How To Start A Standard Barbing Salon Business In Nigeria 2024

Will you like to start a barbing salon business in Nigeria? This article will show you all the information that will help you to make much money as a barber, even if you do not have a shop.

It’s not a news that barbing salon business is the most profitable business in Nigeria and one of the easiest ways to earn money, most individuals normally use this as their side hustle while for other it’s their major job.

Either you want to take it as a side business or not what, I will highlight the business plan now and the necessary equipment needed to get started.


Who is a barber?

A barber is anyone that have the professional skill of barbing or shaving humans hair. To become a barber you must learn the handwork from a professional that is already in the field.

A professional barber is a barber that have been helping people to have their hair cut for not less than 5 year’s, it is not compulsory that you must own a barbershop before you become a professional.


What is barbing salon?

A barbing salon is a shop or house that is basically designed for helping people to have their haircuts, dying, dreading or hair treatment and much more. A person that works in a barbing salon is called a barber.


How To start Barbing Salon Business In Nigeria

Before you open a barbing salon their are things that is important for you to know or do because without proper planning your business might not be as profitable as you think.

For instance, in some areas in lagos state the cost of hair cut is N2,000 while in most areas in rural area the price of hair cut is N100 or N200.

You can not go and open a standard barbing salon in a local village and be barbing N2,000 and you will expect people to patronize you instead you will always be going to shop always to sleep because it may take you forever to see a customer.

But if you open a barbing shop in a busy area either city or village with proper business plan you will be able to know how much you can be barbing people. But, how then can you start?


1. Rent a shop

Rent a shop in a very busy area, design your shop and hang some hairstles fliers that people can be picking any style that they want to barb.

The location of your barbing shop will determine the amount that you will be barbing if your shop is located in a city the amount may be high compare to rural area because the cost of resting a shop in the rural area is less compare to urban area.

To rent a shop in most places in lagos state will cost above N400,000 per year while while to rent a shop in most semi urban area of Ebonyi state may cost up to N150,000 per year.


2. Get a standby generator

This is a very important salon equipment because without power supply you may find it difficult to work even if you always have constant NEPA light it doesn’t stop you from having a generator because that power may fail one day.

It will cost you up to N80,000 to get a small tiger generator except if you have more than that you may go for bigger generator.


3. Furnish your shop

Design your barbing salon, arrange sits, arrange all your equipment in one side, put ceiling fan or AC because it will not be good for your customers to be sweating like he goat when you are barbing them.

You will also need a table cabinet for barbing equipment like clippers, scissors, towels etc. Not only that a good barbing salon must have mirror also both front and back.


4. Buy Original quality Clipper

If you check very well you will notice that I put two strong words together which are; Original and Quality, the reason why you need Original and high quality clipper is so it can serve you longer, it will not  easily spoil. Once your clipper is good customers will keep on patronizing you.

Original clipper like Super taper will cost not less then N50,000 depend on where you want to buy it.


5. Buy a sterilizing machine

Sterilizing machine

To start your new salon you will need to get sterilizing machine that you can be using to treat your clipper and that of your customers own, to prevent the spread of communicable diseases like, HIV/AIDs etc if you do not have money for this you can be using Lighter to sterilize the clipper.

Note: Security of your shop is very important, most especially your generator that is always outside, look for chain and key that you will be using to luck it or look for safe place you will be dropping it.



Barbing salon business plan in Nigeria

What am going to tell you now, is just the basic factors you need to consider before you start barbing salon business in Nigeria, this will also detamine how much it will cost to open a new barbing salon in Nigeria.


  •  Their are no much established barbers; what I mean is that for you to be able to stand you need to check the area to no if their are no much established barbers in the area to avoid loosing hope when you start, if their are already well established barbers there my question is will you be able to stand?
  • Population; This is also one of the major factors to consider before setting up a standard barbing salon in Nigeria, without people your business can’t move you can’t even work if people are not in the area.

For you to set up a barbing salon check the area to know how the population is if the popular is high that is great you are good to go, note that the more popular the place is the more chance of making it.

