Top 10 Secrets Of Smart Students (What Bright Students Do)

Have you ever wondered what most students do that make them feel or look like extraordinary human. Smart people are everywhere, in our homes, school, working places, church and even in your very corner.

smart students

A smart student is someone who can interpret complex things into simpler forms. Smart people live by principles and this keep them moving.

Smart students are intelligent students who understand the game of academic and the best way to play it.

Here are the 10 things smart students do:

1. They do not complain Unnecessary:

Smart students do not complain When something becomes inconvenient for them, they just stay calm and think of possible solutions out of the problem at hand. Only the weak rant and complain.

smart students do not complain unnecessary, they only complain when they think that something is inappropriate for instance;

when a smart student score 100/100 in exam and the teacher decided to wicked him/her because of personal issue between the student and the teacher, the student might decide to complain to the school authority or the teacher so that necessary action will be taking.

2. They Do Not Give Unnecessary Excuses:

Smart student do not give excuses. They keep their mouth shut and get the work done. You can attribute this quality to introverts because it occurs naturally in them. As an extrovert or an ambivert, you can emulate this attitude to feel smart.

Some students usually give unnecessary excuses when they came late to school or do not do their assignment but smart students will hardly do so because they usually plan everything and make sure they achieve their aim on time.

3. They Are Early Birds

When you hear early birds what comes to your mind? A bird that wakes up early to go find food right? If you guessed that then you are on the right path. Smart students are early birds They are never late for an event. They start preparing for exam very early, they wake up as early as 4 or 5am and read a book, prepare for work and leave home early, This action gets them started for the day.

4. They Think About Their Live

Smart people sit down alone to reflect about their lives, Meditation helps smart students gather their thoughts.

You can meditate by going to a quiet place isolated from the disturbance of the world, You can plug some earplugs and listen to some cool music.

5. They Think Before They Take Action:

Anybody who wants to be considered smart should and must possess this quality. Smart people always think before acting that’s why they always come up with better ideas and results.

They do not rush because they think they can do it rather, they calm down and think more before they execute any action.

6. They Do Not Get Angry Easily

Smart people do not throw tantrum. Throwing tantrums means getting angry over minor issues. Or being vulnerable to quick-anger-reaction.

Smart people over look some matters and they do not like people know when they are angry. Do you know why? I thought about it myself. Did you know that you are easy to be controlled when you are angry? And you cannot make good decision. That’s why you have to apply this principle to be smart.

7. Smart Students Outwork Others

in schools, workplaces and any other organizations, smart students go beyond the limit of the average man. They study ahead. Train ahead and are consistent in their endeavours.

They do not use to feel lazy, they only stop working when they are tired.

8.They Pray Alot

This may sound outrageous but it isn’t. Smart people pray everyday, Irrespective of of your religious belief, prayer is an indispensable act sometime always try to connect with your creator through payer. Great men are known for praying.

9. They Appreciate:

Smart people do not use destructive criticism. They encourage you for the little effort you have exhausted. That is why smart people usually have the highest earnings in every company. They promote the confidence of the human resources and increase the rate of production by being supportive to people.

10. Dress Well:

You are addressed the way you dress, Imagine you see a handsome looking man standing at the bus station. He is wearing a nice suit, brown pair of shoes and a polished set of glasses. Will you not think he is a professor? Yes you will.

If you want to be smart you have to look smart to feel smart.

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What To Do Everyday To Become A Smart Students

Their are some important things you need to do everyday if you want to be smart and below are some of those things.

1. Be A Researcher

Get into the habit of finding out about stuff on your own. Research extensively on the internet about topics that interest you and about how stuff works. You can use Google Scholar for authentic information. Learn something new everyday, dedicate at least 30 mins to it. Also, share your knowledge and teach it to others as you learn more by doing/execution/implementation.

2. Turn Off TV Like BB Naija:

BB Naija watching shows is a big no-no. You cannot gain anything constructive by spending hours watching shows. Your brain enters into passive mode while watching TV so it’s better for your health to keep it active and occupied with productive activities.

3. Ted Talk:

Watch a Ted talk daily. There is a lot that you can learn from smart people who have brilliant ideas and discoveries to share. There are talks that range between 5–20 minutes so choose one everyday. By the end of the month, you would have benefited more.

4. Reduce social media usage:

Just like TV, limit the amount of time using social media. That time can better be spent watching a Ted talk or reading.

5. Suround yourself with students of like minded

Go out, hang out with other smart students. Hang out with those who are smarter. Be open to meeting new people. Get to know others. Every person is coming from a different background, perspective and experiences. You can learn a lot from them.

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6. Reading:

As always mentioned, reading is important and healthy for your aging brain. Whether it is a book, newspaper article or articles online, for instance, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest & Narrative Magazine, Success Magazine, New York Times, guide, Time Magazine, make it a daily habit.

Furthermore, look up new words in the dictionary. Download a good dictionary app and it would be less time-consuming to find the meaning of unfamiliar words/expressions. Oprah Winfrey once mentioned that she always preferred reading a book than watching TV.

7. Online Courses:

This is another way of learning about topics and developing your skills. You can browse through courses and enroll in one that interests you then move on to the next. Websites such as, Coursera, Alison, MIT open courses & Khan Academy are excellent for this purpose. Apps like Curiosity and Blinkist are also helpful in this regard. Curiosity sends 5 articles daily, related to different subjects. In Blinkist, you get to read a few chapters from a non-fiction book everyday!

8. Language:

You can use the Duolingo or Babbel apps to get started. It gets you acquainted with different people, cultures and words. It opens your mind to new experiences. It also helps enhance your communication skills.

9. Documentary:

This is another option to replace watching long hours of shows. You can use these websites: Documentary Heaven, Top Documentary Films and National Geographic – Channel Homepage to gain a better understanding of the world.

10. Exercise:

It can be as simple as taking a walk, helps clear your head and think. It also significantly lowers your chances of degenerative diseases. If done continually, it keeps you in shape, good health and maintains your appearance. Moreover, eat to live, not the other way round.

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