How To Start Poultry Farming In Nigeria As A Beginner 2024

In today’s post, we will be looking at when, why and how to Start Poultry Farming in Nigeria.

I get asked these three questions all the time, so many people like you want to know the same three must ask questions when it comes to exploring the agricultural landscape in Nigeria.

The questions go again;

  • Why should I start poultry farming in Nigeria?
  • When can I start poultry farming in Nigeria?
  • How can I start poultry farming in Nigeria?


If you are here to find answers to the above three questions, then you have found and arrived at the best resource out there where you will find complete information and what so many people will not tell you about poultry farming in Nigeria.


Before we look at the above three pieces of information let us look into the world of poultry in Nigeria. What is really in it, and as you guessed right, we would also look into the business landscape of poultry farming.


There are tons of information to gather from this post, so hold on tight let me share with you the most important information you need if you have an interest in poultry farming or want to know how this sector of agriculture in Nigeria is turning out.


“Poultry farming is a very common form of animal husbandry in Nigeria, apart from cattle farming, so many Nigeria settle for Poultry farming, such as raising birds (Chicken, ducks, geese, turkey) to produce meat and eggs”.


It is safe to say that poultry farming is one of the sectors or areas that Nigeria citizens survive, as the protein produces are a need,

also poultry (a form of animal husbandry) has created so many jobs for Nigeria citizens, and as I promised we will talk about the business landscape such as “How to start a poultry farm in Nigeria and be making money”?


Before we find the answer to the information we have set to provide to you in this post, let us quickly look at the type of poultry farming in Nigeria and which one is best to focus on at this time in Nigeria.


Types of Poultry farming in Nigeria and which is most productive in the business landscape?


Remember this; Nigeria is a very good place for any kind of farming, and the production rate in the past years has been top-notch in Africa.

Without even thinking too much, it is evident that there are so many reasons to start poultry farming in Nigeria, and the most important of all is that this is the kind of farming that does not depend on fertile land, in addition to this, you do not need to worry about whether or best season to start your poultry farming, as long as you are ready, then yes that is it, your poultry is ready too.


But without knowing the kind of poultry farming that exist in the twenty-first century and knowing that not all type of poultry farming is great in Nigeria, then you might be lost in the middle of starting something that you do not fully understand its landscape.


Again, in this post, you will find out that poultry farming is more than just raising chickens (Boilers or layers).

There are so many birds that can be raised that produces eggs and very delicious meat outside chickens and that is why I want to show you the types of birds that can be raised in the poultry before we talk about how to start your poultry farming.

NB: it is also pertinent to note down the fact that 70% percent of all poultry farms prefer intensive production method instead of the free-range option) also, people choose to raise the same types of poultry all across the globe but very quickly let us look at the types of poultry farming in Nigeria and how they are perceived globally.


Also, we will answer a very great question “Which poultry bird is most popularly bred and sold?” This will help you narrow down your plan if you wish to start poultry farming in Nigeria.


The 7 types of poultry farming to know of in the twenty-first century.

  1. Turkey farming
  2. Chicken farming
  3. Guinea farming
  4. Geese farming
  5. Ducks farming
  6. Quail Farming
  7. Pigeons farming

Above 7 types of birds are what people breed these days either for meat or eggs.


1.Turkey Farming:

Poultry Farming In Nigeria

Turkey farming is mainly done to produce meats in Nigeria, only a few people start turkey farming to produce eggs because people eat Chicken eggs and not turkey eggs.

There is numerous turkey like other normal poultry birds. The primary distinction between turkey and chicken is the size of turkeys. They are moderately bigger poultry birds.


Today, turkey poultry farming in Nigeria is rising, it has become a very popular bird in Nigeria and so many families prefer buying turkey meat.

What’s more, its prevalence is expanding steadily. Thus, it tends to be a decent business for Nigerians to make financial benefits.


Turkey farming has gained prominence in Nigeria, furthermore, it very well may be a decent business for fledgling poultry lovers.


  1. Chicken farming:

Chicken, Poultry Farm

Chicken farming, just like raising other birds locally or economically is very common and essential for meat and eggs, it is more in demand than turkey also for the fact that people eat chicken eggs.

In addition to this, there are people in Nigeria who raise chicken for the feathers.

Like I said in this article we will talk about which of the poultry bird and are sold more in Nigeria, and now that we talking about chickens it is important to state that Chickens are the most popular kind of poultry breed in and outside Nigeria.


  1. Guinea Farming:

Poultry Farming For Beginners

I am cocksure you have heard of guinea fowls, yes it is very interesting to know that people also focus on breeding guinea fowls just like chickens.


