How To Become Rich And Famous As A Teenager in 2022

Will you like to become wealthy as a kid? Here is all the information and guide that will show you how to become rich as a teenager.

Becoming an important figure in the society today does not matter with ones age anymore.

The present day is not like the days of primitive where riches are attributed to the aged people in the society only. Today, I shall discuss with you on how to become rich as a teenager even before age 20.

Anybody can become rich, age doesn’t matter, height doesn’t count, ones body shape and size is not a prior to become wealthy at a young age.

Kevin David Lelima a German teenager became rich at age 19 and Alexandra Andresen from Norway became wealthy at age 25. How do they became wealthy at such young age?


How to become rich as a teenager

Below are some basic ways on how to make money and become wealthy as a kid in 2022.

how to become rich as a teenager

1. Start small

You don’t have to wait until you become big before you start thinking on how to become rich as a teenager.

You can start with the little you have. You can save the little or invest the little you have.

Nothing is too little, nothing is too big, You just have to be optimistic that what you have can push things.

Start whatever you feel like doing small, You can start up a business of your choice, show case your talent etc. It doesn’t have to be big.

Things gets bigger from being small. We can never make things big if we don’t start from small.


2. Hard work

Hard work pays if you believe it does, Don’t start something and relax, you need to invest more in yourself to be able to stand out in your niche.

Starting up is not enough, You have to keep pushing to get there.

It is a good thing to start up but, it is better to continue pushing whatever you believe in. People who have made it in life didn’t just establish and relax. They ventured into promotions which cost them a lot.

Facebook and other social Media is an avenue for promotion. One can reach billions of people within few minutes.


3. Learn to use credit card sensibly

Another important way to become rich as a teenager is to learn how to use credit card wisely. Credit cards are very important yet it can make one spend carelessly.

To enable you save, you need to be cautious of how you use your credit cards. if you know you can not control how you spend whenever you are with your credit card, then it is better to forget using credit cards.

A friend once told me, “Godwin, do you know how much I spent today in a hotel? It was over N300,000 and It’s like I am doing yahoo”

I later discovered he spent so much because he was trying to impress a particular girl and he had his ATM card.

So, you need to void any possible things that allows you to spend carelessly.

Some of the thing which make teenagers spend a lot are;

  • The motive to impress a girl or a boy
  • He is shining, I want to shine too
  • He is dating a bigger girl or boy, maybe I need to change mine too
  • We are the city or street kings , and many, many other factors.

Mind how you spend. Good spenders have higher portion in the city than a reckless spender.

Still on how to become rich as a teenager.


4. Respect people that has made it

As they say “respect is reciprocal”. In this line, you have to respect anybody you feel has made it. Forget the age, forget the height, forget the body size. Just humble yourself and learn from the persons experience.

Wealth aspirants must be ready to submit to successful people in the society.

Failure to submit is an insult to what you are chasing.


5. Pray to your God

One thing I am convinced about in life is that there is a cause and an effect.

Sometimes, you need to acknowledge that Something don’t just happen. Something caused it to happen.

The reason is not far fetched, It is because Chi I mean Oluwa (God) has approval of it.

Prayer works depending on ones faith and if not faith then grace and if not grace, hey, they can’t be nothing except that grace.

An adage says..

If you forget who has made you what you are then you are asking for a way back to where you are coming from.

One must pray to his God and must always acknowledge that same God once success comes.


6. Do well in school

I know school is not the only way but, do you know that school can save one from being poor both at young age or when one gets old?

Whatever you have learnt in the school isn’t a waste. You just have to do well in school, Come out with good grades and who knows, companies and organizations may be looking for just YOU!


7. Be persistent and optimistic

One thing I have learnt from successful people is that they are always stable, they are standby, they are like rock. They are always decisive in nature.

If you make up your mind to become something, there is no how you are not going to become that thing.

One can only attain what he has pictured in mind, He continues to chase it until it become a reality.


8. Accept reality and be humble

One thing with most young people is that they never want to accept the the fact that they are actually what they are.

Don’t forget that if you are poor, you are surely poor.

This may seem pessimistic but, the real truth is that you are what you are. You need to accept that and then work towards becoming rich. Only with this believe will you be able to become rich at a young age.

Always humble yourself since you don’t have what you need, If you want to be successful in life at a teen age, you must learn to be submissive and humble.

Humility is not for the poor, it is for those that understand the meaning of being poor.


9. Support and encouragement

Young people are mostly triggered by the support and encouragement they get from parents or guardians.

They see their parents and guardians as god. So, if parents encourages teenagers to become rich at an early age, then I don’t think there is going to be any hindrance.

One Colombia teen said in a tweet post..

“I wish my mom could for once kiss my neck whenever I shows her my academic performance”


10. Save and invest money

To become rich as a teenager you need to understand that saving money and investing money are two different things?

Do you know that you can save and become poor but, you can not invest properly and be poor for life, learn to invest your savings, This will enable you to become rich at an early age.

