How To Pass WAEC 2021/2022 Exam Without Cheating

Pass WAEC 2021 without cheating: WAEC timetable 2021 has been released the exam date has also been announced too. Many candidates has started preparing while some are yet to start studying for WAEC examination.

How To Pass WAEC

The good news is that WAEC has set up a standard security that will be in charge of monitoring all centers that are conducting the WAEC examination to make sure that no form of examination malpractice is recorded.

But did you know?

There will be no miracle centers in any WAEC exam center in 2021 any candidate caught trying to do malpractice, using expo or any form of WAEC runz will fill malpractice form.

Bad news!

Any candidates caught with WAEC expo will automatically have Nine F9 in his/her result in fact no result for such candidate.

To be in safe side you need to read and understand tips on how to prepare and pass WAEC 2021 without expo, this is must read by all WAEC 2021/2022 candidates.

The strategies that am about to reveal here has helped over 500,000 WAEC candidates in the past, yours will never be different.

Did you want to PASS WAEC 2021? Read this article to the end.


How to prepare and pass WAEC 2021 exam

These are some of the ways to prepare adequately for WAEC examination in other to pass.


1. Start Studying now

Start reading as early as possible, late preparation is very bad when it comes to WAEC preparation, some students are even asking me question such as when is the right time to start preparing for WAEC examination?

That question is among the reason why I am writing this article, but let me move straight to the point without wasting much time.

The best time to start preparing for WAEC is when you enter SS1, you may ask, is it not too early to start preparing for WAEC in SS1,  it is not, the reason is that,

WAEC do set their questions right from SS1 topics and if you have not been preparing from SS1 by reading your Notes your chance of passing WAEC is low compare to those that started early enough.

Do not wait till the last minute before you rush to your reading table to cram, Study voraciously study as if you have your final exam tomorrow morning.


2. Prepare with WAEC past questions

Remember to pick past questions either from the market or from any were you may get it, pick at least up to five different year of past questions in each subjects .

Past questions is another key things to smash WAEC in one sitting, if you have been checking past questions you will noticed that WAEC do repeat questions every year.

And if you are able to be practicing past questions each time you finished studying you will see WAEC will just look like ordinary social study home work for you.

Even some students are asking me can I use past questions to pass WAEC and get straight A’s, yes it is possible since WAEC do repeat their questions if you are able to practice the past questions wisely sure you will past WAEC more than you ever expect.


3. Make sure your handwriting is readable

Have any one ever tell you “This is a very bad handwriting” have you ever try to read a note written by someone and you are not able to pronounce a word from the note because of you not knowing what the person wrote.

Try to work on your handwriting and make sure it is clear and readable by any person, bad handwriting can make you fail WAEC examination.

Reason is that the WAEC examiner or the person that will mark your exam is not your school teacher rather an unknown person, an external body that you do not know.

So all you need to do is, if you want to be at the safe side try as much as you can to change your handwriting.

You may ask how do I change my handwriting or what is the cause of the bad handwriting writing, let first look at the cause before we solve the problem.

What might be the causes of your bad handwriting?

  1.  You are using irrelevant stroke , or trying to make your own alphabet stylish.
  2. You do write very fast.

How do I change my bad handwriting to good one?

  • Look for the right pen

Try to change different types of pen to know the one that is OK for you to be using, note the one that is more suitable and normal ,

If you should check well you will notice that some pen do have smaller mouth than others, and some pen the ink do flush out like rain water dropping from the zink.

  • Take your time, do not rush if you want to write a clear handwriting just calm down and write,

No matter the pressure do not rush make sure you take it step by step, let your alphabet stand straight within each other as they form word.

  • First learn how to draw slash and circle because those two things will teach you how to bend any alphabet.

Try out those things and I no it will really help you.


4. Stay away from all distractions

To pass WAEC examination is not a minute journey rather it takes you hour to get to your destination, to be able to stop asking the question

how can I study for WAEC effectively you need to run away from all distractions, because you do not need to waste your time playing on the road that you do not no when to arrive at your destination.

Any thing that will engage you into discussion on the road better run away from it so you wouldn’t arrive late, if you really understand my statement you will note what I mean.