  • The amount the people or the existing barbers are barbing in the location; if the amount people are barbing in the area is something like N500, or N1000 that is great, some places in Lagos barbers are barbing N1000 and above while in some location in Osun state barbers are barbing N300 per head. The location you find your self matters a lot.


How much do barbing salon owners earn?

The amount that a barber will earn mostly depends on the location and the quality of the salon, but basically standard barbing salon owners earn 500k per week or above.

However, their are other factors that need to be put into consideration to be able to determine the amount you can earn from a new salon, such as;

1. Population: if their is large number if individuals in the location you will have chance of earning more, but if the area if full if business men/women or wealthy individuals you will earn more money than setting upto a salon in a low populated and poor people’s location.

Though, your handwork may help you to attract more customers but, will they be able to afford your service.


2. Cost per head for haircut: The amount you are going to be barbing also matters a lot, this will also detamin how much you will earn as a barber.

the above mentioned points will detamine how much you can be making from your barbing salon.


Barbing salon equipment list price in Nigeria

These are standard salon equipment and price that you need;

1. Wahl Super Taper Professional Hair Clipper price is N50,000.

Barbing salon


2. Elepaq 4.5kva Manual Start Generator-sv7800- Long Coil price N112,999

Barbing salon equipment


3. Barber Cape Cloth Cover price N4,000

Salon cover cloth


4. Executive Salon Mirror price N180,000

5. Unic Executive Hair Salon Barber Chair N77,000

6. Ceriotti Uv Sterilizer N28,000

7. Waiting Chairs for customers price 72,000

Barbing salon chair

Other salon equipment are;

  • Power Sockets
  • Standing Fan/Ceiling fans or Air Conditioners
  • Barbing salon pictures and wallpapers
  • Furniture (Decorations, Cupboard, table)
  • Towel /Towel warmer
  • Combs, Scissors, Blades,tissue papers
  • Cosmetics (Hair creams, sprays, dyes, relaxers, conditioners, facial powders.
  • Entertainment system such as music Etc.


Frequent asked questions:

How long does it take to learn barbing in Nigeria?

At least 1 year, some persons due register for 1year and six months. The good thing about this handwork is that you will keep on learning the more you keep practicing.


How much do I need to start a barber shop in Nigeria?

It will cost you at least 1 million naira or above to open a standard barbing salon in Nigeria. Most barbers do spend over 3 million naira to open their barbing shop in most developed cities like Lagos and Abuja.


How much do barbers make in Nigeria?

Barbers earn over N20,000 daily and more than N600,000 in a month. The amount that you will be earning either daily or weekly depend in the number of workers that you have and cost of hair cut in that area.

For instance, most areas in Abakaliki do cut hair for N300 which means if you are able to barb up to 10 persons per day you will earn N3,000 only.

While, in most places in Lagos and Abuja they normally barb N1,000 and if you are able to barb 10 persons per day you will earn 10,000 though you may barb more than 10 persons.


What is a good name for a barber shop?

You can use your name as your barbing salon name or look for any catchy name and use like; exclusive barbing salon, Uncle Ben barbing salon, Break through barbing salon etc.


What is the primary reason why salons fail?

In other not to make mistakes that other salon owners have been making which have been making them to look both customers and workers here are things you need to do make sure that your salon doesn’t fail;

Let your salon always look very neat, let the sound of your music be moderate always, never employ a drunker or smoker, have a cashier and let all work done and price be recorded, charging of phones or any electronic devices should be at owners risk, never barb a married woman that have not been barbing her hair before without her husband’s signature.

With the points above, your salon will not only last for long but will be one of the best salon in that location.


Is barbing salon profitable in Nigeria?

Yes, barbing salon remain one of the most lucrative business that can give you constant daily income.



I have been able to show you all you need to know about barbing salon, salon equipment list price in Nigeria and how you can design your salon to make it look more attractive.

I strongly believe that this article have been able to answer all your questions, if you still have more questions to ask you can ask.

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