People raise this kind of birds also for eggs and meat.

Africans began the early days of guinea fowl farming. And for decades until today so many farmers have focused and settled for raising this kind of poultry birds and so have Nigerians.

The Guinea fowls are additionally at times called guineas. They were formally classified as wild birds and advanced birds but today guinea fowls are now globally accepted poultry produce.



There is proof that homegrown Guinea Fowls apart from the ones that are in the wild were available in Greece by the fifth century BC.

Guinea fowl are extremely strong and so many tribes in Nigeria eats them, they are also vivacious and to a great extent infection-free birds.


At present they are most commonly found in Africa, nonetheless, guinea fowl can be found is well known all through the world.


As a Nigerian, they are several reasons to start guinea fowl farming.


And one of the great reasons apart from the fact that they are great for meats and eggs is that the guineas are additionally compelling methods for pest control. The herds of guineas for the most part will kill and eat mice and little rodents.


  1. Geese Farming:

Poultry Farming Business Plan

Now let’s talk about geese farming in Nigeria. Geese may not be a so popular kind of birds, but it is a very great kind of bird that people eat, also geese are bred for eggs and their feathers are much useful.


Geese are one of the best kind of birds to raise in Nigeria or anywhere in the world, this is because they are among the quickest growing birds and they sweat when served as meat.


Geese raising, can be fused into existing poultry farming, henceforth giving small scale poultry farmers a wellspring of additional pay and the truly necessary animal protein hotspot for the family.


It is safe to recommend and portraying geese farming as a popular type of “poultry farming”, it is also good to inform you that farmers can begin little with two male and three females and this kind of poultry will not stop one from going into other businesses.


Raising geese is common in Nigeria and it creates a good business landscape.


By and large, the geese birds supply nutritious meat, gigantic eggs and rich fat for cooking, just as plumes for bedding and dress, which makes them especially suitable for giving farmers a good money-making source. The meat is fatter than other poultry meats.


  1. Ducks Farming:

Duck Farming in Nigeria

Ducks are another kind of birds that are raised by Nigerians.

Ducks are also raised for eggs, meat and their feathers are downright useful.


Duck farming in Nigeria is one of the productive types of poultry farming.

On most occasions, ducks are known to be one of the underestimated poultry farming in Nigeria due to the scarce information of the advantages there is when raising these kinds of birds.

But in reality, Ducks have a more significant level and odds of efficiency, which frequently requires low capital contrasted with most poultry birds.

The homegrown ducks (waterfowls) are raised to create meat and egg. Ducks are certainly water birds however they can likewise survive and be raised without water when kept in a house or on a free-roaming place, a similar way any kind of poultry bird is raised.

By and large, water is needed for propagation and mating purposes. Duck farming in Nigeria is practicable when vital strategies and techniques are noticed.


  1. Quail Farming:

How To Start Poultry Farm In Nigeria

Quails are also bred in Nigeria for eggs and meat.

Starting a Quail farming business is lucrative even though quails are not too popular like the rest birds we have discussed in this article,  quail farming business is exceptionally productive than some other poultry farming business in Nigeria.

Thus an ever-increasing number of Nigerians are getting inspired by this business.


Little speculation, less work, little space required, simple administration, the high worth of quail eggs and meat on the lookout and high benefit inside a brief period are the primary reasons for starting quail farming in Nigeria as long as you understand the basics and scope.


Quail farming can be an extraordinary opportunity to expand how much money you make while doing poultry farming in Nigeria and it is not very hard to begin quail poultry.


Quail farming in Nigeria can assume a vital part in the food security, wellbeing, abundance and work source creation in Nigeria.


7. Pigeons Farming:

Poultry Farming In Nigeria For Beginners

Pigeons are mainly bred for meat and not eggs.

I know you might be curious at some point, does Nigeria breed pigeons? Yes, Pigeon farming is also very common in Nigeria.

We know Pigeon Farming is fascinating, but this kind of poultry farming is also very productive and pigeons are an exceptionally homegrown bird.

Pigeons are considered as the image of harmony.

Practically a wide range of people who have offices, love to bring some pigeon up in their home. Pigeon cultivating require less work and low risk. Indeed, even you can likewise raise and deal with them during your recreation time.


The meat of child pigeon (squab) is exceptionally delicious and nutritious. Squabs additionally have enormous interest and cost on the lookout.


Why start Poultry farming in Nigeria.


Let’s look at some great reasons why starting a poultry farm in Nigeria pays of, we will be looking at the business angle of this.


On the flip side of the coin, we all know that meat and eggs are essential needs, that is why it makes a lot of sense to provide these needs and making money from the flip side.



