How To Prepare And Pass UNILORIN Post UTME 2021 Exam

How To Pass UNILORIN Post UTME Exam 2021/2022 plus latest news about University of Ilorin post UTME exam.

Now, all your dream is to gain admission into University of Ilorin even after you might have struggle and score very high in JAMB examination, but there is only one thing that may block that great dream which is UNILORIN Post UTME exam and The dream can only be cut off if you fail to prepare adequately for the University of Ilorin post UTME examination.

Because of this I am going to show you the easiest ways on how to pass UNILORIN post UTME exam without cheating.

No parent will be looking at his/her child falling into fire and he/she will sit down watching the child to fall into it, allowing the child to fall into the fire is wickedness! What do I really mean? I can’t keep quiet and watch you to fail UNILORIN Post UTME exam.

When is UNILORIN post UTME 2021 Registration starting?

University of Ilorin Post UTME registration for 2021 has started but the form has not been released for sale, hopefully the screening form is going to be released before August.

How Much Is UNILORIN Post UTME Form

Is Unilorin post UTME form out? Yes! But it has not been released for sale and the price for the screening form is N2,000, bank charge is not included.

Note: The price may be increase or decrease by the school if they wish before they release the form.

How Can I Register For UNILORIN post UTME 2021?

  • Visit UNILORIN portal:,
  • Click on pre-Admission screening registration,
  • Enter your JAMB Reg. Number, phone number, name, and a valid email address in the required column.
  • To be able to access your JAMB profile, Click on ‘Get Details’ button.
  • You can make payment by clicking on the make payment link to generate remita. It is important to note that you can make payment with your debit card.
  • Do not refresh the page to avoid making the same payment twice.
  • Once payment has been verified, you can go ahead to fill the application form. Be sure to go through the form to confirm that there are no mistakes.
  • Click on the ‘submit’ button Print out the form and keep it safe for when you will come along with it for the post UTME.

Now that you have finished registring for UNILORIN post UTME exam, what next? Start looking for strategies on how to pass UNILORIN post UTME exam in one sitting.

Why Do Nigerian Universities Conduct Post UTME?

There are lot of reasons why some Nigerian institutions conduct post UTME examination, one of them is because of too much competitive rush for Nigerian institutions the National Universities Commission (NUC) introduced the post UTME to be able to stop massive admission.

That is the only way to screen out unqualified candidates from the admission journey. so, you need to study hard and score very high to he able to have an edge over other candidates,

What is the JAMB cut off mark for UNILORIN

The JAMB cut off mark for university of Ilorin is minimum of 180.

Note that this cut off mark is the minimum cut off mark that JAMB announced for each institution to be able to stand and bring out their own cut off point, JAMB cut off mark is different from department cut off mark.

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How many subjects are in unilorin post Utme?

The number of subjects that you are going to write in UNILORIN post UTME exam is three (3):

  1. English language,
  2. Mathematics,
  3. General knowledge.

how many questions are in unilorin post utme

You will answer 50 questions which you are going to write in 30 minutes.

Is unilorin post utme computer based

yes! Unilorin post UTME exam is computer based text (CBT).

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How To Pass UNILORIN Post UTME 2021 ExamHow To Pass UNILORIN post UTME

UNILORIN post UTME examination is not as difficult as most candidates due think, once you get all necessary materials needed to prepare for the exam you are free to go, let me tell you behind every successful student, their is a place of preparation.

You can’t talk about passing UNILORIN post UTME without adequate preparation. Kindly look for cool pure water and drink then follow me let me show you the tricks to successfully pass UNILORIN post UTME Without cheating.

the best preparation for tomorrow is doing the best today.

1. Start reading now

The best time to start preparing for Unilorin post UTME examination is immediately after JAMB and the next best time to start preparing is now if you have not started before,

Do not wait until a day before the exam before you start cramming your books, calm down and study now so you won’t regret your action later, those that fail to prepare for UNILORIN post UTME exam are already preparing to fail.

UNILORIN post UTME exam is like fire you can’t joke with it, if you really want to gain admission this year you need to sit up now and read as if your final exam is tomorrow.

2. Practice UNILORIN post UTME past questions

This is one of the best materials to smash Post UTME exam, it is a prophecy of UNILORIN post UTME exam, past questions show you nature of UNILORIN post Utme exam that is how UNILORIN set there post UTME question,

not only that you will also notice how and were university of Ilorin due bring out questions from that is the subjects and areas were they due carve questions out. I will advice you to purchase UNILORIN post UTME past questions and practice.

3. Get best materials and study effectively

Past questions is not the only major materials to pass UNILORIN post UTME but it is very important, you need to get best textbooks that you are going to read and study those text books effectively,

The best textbook is the one that explain every topics fully calm down and study it make sure you understand any topic that you studied, after studying pick up your past questions and start practicing to be able to know how many questions you can answer correctly.

4. Do not joke with time

Joking with time simply means joking with failure, you need to measure your speed accuracy so you can know how fast you are, during UNILORIN post UTME time usually fly.

If you do not prepare for the exam you might not answer up to five questions correctly and your time will end , you need to learn how to be very fast in answering question and the only material that you can use to learn that is UNILORIN post UTME past questions.

during the exam I will advice you to answer simple questions first before hard ones to avoid wasting unnecessary time on a difficult question.

Killing time is not murder but suicide

5. Target high post UTME score

If you really want to gain admission this year you need to score very high in UNILORIN post UTME exam, scoring high In post UTME exam will give you more high chance to be able to gain admission,

if you target high score you may end up getting close to your targeted score if you are determine .

I could remember when I was preparing for JAMB last year I targeted 250 but I end up scoring 219 in JAMB, targeting a score will give you more focus to your direction.

6. Go to the exam venue early with all required documents

for you to be able to enter hall and write the exam and pass you need to get to the venue early before the exam starts with all requirements,

Do not forget your brain at home, make sure you prepare well before going do not rush so you will not forget any important document at home,

Documents like:

  1. Your Original JAMB result,
  2. Your post UTME registration print out,
  3. Pen/pencil incase if they are not writing CBT

7. Do not eat hard food

If you are preparing to pass UNILORIN post UTME examination eat soft food a day before the exam to avoid oversleeping, tiredness , hard food like (Akpu/Fufu, Eba etc) will make your body look heavy.

8. Join UNILORIN WhatsApp group

This is very important most especially students leaving outside Ilorin , joining UNILORIN whatsapp group will help you to easily get latest information from the school not only that there are alot of benefits of join UNILORIN WhatsApp group,

  1. You will meet like minded people, that is aspirants like you.
  2. You will get all UNILORIN latest news about post UTME exam such as ; Unilorin screening date, when is Unilorin post UTME registration closing , Exam venue, directions and time for the exam.
  3. Complete guide/information about what next after post UTME examination etc.

Kindly tell us how you feel about this guide.

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