How To Score Above 300 In JAMB 2021 (JAMB Secrets Revealed)

Immediately after publishing my previous article on how to prepare for JAMB 2021 I started receiving comments from most candidates asking for how to score above 300 in JAMB CBT exam, in this page am going to reveal how to score above 250, 260, 280 and 300 in JAMB CBT without cheating.How to score above 300 in JAMB

Scoring high in JAMB examination does not detamin how intelligent you are rather your smartness and how you prepare for the examination counts.

Let me shock you, Did you know that most intelligent students also do fail UTME and even score less than 180.

I could remember one of my class mate that do carry first possition right from our JSS3 till SS2 I was surprise that this intelligent guy failed WAEC, and after the third time he was able to pass it.

He move over to register for JAMB after the JAMB registration he relaxed and wait for the JAMB to smash it, furtunatly to him, he scored 140, ever since then he has been rewriting JAMB each year.

What is the causes of his failure

  1. He do not no the techniques on how to pass JAMB in one sitting.
  2. He is feeling “I too know” I am brilliant more than you, what did you want to tell me that i do not know!

But count your self lucky for viewing this great article because, all the techniques that am going to reveal to you here are the surerest working tips that works.

99% of those that make good use of this strategies do score not less than 250, I have even seen a young guy that scored 399 after using this strategies, we are not even here to show you only how to pass but also how to prepare adequately to face the exam.

Are you among those that have been looking for answer to how to pass JAMB without stress, how to score above 180, 250 300+ or 400, have you seen that you are not alone.

However, the above questions have been answered below. Can we move on? Yes sir!

Okay let go, just find a chill water and drink to calm down your brain as I take you to the success home.

How To Score Above 300 In JAMB 2021

Draft out your personal Timetable

The major thing to do that will show that you are set to prepare for JAMB is to draft out your own personal timetable, this timetable is your guide,

Timetable tells you what to do today after school or work the subject to read today.

The key to make this accurate is never miss any single day without studying the subject that you have that day.

Study as if you have your final exam tomorrow

How do you feel when your final paper is tomorrow, how do you feel going to write scholarship exam, I also understand how you feel then, you put more effort than ever before, you get ready more than other exams because that is the final.

Just that way is the best way to get Ready if you want to score 250+ or above 300 in JAMB CBT, make sure you study your exam focus textbooks well and never think of cramming, study not just reading.

Run far away from key points

Did you notice how I put the statement ‘Far Away‘ do not said Usulorinform did not tell you. if you do not listen then you might fall into the deep pit, Key points have wicked me a lot, it is not that key point is totally bad rather avoid it when prepare for jamb.

Most especially if your plan is to score high in JAMB.

Why you should run away from key points

  • The topics in the key points are not well detail, I mean the topics are not well explain to your understanding.
  • You can’t understand Key points easily.

I can tell you that I was once a victim of using key point called “SURE A” hmmm by the name the book look so attractive but to me now it is valueless, but back then it was the only book that I do read daily simply because,

My parent can’t be able to afford money to purchase text books for me, just for me to have something reading my father bought key points on all the four subjects that am preparing to write in JAMB.

before I could understand what this key points have been causing me it was already a week to the exam.

What did I do I borrow four text books from a friend of mine, at the end the key point later affected me if not because of the strategies that am going to share below I wouldn’t have score up to100 but with the help of it I was able to score 203 in JAMB.

Detach yourself from much activities like; Watching movies, hanging out with friends etc

Must you always be wasting your precious time hanging out with friends or engaging your self in an unusual activities, Preparing for JAMB is never a childish play.

for you to pass JAMB you need to sit down and study, what did you expect to write during the exam if you do not read? Nothing.

Apply for JAMB by your self

Never give any one your details with the aim of helping you to register for JAMB, I will advise you to go to the JAMB CBT center and register for the JAMB by your self, to avoid common error in JAMB registration.

Why you should register for JAMB by your self?

It is better you stand and give the person registering the Jamb your correct details.

Given someone your Details to go and register JAMB for you is risky, what if for instance; Your name is Chukwuemeka and the person mistakenly put “Chukwumeka” check both spelling you will notice the mistake.