Let’s dive in immediately!


Why should you become a poultry farmer?


What if you just go into another type of farming?


Is it not much harder to do poultry farming other than the other type of farming?


I see you might have these questions in mind at some point, so let’s talk about it. It’s not news, and this has been proven, poultry farming is one of the most lucrative agribusinesses in Nigeria and all over the world.


Every day people consume, eggs and meat from poultry birds, starting a business on this angle pays of especially If you are well trained on how to raise poultry birds.


The good thing is we will cover how to start a poultry farm in Nigeria, and with all the information you will get from this post, you will be fully covered and know where to start.


But if you must know, starting a poultry farm will create a good stream of income for you and your family, and if you already have a poultry farm and not doing so well we will discuss in another post how you can improve and expand your poultry business.



Advantages of Poultry Farming in Nigeria

  1. Poultry farming gives a high yield and is a necessity, for instance, chicken meat and egg is the number one protein food consumed in Nigeria.
  2. Much capital isn’t needed to begin the poultry business.
  3. Poultry farming does not require fertile land or weather to produce well
  4. You do need a big land before you can start a poultry farm, you can start even within your house or any space available to you.
  5. You do not need to hire other farmers, you alone can manage your poultry farm.
  6. If you want to become a big poultry farmer in Nigeria you can easily secure a license without stress.
  7. A poultry farm does not require machines or any hard labour, apart from feeding the birds, nursing them and cleaning the environment, there is nothing much involved.
  8. You are raising horticultural items that have prompt demand.
  9. Employment openings on different levels are created by poultry farmers.
  10. Most monetary organizations and financial agencies are ways ready and willing to give loans to poultry farmers.
  11. It has a quick profit and gains from your investment.
  12. Marketing is extremely simple.



Some other juicy part when it comes to starting a poultry farm in Nigeria.



Poultry farming can include more than chickens.


Although chickens are the most commonly raised type of poultry birds in Nigeria, to be a source of food in both eggs and meat, there are other types of birds to raise along that will increase your source of revenues and they are very well in demand too.


This means that when you start a poultry farm today, raising chickens is not the only option that is available to you in poultry farming.


You can raise a variety of birds, including turkeys, geese, and ducks for a variety of unique products.


Some farmers even take care of their birds because they harvest their feathers as a material product for stuffing.


Poultry Farming requires little water.


Just as we said poultry farming does not depend on season or weather conditions, you do not need to worry about water like when you are growing crops you will need water for crops to grow.


Not to even mention fish farming,  25 litres of water is enough for about 50 birds in poultry farming, this is incomparable with the level of water required in a fish farm, or the amount of water needed to feed cows or goats on daily basis for the cattle farmers.



Poultry farming does not require you to only be involved in the poultry, you can start other business alongside.



You do not need to be on the farm all day, this means you can also continue with any other thing while into poultry farming.


When and which state in Nigeria is best to start my poultry farming


As We have highlighted several times in this post, there is no particular season for starting a poultry business I Nigeria, but most importantly, you have to be prepared before starting your poultry farm.


Should you enter into the business unprepared, you will end up losing a lot of money, as someone who will like to succeed in the poultry farming business, you must consider all aspects of the business before you begin.

For instance, you need to be sure you have the best capital for the type of poultry birds you will be raising, you have to plan where you will be setting up the poultry farm, get some basic equipment, and you need to be sure that you know how to raise the birds.

You must also be ready for the sales and marketing of your business, you have to take every step wisely.

Do not forget that there are many other poultry farmers that you will be competing with, so you need to be sure that you are ready.


Talking about which state in Nigeria will be best for a poultry farm, then there is no definite answer to this, your poultry can have a great inflow of customers if you set things up well regardless of which you run your business in.

Meanwhile, the populous city of Ibadan in Oyo State, Nigeria, is the most profound place this is where you will find the best poultry farms in Nigeria, a good number of large- and medium-sized poultry enterprises are established within Ibadan.

Again, bear in mind that what matters is how you plan to start your poultry farm and where you hope to get the most sales from.


Once you have calculated which part of the country to start your poultry farm, such as in the norths, west, east and south, then you have to make sure that you choose a good environment.


If your poultry environment is not very good, then your birds can easily get diseases and this is very common among poultry farmers, but for the sake of raising healthy poultry birds and eggs choose a location that is best and clean for the birds.

When starting, you can visit other poultry farms that are performing well around you and see what you can learn plus which method is best for keeping the birds growing healthy and strong.


How to start poultry farming in Nigeria step by step – (Business plan)

In this section, we will share with you a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to start a poultry farm in Nigeria.

