total of 50 questions.

Also note that all those three subjects is over 100 irrespective of the course you chose in your JAMB.

A sword is a weapon, it is better to have a weapon that would triumph than to face humiliation

The sword stand as the material one has, while the ability to make use of this sword (Material) is weapon (Triumph).

2.) Join any study group or Post UTME lesson

It is not a must that you will attend a lesson before you can pass, rather your seriousness matters alot, I could remember during my own post utme preparation, I searched for any post it me lesson centre but I couldn’t found any.

I have no option than to be studying alone, since I have all the available materials I just feel relaxed as I study, in fact the book I studied during JAMB exam helped me lot the truth is that I do not read much for post UTME.

the only thing I did was that I review all I have studied before during Jamb and it helped me a lot.

If you know that you do not study well during JAMB exam I will advice you to look for any study group and join so you can be able to join the race.

3.) Eat soft food

Have you ever eat fufu or Garri in the morning before going to school, what is your experience? I know you may not have been noticing it.

Now! Let me tell you eating heavy food will trying to study your book will make you not to feel relaxed will studying, it will make you to start feeling asleep and it will make your body to be to heavy.

Soft food is the best to eat when you want to get ready to study, it will make you feel comfortable , try your best to always no the type of meal you are to take before studying, so you can be able to crap something before you sleep.

4.) Stay away from social media

Social media is another agent of distraction to students , for instance; some times when I pick up my book to study after some seconds I will remember my phone immediately I pick up the phone the next is to login to Facebook or WhatsApp.

What is my aim? To check my status , to check may be if I have any new message from friends etc. Those things have make me wasted a lot of time I should have used and do something meaningful.

But I thank my creator because I discovered early I have to put it off, by forgetting about it Till after my exam. Social media can make you to score 5/100 in exam social media can make you forget what is one plus one, the best is to forget it during your preparation for any exam.

5.) Why is your TV still on ?

Turn off every TV or any agent of distractions around you , are you still the type that do watch television from morning till night? those television you need to turn it Off if really you want to pass Unilag post utme,

because Unilag post utme is never a child play, it is a race for those that are detamin.

The TV may even be your close friends you have to stay away from any TV distracting you from studying your books.

now! That we are done with how to prepare for unilag post utme , let forge straight to how to pass unilag post utme examination.



1.) Study Unilag post utme past question

Unilag post utme past question will make you to know how unilag do set their questions, the past questions is not made to be crammed rather to study.

If you cram past questions and enter exam hall you have set confusing for your self because every thing you stored in your memory will be scarttered , but after reading and you pick up the past question and practice you will really enjoy it.

2.) Always understand questions before you answer

Some students immediately they collect answer booklet they will not even read instructions nor will they calm down and read the question given to them.

for instance if you are given this type of question; The following can be found in Nigeria ?

(a.) Lagos b.) Ebonyi c.) Ghana d.) Osun

The best way to answer this type of question is by making use of elimination style, but if you do not understand the question to get the answer will be very difficult for you to pass Unilag post utme you the to make sure you understand each question ask during the exam before you answer.

3.) Learn to manage your time

Time management is very necessary if you want to pass Unilag post utme , if you wast your time thing or watching others then , you are welcoming failure.

Try as much as you can do be fast during the exam, because your people are going to stop the exam at once since you all started together at the same time, no extra time once your time has been exhausted.

4.) Test your self before the exam

Be in exam mood even before the main exam , set a questions for your self will you close your book and answer it mark it and check your score.

Tell someone that is preparing for the same exam with you to ask you questions on a particle subject will you answer.

I will like to hang up here on the topic ; How to pass Unilag post Utme exam , their is no other secret to pass unilga post utme except studying hard, in Unilag post utme nothing like Runz/ Expo because the area were the exam is been taking is always secure and you must be searched by the security before you even enter into the exam hall.

never fall into victim of exam malpractice stay away from it and study your books, think before you act reason like a student not like someone that has not attended school even once,

I so much appreciate you for taking your time to read this great tips on how to pass unilag post utme, I believe and am sure that this tips that I shared here will really help you to smarsh the examination in one sitting.

Did you have any question that you want to ask? If yes feel free to ask your question using the comment box below.

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