Top 6 Websites To Read News and Get Paid In Nigeria For Free 2023

Here, I will be showing you how to make millions of dollars through read news and get paid in Nigeria for free with little or no investment capital.

Did you know that you can easily earn 5,000 naira daily or more through paying sites in Nigeria?


Just by performing some simple task in less than 20 minutes everyday, many individuals are not aware of this but, now that you know, you may be wondering what kind of simple task will you be doing to get paid or is it just by reading news only?

The kind of task you will be performing everyday to make money is reading news, sharing the latest news to your friends on social media, commenting, taking surveys, playing games, reading books, searching the web and you can also earn by telling your friend to join the earning platform too.

Are you not surprise that you can actually earn money with your smart phone or PC doing absolutely nothing at the comfort of your home!

However, the fact is that many of us read news everyday using our mobile phone without getting paid yet, we still keep reading the news and also wasting our data subscriptions without complain.

Who is this post for, and why must you read it?

  • This post is for anyone that is looking for a way to earn money online by read news and get paid in Nigeria for free, it is also for any person that is aiming to earn extra income.
  • Students in campus that do not usually have chance to go out and work, since the task doesnโ€™t require much stress or effort you can comfortably be doing it without affecting your studies.
  • It is also for coppers or unemployed graduates that have nothing doing but trying to raise little money to start a business.
  • Salary earners that want to be earning extra income to boost their cash flow.

There are countless reasons why you need to read this post, but I just have to mention some in which you need to know;

  1. You want to increase your cash flow

These platforms can help you to make more money even if you are a banker that is always busy, you will still be earning by simply staying at any where and read news from any of the paying sites in Nigeria.

  1. Earn money doing what you like

People have diverted from reading news paper to reading news virtually which will always cost data to be able to access the news.

That is, you will be reading your news and still be earning cool cash on the process, is that not good? Yes it is.

  1. It provides you with additional sources of income to boost your earning.
  2. You will be very current with latest news that is happening around the world.
  3. You do not need much investment, all you need is your smartphone and data bundle.

Note: I and my friends have tried some of these sites and we earned thousand of dollars from it, so you too can even join and earn more.

If you are broke this 2023 it is absolutely your forth because you are not ready to work!


Legit Websites To Read News And Get Paid In Nigeria For Free 2023

Read news and get paid in Nigeria for free

Below are some paying website that you can earn from by performing some simple tasks online, you can start earning atleast 1k daily, reading news, playing games etc.

1. is the latest read news and get paid site in Nigeria that is currently paying. The site also pays users for watching videos on the platform too.

It is a networking website of which various individuals make money from by inviting their friends and enemies to learn or purchase their skills pack.

You also have the chance of learning any high income skills on the platform, using your videomine earnings.

The registration fee is N2,000 only and you have many things to gain apart from watching free video online to get paid.

How Videomine works

  • Registration bonus: N1,000
  • Referal bonus: N1,400
  • Daily visits: N100
  • Video watching: N150
  • Viral video posts: N200.


2. Is one of the best read news and get paid site in Nigeria with free registration. On this website you just need to perform small task and get big reward.

On you will keep earning money either you are awake or sleeping, with just small task that you can perform at the comfort of your home.

Who can be a member on cashflow? Generally, anyone can be a member on CashFlow as all you need is an internet enabled device to enable you perform your daily tasks on the platform.

What are the kind of activities that you will be performing to make money on

Read news, login and share sponsored posts to social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

If you follow these process you will start getting paid to your bank account on every withdrawal day.


3. Scooper News

Scooper news is a read news and get paid platform that was created by Transsion Holdings as a news content android app to provide people with latest viral contents from all over the world, including; Kenya, Egypt, and Africa.

How then can you make millions of dollars from scooper news? For you to start earning on scooper news you need to register on the platform and start earning in dollars direct into your bank account.

You will earn $0.8 per article you post on the platform, you just need to write original content on any topic and publish on the site.

You will earn high when your content started getting some engagement, which means you need to write article that people are actually searching for to enable you earn high.

However, you can also earn by posting original video on the platform the amount you will earn per video will be shown to you before you publish the video on scooper.