Also, we will give you a good business plan that will ensure your success, the following information is expected advice and if implemented you will be running a big and successful poultry farm in any place you choose to begin your poultry farming business.


In this part of this post, there are many important things you must know before going ahead with your poultry business, you have to at every point in time key to these if you want to make out something good.

  • Ask yourself the specific question “Why do I want to start a poultry business” what good reasons do you have behind wanting to start a poultry farm?


  • You need to have a purpose and a willingness to do this business successfully, pondering on your reasons for why you are longing to begin a poultry business would help you attract more exact ideas to accommodate your concept of what you need.


  • Your reasons will rely upon whether you wish to begin a poultry form for business and benefit, animal government assistance, or perhaps just to do something that keeps you engaged and occupied.


  • The structure of your farm will completely rely upon your answers; in summary, you should know why you might want to begin and possess a homestead for poultry.


  • If you have been planning to start a poultry farm, but until now you have not taken any step, then you have been playing around until you start to consider the big picture and taking a step to set up a farm then you are not read. Poultry farming may not be so hard compared to fish farming, cattle farming and others, but it requires a lot of effort, it isn’t just as simple as it might appear. It requires much work, commitment, strength, and constancy. You will be working with live animals who will require your time and consideration.


  • If you are going to be needing space then it means you may have to buy land, also try to visit other poultry farms to get a vibe of what it is in poultry farming. It would fill in as an immense learning experience for you since it would permit you to see how poultry works in Nigeria, visiting other farms would get you involved in preparing what you should do when you set up yours.




Below are steps to take when starting your poultry business


  1. Decide on what type of poultry birds you will be raising
  2. Learn everything possible that involves the poultry business in Nigeria
  3. Calculate human resources and capital needed and see if you are ready
  4. Look for a good piece of land (Buy or lease)
  5. Map out your poultry business plan
  6. Get yourself in the market.


  1. Decide on what type of poultry birds you will be raising: In this post, we talked about several types of birds that you can raise. Some people focus on an individual type of birds.


Meaning, most people will focus on breeding just chickens, most people will go into just turkeys.


Some raise more than one birds, it is possible to raise as many birds as you want to depend on your capital and human resources.


It is important to note the kind of birds you will be raised, whether chickens, geese, turkey and others because they all have a different approach to raising, nursing and feeding.


Meanwhile, the process of raising ducks and chickens may be the same since they are raised for meat and egg, but in reality, the breeding process may be slightly different which is why most poultry farmers focus on raising one kind of birds, so this will be up to you.


  1. Learn everything possible that involves the poultry business in Nigeria:


If you have never raised poultry birds before, then you need to learn it, before you start the business you also have to learn the rudiments so you do not end p making mistakes that will lead to loss.


For example, if you have decided on a particular species of birds to raise, like geese, you need to learn everything about that species and its market value, how to treat diseases and how best to feed the birds.


If your birds are not healthy you will get a hard time selling or making any return from your business to try to learn well enough before you begin.


  1. Calculate human resources and capital needed and see if you are ready


Before starting your poultry farm, you must analyse how big it will be and how many people you need to maintain the farm, If you plan to start only small poultry for personal and family consumption, it means that you won’t be needing much assistance with maintaining the farm.

However, if you have plans to start or run a big poultry farm for business, or you currently have a farm and you intend to grow your poultry farm, you will require more people, expert advice and human resources to help you drive the business as well as the capital needed.

Poultry farming is a science that needs to follow specific guidelines. It isn’t the same as keeping one or two chickens that will run around your house. A farm demands knowledge, skills, and people to keep it moving.


  1. Look for a good piece of land (Buy or lease):


It is possible to buy land depending on the number of birds you plan to raise, if you start and you do not have much capital you can also lease space or land to construct your poultry.


There are also a few things together when getting land or a space for your poultry

  • Will your neighbours or people leaving around you feel comfortable
  • The proximity of your poultry farm to the market
  • What kind of soil does the land have
  • Does the environment have adequate water
  • Is there possible competition when it comes to selling in that area?
  1. Map out your poultry business plan:


Some people do not care about a poultry business plan, they just go ahead in starting their business, but in a way having a business plan will help to plan and stay focused.


Even if you will starting the business small, it is also wise to have a  business plan that will display the steps you will take in terms of the type of birds, how many birds you will start it, the time you will spend a day, revenue generation, objectives, location, facilities.


Try to put down your ideas. Organize and prioritize as much as possible to help the process run smoothly.


  1. Get yourself in the market.


When you have followed all steps mentioned above, the next thing is to find a market where you can push hard on sales especially if your poultry farm is located in a remote area.