And that mistake am sure the person can’t notice it easily but if you are the one you will notice the error Once you look at the screen of the computer, another mistake is in the area of Subjects combinations, and your school of choice, those things may cost you a lot if you made any single mistake.

Make sure you avoid the mistakes and register for the exam by your self.

Do Computer Training

When it comes to JAMB examination how to operate computer is must known by all candidates who are looking for how to score above 300 in JAMB CBT, if you do not no how to operate computer it is better you look for were to learn how to operate it.

As we already known that JAMB examination have been shifted from PPT to CBT you need to do computer training to be at the safe part, or if you can’t locate an area to do the computer training you can look for 8 Keys to use in JAMB without mouse.

this 8 keys can help you to write your JAMB examination without using mouse, you do not need to go for any training before you understand how to operate this 8 keys all you just need to do is to note all those keys.

In fact both the use of 8 keys in Jamb and the use of mouse are doing the same work just that you need to choose the easiest one and make use of, I could remember during my own JAMB examination I do not have any cash to go for computer training, I need to look for a way to write this exam and score high, what do I do?

I just enter online and started searching for 8 keys in JAMB that you can use without mouse, luckily to me I saw it after reading it I note all those keys and during the exam I used it at the end I scored 203 and a friend of mine that did computer training scored 285 wow!

I started wondering to know why my friend score high than me I noticed that my friend take the next tip that am going to mention in number seven very serious.

Study according to the latest JAMB syllabus

JAMB syllabus is another great tool that can server as guide to your study, JAMB syllabus will tell you the list of topics JAMB is going to set their questions on.

JAMB syllabus will show you all the topics you need to read and be 100% ready to face JAMB and do not forget to always make good use of current standard textbooks in studying for JAMB examination.

What To Do A Day Before JAMB Examination

  • Make sure you have gotten the exam venue and also make inquiry about the location so you will not miss road will going.
  • Have enough sleep a day before exam since you have not been sleeping much since, sleeping well a day before the exam will make your brain to relax, and make what ever you stored inside it to be able to find room.

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Note; am not telling you to sleep when you do not want to nor am I telling you to sleep any how and forget that you have exam the next day, make sure you clear your room environment before you relax set your alerm to be able to wake you up early in the morning to start preparing.

  • Do not panic, remove every negative thoughts about the exam and be hoping to score 300 and above.
  • Never cram what you do not no before a day before exam because It might scatter all you have stored in your short term memory that have not been pushed into long term memory.

All those tips about how to score above 300 in JAMB that I mentioned above will really increase your chance of passing JAMB to 94% let go on as I show you how to get the remain 6%.

What To Do When You Arrive At the JAMB CBT Centre

  1. Search for the exam hall you people are going to use, and stay close to it.
  2. Make sure your biometric data or thumbprints is done before and after the exam, note; it is compulsory.
  3. Read all instructions you see before and during the exam, some students will see instruction instead of reading it they will Jump it and start their exam, it is very bad.
  4. Choose your best subject first, before the exam you already known the subject that even if you are sleeping and someone ask you question you will answer immediately, choosing easy subject first will make you not to wast your time thinking much.

And make sure you are not spending much time on any question , if the question is too hard just pick one or you leave it and come back to it later.

How To Read For JAMB Examination

  • Read points and make sure you understand the points very well, do not cram those points rather study them.
  • Jotting down key points when studying it is very important if you really want to score above 250.
  • Get a mentor; Look for someone that will always motivate you to study, look for a good person that can always command you to stay focus, this mentor may be any one example;

Your Uncle, Someone that have more experience more than you, a teacher, Usulorinform also can also guide you.

many parents do meet us here in Usulorinform to be their children’s mentor, at the end almost all of them do score very high in JAMB.

  • Do not just read subject like mathematics; Pick your pen paper and practice it because practice make perfect.
  • Do not assume that you know any thing you do not know, make sure every thing is clear to you.
  • Consistency is the key to score above 300 in JAMB, Studying every day will boost your chance of pass JAMB in one sitting.

Thanks so much for taking your time to read this tips on how to score above 300 in JAMB and I surely believe that those tips mentioned above will really be of great help to you.

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