How To Start Barbing Salon Business In Nigeria (Standard Salon)

Have you being thinking of starting a barbing salon business in Nigeria but you have no idea on how to start barbing salon business in Nigeria this article is for you, because in this post am going to give you comprehensive steps on how to start a standard barbing salon business in Nigeria.

Not only that am also going to list all the basic barbing salon equipments that you will need immediately you open a barbing shop.

In fact you do not need to know how to barb before you can start this business, all you just need is to get the basic equipments after renting shop.

But my question is; Is barbing salon business lucrative? And can a woman open a barbing shop? Yes! it is very lucrative and any body can open a barbing shop.

Who is a barber?

A barber is a person whose Work is basically to cut, dress, style and shave men’s and boys’ hair. To be a barber does not necessary mean that you must have a shop no, any one that have the skill of barbing is a barber.

 How to start barbing salon business in Nigeria
Barbing in a barbing salon

What is a barbing salon?

A barbing salon is simply a place or shop were people visit to get their haircuts, gying, dreading or hair treatment etc. In American English it is called; Barbershop.

Barbing salon business plan in Nigeria

what am going to tell you now, is just the basic factors you need to consider before you start barbing salon business in Nigeria, this will also detamine how much it will cost to open a barbing salon in Nigeria.

  • Their are no much established barbers; what I mean is that for you to be able to stand you need to check the area to no if their are no much established barbers in the area to avoid loosing hope when you start, if their are already well established barbers their my question is will you be able to stand.
  • Population; This is also one of the major factors to consider before setting up a standard barbing salon in Nigeria, without people your business can’t move you can’t even work if people are not in the area. For you to set up a barbing salon check the area to no how the popular is if the popular is high that is great you are good to go, note that the more popular the place is the more chance of making it.
  • The amount the people or the existing barbers are barbing in the location; if the amount people are barbing in the area is something like #500, or #1000 that is great, some places in Lagos barbers are barbing #1000 and above will in some location in Osun state barbers are barbing #200 per head .

The location you find your self matters a lot.

How much does it cost to open a barbing salon in Nigeria

to open a barbing salon you need to check how much it will cost you to rent a shop, to rent shop in some places in Lagos state will cost you not less than 150,000 except if you want to rent local building. Once you rent your shop furnish your shop.

Paint it, dress it to be will condusive and cool, put fan or air condition, Barbing salon picture so people can be selecting styles they want to barb.

Give your barbing salon a very catchy name for example ; Uncle Ben Barbing Salon, Exclusive Barbing Salon etc let the name be short and easy to pronounce and also easy to remember.

Put your mobile phone number on your sigh post so people can call you if you are not around.

Get a Business License

Try and make sure you get a location business license to avoid people asking you about your permit.

If you can’t be able to barb as the owner you can employ a very qualify barbers, for instance someone that have been into barbing for not less than one year.

Let people say something Good about you

The first impression matters a lot when setting up a standard barbing salon in Nigeria, make sure you barb the first set of people very well so that once people ask them were do they barb this hair they will point at your shop.

Do not forget to advertise your business

Let your new salon be the talk of the town, advertise it on radio, social media like Facebook and other Relevant platforms.

How much do barbing salon owners earn?

Barbing salon is one of the most lucrative business you can think of starting in Nigeria their are some factors that will detamine how much a barber earn;

  1. Population: If their is a lot of population in the area definitely your chance of making it will be high.
  2. Number of hours put into the work: How many hours you work per day also detamine how much you make from a barbing salon.
  3. The quality of your shop and services: how beautiful and cool your shop is and the quality of the service you offer matter a lot , those are the two major things that attract customers.
  4. Cost per head for haircut: The amount you are going to be barbing also matters a lot, this will also detamin how much you will earn as a barber.

the above mentioned points will detamine how much you can be making from your barbing salon.

Standard Barbing Salon Equipment And Tools

To start Barbing Salon Business In Nigeria you will need some of this equipments to be Able to deliver quality service to your customers.

  1. Standby Generator
  2. Original Clipper example ; Supper Tapper
  3. Cover Cloths
  4. Wall mirrors
  5. Power Sockets
  6. Standard rotatable barber Chair
  7. Sterilizing machine
  8. Standing Fan/Ceiling fans or Air Conditioners
  9. Barbing salon pictures and wallpapers
  10. Furniture (Decorations, Cupboard, table)
  11. Waiting Chairs for customers
  12. Towel /Towel warmer
  13. Combs, Scissors, Blades,tissue papers
  14. Cosmetics (Hair creams, sprays, dyes, relaxers, conditioners, facial powders.
  15. Entertainment system such as music Etc.

How To start Barbing Salon Business In Nigeria

Below are all you need if you want to start a barbing salon business.

Rent a shop

Rent a shop in a very good Area with much populations, renting shop in a quiet area will make you end up making nothing at the end you will come out with a phrase like ; “been a barber is a waste of time”.

Get a standby generator

This is the major things a barber need because without a Generator you can not barb even if you have all other equipments, to start a barbing salon business you will need to buy a generator , atleast to buy one small Tigger generator will not cost you more than #30,000.

Furnish your shop

Design your shop to look different from other existing barbing salon in the area let it look neat and you Will have two different sits.

One for those that you are barbing and another one for the customs that are waiting or relaxing, you will also need a table cabinet for barbing equipment like clippers, scissors, towels etc. Not only that a good barbing salon must have mirror also both front and back.

Buy Original quality Clipper

If you check very well you will notice that I put two strong words together which are; Original and Quality, the reason why you need Original and high quality clipper is so it can serve you longer, it will not  easily spoil. Once your clipper is good customers will keep on patronizing you.

Buy a sterilizing machine

To start your new salon you will need to get sterilizing machine that you can be using to treat your clipper and that of your customers own, to prevent the spread of communicable diseases like , HIV etc if you do not have money for this you can be using Lighter to sterilize the clipper.

Those are the basic requirements and plans on how to start a barbing salon business, if you are thinking of starting a barbing salon business feel free to go into it once you plan well before going into it you will surely make it.

I have been a barber for more than five years, I started barbing right from my SS1 till I entered into University.

 Note; I do not have a shop, I do work in other people’s barbing salon will I get paid, some students will be telling me that they can’t combine their academic and handwork.

Will you like to die of hunger in school as a student, Remember that you do not have to become a professional barber before you own a barbing salon, you can open a barbing salon and look for qualified barbers that will be working for you will you pay them weekly or month depend in how you people discussed it.

I will like to rest my case here for now! On the topic Basic ways on how to start barbing salon business in Nigeria, But I have a very important question that I want to ask;

  1. Will you like to start barbing salon business In Nigeria?
  2. Did you think been a barber can make you to be self independent and successful in life?

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