How To Prepare For JAMB 2021 In Less Than Two Weeks | Score 250+

Have you registered for join admission and matriculation board examination but you do not have enough time to study for the up coming examination worry know more because I am here to show you how to prepare for JAMB 2021 exam in less than two weeks.How to prepare for JAMB

Note; This JAMB trick work more than paracetamol, Infact it worked for 99.6% of those that have used it in the past, including me.

Let me tell you my short story before I leakΒ  the secret for you to see.

I was very occupied with house activities and my handwork, I do not use to have chance to study at all for the Upcoming examination, I have done my JAMB Registration but know at least a little time for me to read my books for the exam.

It was two weeks to the exam that I visited my accademic mentor and explained every thing to him, he told me that is going to give me a secret code that work more than India charm to prepare and pass JAMB in two weeks.

I was like wow! This man want to give me JAMB expo, I will like that, at the end he gave me the secret code titled; How to prepare for JAMB in two weeks, I was even trying not to follow the process he gave me but I just said let me try if it will work.

after I tried it, when JAMB result came out, lol! and behold I scored 301 in JAMB.

What if I do not follow his instructions what do I think I would have ended up scoring? Even many of my friends that have been studying since the day they registered JAMB, none of them was able to score up to 200, some of them do not score up to 150.

Without beating around the bush let quickly start the 30 seconds race, I will advice you to read the point slowly and make sure you understand each point before you move to the next.

so, kindly go through the table of content below before we continue.

How To Prepare For JAMB In Less Than Two Weeks

Below are the sure trick to prepare and pass JAMB without expo, if you follow the tips mentioned here you will never score less than 200, even if you are not brilliant this guide will surely help you out, this is a hidden secrets that most brilliant students do not no.

Draft out your personal timetable

For you to be ready for the preparation timetable is a must have, it is one of the first think to pick before you set in for the race.

once you draft out your timetable either One subject per day or two subjects per day it all depend on your capability and smartness, in preparing for JAMB in less than two weeks you need to be very fast in all your activities.

all I have to tell you is draft out your timetable the way you like but make sure you follow it up, do not miss any time you set for study no matter what is happening always rush to your study environment once it is time.

Search and make sure you get a comprehensive textbook

To prepare for jamb in two weeks you need to get a good comprehensive textbook that is self explanatory, do not go and buy textbook that after reading you will not understand without someone explaining it to you.

In fact i will advice you to stay away from key points because the topics inside it are not well detailed, the only thing you will see in the key point or key fact is only the main points in the textbook, now! How did you think that you can understand only the main point since you are not familiar to the topics before.

Even if you are reading the well detailed textbook do not read all the irrelevant points such as stories, just try and understand what the story is all about, grap the major points That is all.

Stay awake will others are sleeping

Your exam is two weeks now and you are still sleeping by 9 o’ clock in the night and wake up by 8 in the morning you are not yet ready to pass JAMB this year,

I could remember during my own JAMB preparation people do ask me why is it that i do not use to sleep every day, am i the only student in this hostel, I do laugh once I hear such statement because I now what am pursuing, I no were an heading to, am targeting 300 plus in my JAMB.

I do not tell you not to sleep at all, rather two to three hour of sleep is OK because your exam is two weeks now, you do not have to dull your self, you need to read as if all your life depend on reading, let your two legs be inside bucket will others are sleeping,

You do not have to miss any seconds without understanding something new.

Study very effective avoid cramming

I have already told you before this journey is only for serious students only those that are detamin to pass JAMB in one sitting, Once you have drafted your timetable and you have gotten comprehensive textbook now! It is time to start the major work which is studying.

Reading to get the main ideas in a passage is what I recommend for you to put into practice, I repeat do not cram study make sure you understand every point in the topic do not just read for reading sake.

Some students immediately it is two weeks to the exam they will start attending JAMB lesson or tutorial and many will also be cramming instead of studying, sometimes when you get to the tutorial centre things becomes boring but unseriouse ones enjoy it.

For you to be able to prepare and pass JAMB in two weeks you need to study very effectively avoid cramming.

Uninstall Social medias for now

This is not a matter of joke this is an emergency preparation you do not need to waste time on the road, Social media is one of the agent of distraction,

Social media can make you forget about your book and focus on phone, let me give you this clear point,

A friend of mine joined WhatsApp group Five days to his exam, the group draw his attention because of the activeness of the group and the kind of discussion going on in the group, he will say let chat small later I will read,

At the end of the day he will end up reading nothing.

To be at the safe side uninstall any social media in your phone after the exam you can install it back, your target now should be to pass JAMB in one sitting.

Adentify the main points will studying and memorise them

To prepare for jamb in two weeks you need to study hard and you must be very fast during the process, You need to jot down the main points in the textbook you are reading and memorise them, do not cram the main points rather memorise them.

Fall in love with JAMB past questions

Even with only JAMB past questions you can prepare for JAMB in two weeks and still pass, how? Jamb past questions give you a clue on how JAMB set their questions.

You need to test your self by practicing JAMB Past questions and note; Jamb past questions is not made to cram rather to practuce and study.

Start dating search engines like (Google)

Search engines like Google,Yahoo etc will really be of great help if you make use of it to prepare for join admission and matriculation board (JAMB), with the help of search engines you can stay inside your room and search for any question or word you do not understand.

Search engines reduce your stress of looking for who to ask question that will give you a perfect answer, Sincere you do not need to waste time with the help of your smart phone you are set to enter into a new relationship with search engines.

In fact, If you read this article without skipping a word I said congratulation to you because you have gotten the whole secret, but if you skip any word I urge to to reread this article from the beginning to be able to get the whole gist.

I will like to hang up here for now you can also go through; Reasons Why You May Fail JAMB 2021


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