How to go about Finance needed to start your poultry farm in Nigeria


This is also another important thing that you must address, we have mentioned in this post, that you do not need to break the bank to start your poultry farm, nevertheless, you still need money to start up.


So we are going to analyse this, the money you need to start your poultry farm will be determined by your choice of which kind of birds you will be raising,

and the next important thing is calculating the land and space, the land that you purchase will also determine how much you will need to begin the business, but everything can, of course, be managed.


If you have gotten land that you plan to use for your poultry farm, other financial needs will come in such as getting food, human resources needed and so many other equipment needed.


Once you have gotten a space, you still need to carve out a structure, and you will be needing light in your poultry farm, so these are things to calculate in your poultry business plan.


One good thing about this field is that there are companies and banks, even most government offices that are ready to give out loan for you to start your poultry farm,

sourcing for loans is one of the common method people use to get financed, however, banks will not hand a loan to you without questions and validation that you can do well.


They will require a guarantee because people will not be willing to put their resources in danger, as a cost for transforming your fantasies into the real world.

You should be prepared to give answers to questions they will get some information about your startup plans. Just when they see your strategy as a negligible danger can they give will be willing to give you a loan.


Another best approach is to finance yourself.




Poultry farming for beginners; what to know and avoid when starting poultry farming in Nigeria


To conclude this detailed article on everything you need to know about poultry farming in Nigeria, I would share below some things to avoid when you start a poultry farm.





  • Not Noticing a sick bird and right treatment:


You have to know when your birds are sick and you need to notice on time, when any of your birds fall sick you have to separate them on time in order got the sick birds not to affect the healthy ones then you need to offer treatment to your sick birds.


Getting acquainted with your bird’s typical conditions, and noticing them every day is very essential for your poultry business. Your birds all ought to always be lively and have must have bright eyes, sound red or pink eyelashes, and their quills ought to be perfect, lustrous and all-around dressed.


When your birds start falling out, you need to check them well!


2-Not Being Financially Prepared


Most new poultry farmers rush into the business and consistently commit mistakes of starting poultry farming without having a calculation and doing gains and loss considerations.


You need to have enough money on the ground to maintain your poultry farm from when you start to end. This will help you avoid raising birds that are not strong and healthy when they are not well fed and treated.


To be effective in the poultry farming business you need to have sufficient cash to buy feeds, medicine and other numerous things that may emerge throughout the poultry raising.




3-Keeping Toxic Chemicals Around Or Inside The Poultry House is bad


Most synthetic substances, pesticides, herbicides, and rodent harms, are dangerous to your birds. It is ideal to try not to put such things around your poultry house, or anyplace that your birds stay.


If you shower weeds or grass around your farm, or anyplace that your birds stay, they may eat it, and ingest the chemical, which can make disease or kill your birds.



4-Overcrowding Your Birds in A Small Place is bad


Congestion can prompt pressure, savagery, feather pecking, and other issues in a poultry farm.


The floor space must be clean.


A broiler chicken of 18 days old requires a space of 450 sq. cm while from 19-42 days old will requires Increase it by the number of birds you plan to stock.


Put in mind that this is an estimation, it is ideal to examine what is best for your birds. Keep in mind, there is nothing of the sort as a ‘poultry house is too big.

You may anticipate getting 50 chickens from the start, yet you might need to grow your business later on, so as opposed to modifying another poultry house when your poultry extends, it’s a smart thought to build a bigger one from the beginning.




5-Poor Hygiene in The Poultry House And the Poorly Ventilated structure


This is a common mistake made by many poultry farmers. Keeping birds housed in dirty, inadequately ventilated, and badly built building can prompt numerous medical problems like respiratory issues, bug/lice invasions, diminished egg creation, and a large group of other medical problems and infections.


Try to keep the bird feeding sheets clean, and change them regularly. Ensure your poultry all around is well ventilated with a lot of wind passes through.


Light is likewise required. Try not to keep your birds in a dark building without normal light.


6-Not Using Quality Poultry Feeds


At the point when your poultry birds are taken care of appropriately with quality (balanced), unadulterated feeds the result is a lift underway.

This is found in the quick development of birds, expansion in egg creation and general prosperity of the bird. That is if the bird is the right species and is solid.



I strongly believe that I have been able to reveal steps to start Poultry Farming In Nigeria and the business plan for beginners, do not just read but take action by start the poultry farm either small or big.


This article took me more than three days to write, this is the kind of article that others sell as ebook but here am given it to you free.

If you really derived value from this write up kindly show me love by sharing this article to others most importantly ask me questions using the comment box below.

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