How To Start Selling Tailoring Materials In Nigeria

Are you planning to start selling tailoring materials in Nigeria? This article will guide you on how to start a profitable tailoring materials business in Nigeria, best tailoring materials to buy and where to buy the materials in wholesale In Nigeria.

As I was coming back from school today I decided to count how many tailors were in our street, I counted over 16 tailors in our small street alone, but people selling the necessary tailoring materials were not more than two!


In fact from my observation I can say that selling tailoring materials is very profitable in Nigeria and you can earn as much as you could in the business.

I have never seen any community or town without tailor, people are sewing new cloths everyday, and tailors are buying materials needed from the sellers always.


Let check this out: One row of linen which contains about 50yards is N6,000 buying it from a wholesaler. The gain on a row might be N1000 but for you as a retailer that is selling it at N125 per yard which is the general sales price, the gain is N250 you make times four as gain. Is this not profitable? Yes it is!


How To Start Selling Tailoring Materials In Nigeria

tailoring materials in Nigeria

If you wish to start profitable tailoring materials business in Nigeria this article is basically for you, calm down and go through it.

1. Have a business plan

Before you start any business in Nigeria it is always advisable for you to plan for it, do not just dive in and start selling, plan on how you can raise fund that you will use to start the business, location and where you will be buying the tailoring materials in wholesale.

2. Get your tailoring materials ready

Once you have set up the way you want your business to be operate, the next is to go and purchase your tailoring materials in wholesale.

Make sure you do not buy fake materials because many people will not like to patronize you again once they notice that you are selling fake materials.


3. Rent a shop in a good location

Not all location is good to start selling tailoring materials rather a place that you know that there are many tailors around, if you rent a shop in an active location then your business will be generating impression from people that are passing.

Investigate about task that the shop owners usually pay, e.g security fee, local government fee etc once you are aware of those you will understand the best way to face your business.


3. Follow the current trend in Fahion industry

Get all latest tailoring materials and stock into your shop, because if you do not have the trending materials you will be loosing many customers, as they will keep on visiting other shops that have what they want.

For instance, during December period many people usually like to sew new fashion cloths, and they will need quality latest materials to use, if you have other quality tailoring materials that you can introduce to them that will fit them better it’s your own opportunity to do so.


4. Advertise your business online

Social media and internet have been a great tool for business owners to boost their business and make it more visible to their target audience, with the help of Facebook or Google ads you can be selling your products online while people place order for any one they want as you keep on delivering it to them.

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Benefits of Tailoring Material Business

  • One major benefit of this business is the fact that the materials doesn’t get spoilt and you will eventually sell them off one day.
  • They are fast moving
  • You make sales every day.
  • The little or much you sale in a day has profit attached.
  • It does not necessarily require a place with high rent because tailors are the main buyers and will trace your shop to buy.
  • It gives daily income.


Tailoring Materials price list in Nigeria

The prices of tailoring materials depend on the quantity and quality.

  • Thread cost between N350-N950 depending on size.
  • Open and close zip cost between N1,1000-N1,600 for a bundle of ten dozens.
  • Needle is N10 a sachet and N450 a pack.
  • Scissors cost between N100-N300 according to size.
  • Elastic cost N800- N1,100 for the small and large types.
  • Suite lining cost N90 per yard.
  • While linen cost N6,000 for 70 yards.


Tailoring tape rule (multipurpose)

Tape rule

Price: N1,300 

  • It is used for measuring of the human’s waist line.
  • it is use for full measuring of a body
  • Also good for cutting pattern
  • Can be used to confirm the quantity of fabric
  • Accurately calibrated


Zig zag cut scissors – stainless steel

Zig zag cut scissors

Price: N3,000

This is known as zigzag scissors. Many also call it pinking shears. It is very nice for cutting gele/ head tie. This scissors helps you achieve a wavy edge or rough edge.


Note: These prices are not fixed and could have changed at one point or another.


How much can I use to start tailoring materials business in Nigeria?

You may start tailoring materials business with as low as N60,000 to N100,000 it all depends on how much you have, the good news is that you may gain times 2 of the money you invested into the business if you plan your business well.

List of tailoring materials are:

  • Machine oil
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Zip
  • Button
  • Sample net
  • Thread
  • Clothing-stays
  • Shuttle
  • Bridal satin
  • Stone
  • Tape rule
  • Duchess satin fabric
  • Hard net
  • Trims
  • Machine reeler
  • Machine partVeil net
  • Raw silk fabrics
  • Bridal net
  • Polish cotton
  • Tapeta silk fabrics
  • Dull face satin fabric
  • Linen- China and Aba: A fabric woven with fibers from the flax plant
  • Chiffon: A sheer fabric of silk or rayon


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Where to buy tailoring materials in bulk

Their are many places were you can buy tailoring materials in bulk in Nigeria and some of the major States are:

  1.  Lagos
  2. Ibadan
  3. Abia state
  4. Anambra.

In western Nigeria you can get some of these materials/tools in (Lagos and Ibadan) in these markets: Balogun Market, Idunmota market, Oshodi Yaba.

While in south eastern part of Nigeria you can get some of those tools/matrials in (Abia state and Anambra state) in these markets: Aba market and Onitsha market at a very cheap price.

Where to buy tailoring materials in Aba at cheap price are many and there are also a lot of tailoring material wholesalers in Lagos that you can buy from too.

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