Top 10 Secrets To Choosing The Right Friends Like Beans

Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are, the people you mingle with have a major impact and influence on your personal life, however am going to show you hiding secrets to choosing the right friends.

Secrets To Choosing The Right Friends

Not just the right friends but the once that will be trustworthy, very kind and respect you, someone who enjoy staying with you, it is very important to have a group of good friends supporting you and you being a great friend to someone also.

A man is known by the company he keep

Let me tell you making a lot of friends is very easy but making the right friend is difficult. Some friends might end up putting you into trouble or lead you to the Wrong direction.

Note that the secrets that I want to reveal to you here are not just for boys/men alone but also for girls/women also, some ladies do accept to be friend to boys simply because of money, never allow money to lead you into shame, and boys never allow beauty to lead you into regret beauty does not determine whether the person love’s you or not.

never destroy your future because of money because someone that love you from his/her heart even if you are not beautiful or you are poor he/she will still love you stick with you even in time of trouble.

What Does The Bible Say About Choosing Your Friends Like Beans ?

One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Proverbs 18: 24


Let me just go straight and show you the best secrets to select your friends wisely like beans.

Secrets To Choosing The Right Friends


1. The right friend is the one who motivate and encourage you

The first secrets to choosing the right friends is a friend that motivate you to work hard someone that encourage you to keep going when you are trying to feel discouraged is a good friend, I could remember a good friend of mine that due call me any time he want to go and read, even if I feel weak at the moment he will tell me some like;

“Did you no that if we struggle and read now before exam starts, we will not fall a victim of examination malpractice because we have studied” or he will find a way to make me pick up my book and follow him.

the right friend will encourage you positively and make sure he/she stay with you to motivate you more till you achieve your aim, once you noticed that any of your friend is motivating or encouraging you to work hard, select him he is the right friend to stay with.

2. Pick friends who can bring balance in areas where you are weaker

Think before choosing friends when picking friends pick those that you think that know or are brilliant/stronger more than you, I have a reason for saying this let take for instance that you are good in subject like English language and your friend is very good in Mathematics,

The equation might be balanced if both of you coperate and teach each other, he/she will teach you maths will you teach English, not only that when your best friend is teaching you, you will understand more better than the one you were thought by your teacher in school.

As time goes on the equation will be balanced and the area were you are weak before you will then be strong in the area, let me tell you with the right friends, you can tap from the skill, talent and abilities of those that are expert in the areas that you do not.

3. Choose friends that are hunger for knowledge

A reader is always a good problem solver and also a good conversationalist and fun to discuss with also, Someone that is hunger for knowledge is always good to stay with because he will also make you also to start thirsting for knowledge as well.

he will never lack topic to discuss with you, not just that you will also keep learning from him daily, I see this type of people as social workers because they might be down financialy but they can still look for a way to get the problem solved , in fact this is one of the main secrets to choosing the right friends.

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4. Give what you expect to get

Treat your friends as you would like them to treat you as well, You can not been doing bad to your friends and you will be expecting good in return!

a giver shall never lack but when you give out bad things you will end up receiving bad things back as well, that is why even if your friends is doing bad do not do him bad in return rather do good to him , make him understand that what he/she is doing is bad, and that will make both of you keep on becoming more closer friends.

5. Pick friend with the same goals

If you and your friend have common goal both of you can work together to achieve the goals encourage each other until both of you attain them, I could remember when I gain admission into University of Lagos I make a lot of friends because I like making new friends each day,

But I only select few of them that we have the Same goal and I no how serious they are about achieving those goals.

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6. Choose friend who will celebrate your success

Some people do not like to see their friend going higher than them, they will try all they could to drag you down so they can be more than you which is very wrong.

Any of your friends that can’t celebrate your success is not the best friend to stay with, run away from such people be careful when dealing with such people they can easily delay your destiny.

7.Try to avoid individual who focus on the negative

Avoid people who hate progress,peace and Unity, Individual who’s there major focus is to take you down run away from them, there are some friends that all they no is fighting causing trouble at the end police may get you arrested if they do not see that your friend since he is always close to you , people no him/her as your friend.


8. Check if you can communicate effectively with your friends

Good conversation make friends to stay close to each other if you can’t communicate effectively with your friends that meens the relationship between both of you might not last, let me gist you friend can’t spend much time with you If you do not use to have conversation with him any time he/she meet you.

i once have a girl friend when I was in University of Lagos The girl is a student of UNILORIN she usually visit me during holiday to spend time with me but my mistake then was that I do not use to spend time discussing with her, I hardly talk to her she usually force me to talk.

But unlockily to me one very day she called me and said “It is so sad that I hate talking to her, that she can’t bear it any more stay lonely always without seen any one to have conversation with!” I breath down before I realize my problem I begged her and promise to start acting accordingly.

9. Make more friends offline than you Make online

Try and make much friend in real life than you make online, your friends in real life are your main friend but those ones you meet on social medias(online) might unfriend or block you one day, your friend in real life will be closer to you than the ones online.

10. Choose friend who get your faith in God supper higher

Yes! Try and choose friend that will make your faith in God or what ever you believe in stronger, friend who never tell you let us pray or let us read Quran or Bible together is that one a good friend he hate discussing any thing religion with you rather discussing things related to relationship and other related things.


The main secrets to choosing the right friends is for you to choose friend that will be honest , spend time with you either helping you or talking about important things with you, run away from friends that do not value time.

Killing time is not murder but surcide

The right friend allow you to experience life appropriately because you can always be your true self around them.

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