You can invest your money in: stocks, cryptocurrency, real estate, Farm investment and business. But it will be better if you meet an expert in the field to guide you.

My short story:

Just like an average Nigerian youth I grew up in a home where they kept telling me that hardwork is what makes men rich.

But as I grew older and observed life holistically, I realised that what they told me was true but just that they did not tell me the whole truth.

Different questions kept arising in my mind for years which I am unable to provide a concrete answer to.

I kept asking myself that if hardwork is the only thing that makes men rich why are the muscular men who dig the ground everyday are not rich?

Why are the bricklayers and factory workers are not rich? these are hardworking guys! Are they not? They are.

Their daily sweat is a proof of how hard their work is. one thing I know is that they are hardworking but one thing I didn’t know is why are they not rich?

I kept asking myself this question for years but no one was able to give me a meaningful answer on how to become rich as a teenager.

Until I watch a video were by one of the richest person in the world is been interviewed this video gave me a direct and mind blowing answer to my question.

I learnt from the video that hardwork is good but it is not the only thing in the equation that creates wealth, there are other variables that must be added to hardwork.

It is the absence of these other variables that makes hardworking man to keep working like an elephant and eating like an ant.

On the video I learn’t that if you really want to become wealthy you have to understand how to strategically use Other People’s Time, Other People’s Energy, and Other People’s Skills.

I learnt that it is totally a poor equation if all what you earn is from your sweat and effort alone.

What I just shared with you here is a very small fraction from the kind of huge value that is in the video.


Why do people struggle financially?

  1. Spending problem:

Some people struggle financially not because their income is low but because they are loose in spending.

They are unable to lock down some expenses, they are not saving.

Solution: this category of people should save more, use budget to guide their expenses.


  1. Income problem:

Most people struggle financially not because they are loose in spending rather because their income is too small for them to maintain financial balance.

If your income is too small their is no kind of strategy you adopt that may work.

Solution: Saving is not the solution here, rather your ability to create more income.


However, It is the dream of most teenagers to become famous and rich at a young age, but notwithstanding, there may be some hindrances to become rich as a teenager of which may be;

  • I am just a teenager
  • I don’t have a job
  • My parents are there for me.

These three factors lays so much work to be done to get rich as teenager. We shall discuss the highlighted hindrances above and how to overcome success hindrances.

  • I am just a teenager

Most teens sees themselves as teenagers and they have nothing to be worried of, They mostly assume that teens life needs to be enjoyed.

Below are likely to be the behaviour of teens all over the world.

  1. They care less about providing things
  2. They are usually involved in most of the spendings at home, school or other places.
  3. They demand a lot and most of their demands are usually money/material things.
  4. They prefer fashionable lifestyle. They usually want to be higher than their friends or family members.
  5. They think of party, boyfriend, girlfriend, sugar mummy and sugar daddy if they have upgraded to a bigger life of their thought.
  • I don’t have a job!

Another case is the feeling of not having a job at hand. People at times complain of not having a job. This is not common with the teenagers only, but also among the adult.

Teenagers often make excuse of not having a job as a hindrance to them becoming wealthy at a young age.

  • My parents are there for me

The discovering of your parents been there for one can make one feel less concerned or lazy about some other things.

Most parents of these days do not want their children to undergo any form of suffering. They are always eager to provide their children’s with their demands.

I am not against this, it’s just that it so much make children so independent and as that may be one of the hindrances why teenagers fail to become rich at a young age.

Notwithstanding, every case must always have a solution.

Any problem without a solution is not yet a problem, It must be preparing to be but not yet.

The main aim of this post centered on how to become rich as a teenager, people like wizkid, Olamide, Davido are famous Nigerian hipop singers who became so rich when they were at their teen stage of life.

They started from being a peasant to becoming a multi millionaire today.

Like, I want to tell you its not so difficult to become rich as a teenager. All you have to do is to practice all which I am going to discuss with you below and you will see how you are going to be more green as a teenager.


Frequent asked questions;

Who is the self made richest kid?

Nick D’Aloisio of Summly is one of the richest self made millionaire kid in the world. He sold his company, Summly, to Yahoo for $30 million in 2013, making him one of the youngest self-made millionaires in the world.

What do rich people buy?

Rich people buy coins link bitcoin, shiba inu, gold, land and real estate.

What can a girl sell do make money?

Most girls are not allowed to work to make money for themselves, but as a girl that want to be wealthy their are some side hustles that can make you rich which I have covered in my previous article.

Read: Top 15 Business Ideas For Girls

Is becoming a billonaire easy?

Yes, It is easy to become a billionaire but it requires time, patience, wise investment and spirit of entrepreneurship.

How can I become rich and famous as a teenager?

  1. Start your own YouTube channel
  2. Become a social media influencer.

These are the two major ways by which you can make money and on the process become popular as a teen.



I have been able to show you how to become rich as a teenager and you have seen that becoming wealthy as a kid does not just come so quick rather it requires patiencee and hard work.

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