Social media like Facebook, WhatsApp can also serve as another agent of distraction those things can make you not to study at all if you have fall in love with them.

For offline distraction I mean those physical things like your fellow human beings, noises etc that can be distracting you in your environment run away from them.

In studying for waec environment that is free from distraction matters alot.


5. Make goodd use of Exam fucus textbook/novel

Exam focus testbooks/Novel is another great material to pass WAEC 2021 in one sitting without expo, if you have been asking such question such as How to pass WAEC in one sitting and get straight A’s? this is the secret.

If you prepare for WAEC without making use of standard latest textbooks your chance of passing JAMB is just 30% in fact some people do fail their core subjects just because of not using exam focus text book,

A friend of mine failed literature in English just because he do not make use of recommended WAEC focus novel to prepare it is after the exam that he ask me how to pass literature in WAEC? at the end I showed him the way which he later used and smashed WAEC.

he got 7 A’s and one B in WAEC, exam focus textbooks and novel are those books recommended by WAEC to use and prepare for WAEC even you can use those books recommended by JAMB in their syllabus to prepare if you do not get WAEC syllabus to check that.


6. Have a target in each subjects

Try to have a spot I mean note what you intend to achieve before the exam, try to target a grade i could remember back then when I was preparing for my own WAEC examination I targeted a grade that I want to get in each subjects like;

English language; A

Maths; B

Literature; A etc.

Why do I target B instead of A in maths it is because am not good at that at all but I no I can try my best, after all my struggle I got A in English and C in maths, targeting a grade you intend to score in each subjects will make you to study hard just for you to get your target.

Some times when you target a grade you might work hard and even get something low but closer to your targeted grade.


7. Run away from WAEC Expo/Malpractice

Stay away from were you hear people talking about WAEC expo, nothing like WAEC expo never say that you want to try, never try because you will surely regret it later.

A friend of mine by name Friday was scammed N20,000 after he paid for WAEC expo, Friday paid N20,000 to a guy’s account who claimed to be a WAEC official that promised to send him the answer a day before the exam.

Friday waited till the exam day even till the whole exam finished Friday do not see any thing, I could also remember a guy that told me his story of how he planned to enter exam hall with some sheet of paper that he wrote some answers.

His plan failed because he was later arrest when the security men saw him with it at the end he did not write the exam again and he regreted taking something like that to exam center, expo which is known as examination malpractice is the key to fail WAEC and can make you to write WAEC twice , kindly stay away to avoid hard I know.


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8. Do not joke with any subject

Some students usually think of passing only their core subjects but I do not support that, on this post titled how to pass WAEC in one sitting i will reveal every thing to you.

What if you study hard for only your core subjects and at the end you fail those subjects you think that are irrelevant to you,

After failing it you realize that those subjects are even important than you ever think of because when you pass the core subjects and fail those subjects that suppose to support the core subjects you are going no were.

Let say you want to go and study Political science and you Pass Government, Literature which you think they are your core subjects and you fail Economics what hmm! Fail is still fail no matter the subject I always advise my students to make sure they study hard for all there subjects to be able to come out with good grades.


9. Always understand question before you answer

Some students immediately they received answer booklet they will start writing just to prove how fast they are to their fellow students, in WAEC nothing like been fast your smartness count a lot, alway make sure you read instructions well.

Make sure you understand what the question is talking about before you start to answer.

Most especially question that carry something like; NOT e.g the following is not a dash, sometimes you will not even notice the not and you will answer the question without thinking about the not one the question.

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10. Work on your weak areas

Which subjects did you find very difficult to understand draft it out and look for someone that will put you through.

Most students do have maths as their major problem, all you just need to do is for you to look for any WAEC lesson centre and register so they can be able to brush you up even if you do not have money or location to do it you can study it on your own.



I strongly believe that I have been able to reveal some important secrets on how to prepare for WAEC in other to pass.

Even if their is any subject that you are not good at, this is proper time for you to improve by start studying and attending lesson.


The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement -Helmut Schmidt.

I wish you success in your WAEC examination. You can also read; How To Pass NECO 2021 Exam Without Cheating.

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