12 Stupid Mistakes WAEC 2021 Candidates Must Avoid

Have you started preparing for WAEC or you want to register for WAEC first before you start preparing, just take note that the earlier the better, the serious ones have started preparing for WAEC already.

WAEC mistakes

Let me tell you this WAEC 2021 Will be very tough it is only those that are well prepared that can stand and face it, how will you feel rewriting WAEC? very bad abi, that is why you need to put effort now and push so you can be among those that will score straight A’s in WAEC.

Silly mistakes waec candidates must avoid while preparing for WAEC 2021 is what am going to show you in this article those mistakes can make you fail WAEC if you do not avoid them for you to be at the safe side you need to read this article to get the full information am disseminating here.

12 Mistakes WAEC 2021 Candidates Must Avoid

1.) Telling Someone to register WAEC for you on your behalf

This is one of the major mistakes WAEC candidates must avoid, never give any one your details to register waec for you rather go to the centre by your self and register, what if they made mistake in filling wrong information for you and you discovered that when your result is already out what will you do? Nothing.

My point here is that you should avoid giving out wrong details even in the centre make sure all the information are correct cross check very well before you drop the WAEC registration form.

2.) Searching for miracle centers

Stop searching for miracle centers and study your books because this year WAEC their will be nothing like miracle centers since securities will be sent to different centers to monitor the examination and if your center is cought trying to do any magic.

It might cause the reason why your WAEC result might be withheld or canceled. So avoid miracle centers and start studying now.

3.) Your thought that WAEC 2021 will be tough

I no that because would have been telling you how hard WAEC examination usually be, avoid those statement because waec exam is not as difficult as you view it, those people telling you that waec is hard are that have failed waec many times.

Who told you that It is impossible to get straight A’s in waec the only secret to pass Waec is starting early to study.

4.) You think you can Pass WAEC because you are very brilliant in school

passing waec does not determine how intelligent you are but how prepared you are, even the most brilliant person in your school can fail WAEC while the once you think that are not brilliant will pass how? All depend on the techniques each of them used in studying.

For you to pass WAEC you need to understand how waec do set their questions and how to answer waec question correctly.

5.) You believe that their is WAEC expo/Runz

To tell you the fact their is nothing like WAEC Runz/expo, do not fall into a victim of sending your money to fraudsters that will just grap your money and run away, in fact most of the fraudsters that claim to be legit will send you WAEC past questions claiming it is the present one.

I could remember what happen to a candidate by name Remi last year remi met a guy on a WhatsApp group who claim to work in WAEC office and said he can get WAEC questions and answer for Remi a day before the exam.

Remi finally fall into the victim by paying the money, he stopped studying his book like before till the exam day Remi received nothing it is few minutes after the exam that Remi received a message just for him to brought out his phone he was cought by the invigilators.

Remi later feel malpractice form at the end but the fact remines that Remi received past questions instead of the current one.

I urge you to avoid any thing related to WAEC expo/Runz if someone is discussing such issue beside you run do not stay near!

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6.) You are not making use of WAEC past questions

WAEC past questions is a must use material to pass waec, waec past questions make you to understand how waec do ask questions, the past questions is not made to be crammed rather to study.

The best way to make use of past waec question is to solve it after studying your textbook, make sure you study more than you solve past questions and you will see how easy WAEC examination will look, most candidates make mistake of not using it to prepare.

7.) You are not seeking help

always seek help from people you think that no more than you, ask them questions you do not understand let them guide you, never made mistake of not seeking help from people.

8.) You are not burning your mid night candle

Most WAEC candidates make mistake of not burning their night candle in two end, you sleep when others are sleeping, avoid those mistakes, make sure you start awake when others are sleeping , am not saying that you should not sleep rather two to three hour of sleep is OK .

9.) Fear of failing WAEC

this is another silly mistakes WAEC candidates must avoid, let nobody put fear in you just be strong WAEC is not as had as people are saying, it is matter of determination once you get ready to pass sure you will.

remove any atom of fear in you, the truth remains that WAEC is not hard it only depend on how prepared you are.

10.) You start to prepare for WAEC late

Never wait until you register for WAEC before you start reading start studying your book now time do not wait for any one.

Those that started to prepare for WAEC early do enjoy the benefit because the exam will just look like home work for them.

11.) You don’t visit Usulorinform.com for your daily WAEC Updates Plus Guide

Usulorinform is a blog born to solve problem which WAEC have to be among the major categories we focus on, here we share all updates you might need about WAEC and we also guide you till you finished your WAEC exam if you keep visiting.

12.) You are neglecting prayer

As we all already known that prayer is the master key, he who is preparing for exam need both physical/ spiritual power from The creator and strength because you can’t do it all alone.

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