4. Stepworkstime

Stepworkstime is another hot paying platform currently that guys are cashing out big, it is a site built for social media influencers on social networking sites such as TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

This site basically help them to boost their followers and their online presence fast.

When you register on stepworkstime as a new member you will receive N700 immediately, you will need to start preforming some simple task to enable you reach your withdrawal balance which is N4,000.

Stepworkstime gives you opportunities to earn N35 when you refer your friend.

Each time a friend registered with your Referral code, your account will be automatically credited with N35. You are free to invite as much as you can. is a Nigerian money making platform that enables its users to earn money through various means, apart from read news and get paid.

The best thing about these sites is that you donโ€™t have to spend a lot of time on them. To complete the task you need about 5-20seconds depending on your level. Immediately your money will be credited to your wallet.

You will need to be performing two task per day and for each task you will earn N35 and total of N70 daily revenue for completing tasks.


5. Topnews

This is one of the most popular platform to read news and get paid site in Nigeria without registration fee.

Topnews is a news platform that pays it user for performing some simple tasks on there platform.

When you register on the platform as a new member you will earn N200 naira bonus immediately after registration.

However, when you chat your friends and tell them to join top news so that they can also earn cool cash just like you will get N5 just for telling your friend to join there platform.

Did you know that you can also earn huge amount of money if you are a good writer, if you can write interesting article that will entertain people or solve peoples problem, you be paid N200 for each post that they approved into their platform.

You can withdraw your earning direct into your bank account once you reach minimum of N3,000.


6. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a paying site in Nigeria that pays users for performing simple tasks such as taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and using swagbuck to do some searches online.

The fact is that swagbuck is not a read news and get paid website but you can actually earn money on the platform without stress.

100SB = $1

It is one of the paying sites that pays in dollars even if you are not in USA or Canada.

How do I get paid for searching the web in Nigeria

Many have been looking for how they can get paid for searching the web in Nigeria, and qmee is one of the best website to search the web and get paid for doing so. Not just that it has several other features such as taking survey etc.

Qmee is a free app, available on desktop and mobile, designed with both the brands it works with, and its users, in mind.

For users, Qmee allows you to share your opinions through surveys tailored to you, as well as earn instant cash rewards when shopping and searching online. For brands, Qmee is a technology solution that gets better, faster and more accurate answers that can help influence the direction of your brand.


How to get paid to review books

Kirkus media or kirkus reviews is one of the best website to get paid to review books, their are many publishers looking for books reviewers if you are a type that like reading you will make a lot of money on the platform.

I mostly recommend this sites that pay you to read to students in Nigeria looking for how they can make money online. If you are still searching about sites that pays to read books or review books online kirkus media should be your best choice.


Get paid to read books for Audible

Are you an avid reader, you will like to visit audible more aften because the site enables you to earn money while doing what you love. You can make between $20 to $30 per hour on this website reading books aloud.

You will earn more when you read and narate the books which means they pay you for narating what happens in the book. Their are a lot of individuals that wants to publish their books on Amazon they may first upload it on kirkus first so people can read it loud and narate it.


How to earn 1000 naira daily:

You can start to earn 1000 naira daily through read news and get paid website by following the steps below;

1. Register in more than one paying website

Do not just focus on only one earning website, rather register on multiple websites to have high chance of earning above N1,000 daily.

For instance on Videomine alone you can be earning N1,400 per referer. You can try as much as you can to referer more people daily, if you can referer up to 10 persons to join Videomine in a day you will be earning N14,000 instead of N1,000 target per day.

2. Always perform daily activities on these earning sites

Do not just register on these websites and relax, you need to always perform daily activities such as; Sharing of sponsored posts, reading news and comment and get paid, playing games etc.

This is a way to start earning 1000 naira daily with little or without investment in Nigeria. The earnings might always be small for each activities but, when you gather all of them together you will noticed that you have earned big money.



These sites that individuals read news and get paid in Nigeria for free that I mentioned above have turned many young Nigerians into dollar millionaire.

itโ€™s your choice to either join or keep seeing it as scam. For a close mind everything is a scam.

Note: try to research more about any of these platform before you register.

Did you have any question? Ask and I will reply.

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