Top 8 Stay-at-home Business Ideas In Nigeria Right Now (2022)

In this post, I will be sharing with you stay-at-home business ideas in Nigeria that can turn anyone into dollar millionaire.

Renting a business space, massive financial strain, and all the difficulties that comes with getting a business set-up in Nigeria is very strenuous and you might be one of those folks who have decided to start working from home.

For whatever reasons you may have, if you are searching for a stay-at-home business ideas in Nigeria, then this article will show you all the best work from home business.

There are numerous legit home-based jobs or business that any man or lady can do from home, Nigeria has a rich economy that favors businesses and those working from their home are no exception.


Do you fall into any of these categories, in contrast to working from home?

  • If you are a mom nursing a baby, then you might be one of those who essentially need to work from home
  • If you are a family man or woman with so many task at home, and you are very interested in always being there for your family, then consider these stay at home business that I am about to share in this article
  • You are just an individual who do not fancy working in public spaces, and you wish to have a remote business structure.


You will find this post helpful; we will share interesting, profitable and legit business that you can run from the comfort of your home.


Some of these businesses are very easy to start and you can get started very quickly.


Some advantages of why these Stay at home business ideas will be very profitable to you.

Let’s get it straight; it’s evidently known that getting a profitable job in Nigeria these days doesn’t come so handy.


A lot of people today in Nigeria ae great business men and women and many of these established a business for themselves from home, and this why the trend has risen.


A lot of individuals will find these reasons on why the stay at home business ideas in Nigeria, will be very profitable.


  1. You require little to no capital:

Capital is the lifeblood of any business. Anybody willing to start a business of his or her own will always require capital.
Let’s say you wish to open a Salon or hair-dressing shop, you will have to, rent a shop, pay taxes, extra light bills, or other bills


You will have to buy equipment and other things you need to set-up your shop. This is where these stay-at-home business ideas become an advantage, one those not need to have all these before starting a business of their own.


No capital, No Worries! A good number of the stay at home business ideas we have mentioned in this post does not require capital or huge setup process, it’s as simple as just getting started.


  1. You will be your own boss and control of your income:

If you like the idea of working from home, it means you enjoy being your own boss. As opposed to the normal Salary Jobs where you have to report under someone every day, you will be in control of your time, income and so many things that involves running the business.


This comes with an advantage which means you are in charge of how you make your money, and you do not really have to sit around every day waiting for your next salary.


Yes, you heard me correctly, you are in charge of your income and that’s one of the advantages of running your own home-based business in Nigeria.


  1. You will have enough time for yourself and family:

Truth be told, majority of the people who do wish to work from home are those who do not like much stress or they have numerous task that requires their attention at home, therefore it always poses a challenge of having to wake up every day to take care of those activities at home and rushing to work, especially for mothers who have kids that they like to give much care and attention to.


As long as there are profitable ways of making money from home, so many mothers or any folk will prefer working from home.


So if you are in this category then the home –based business ideas in Nigeria, which we have shared in this post will be your best bet.


  1. You will work in an environment that’s friendly to you:

Without sugar-coating the fact that working from home is sweet, we all know one of the undisputable reasons is that you will be safe, you are in your home, at your comfort zone maybe, if you do not have things to distract you while working, then you would always enjoy working from home.


You have evaded issues most people face such as having to spend on transportation every day to work. At home, all you do is simply work, no worries over what to wear to work the next day, this is one of the good aspects of working from home.


  1. You will be productive:

And finally, you will be productive, you have no pressures on you, you bare absolutely working on your own terms, at your own pace and time, if you are dedicated then you will always end up being productive.


The down-side of Stay at home businesses in Nigeria

Before you get into the list of stay at home business ideas in Nigeria, let’s also state a fact.

We have a lot of great advantages of working from home without doubts these reasons are convincing enough, and yes anyone can make a lot of money.

Working from home doesn’t mean you will earn less than those who go out every day to their work destinations. It’s all goes down to which kind of business you wish to operate.


Most businesses or virtually all businesses in these categories are online business that pays and many people today even bigger companies started here, such as the business that offered ecommerce services, Alibaba, amazon and several others.

They are indeed multi-billionaires today and they do not have any physical shop.


Working from home means you will not be operating from a physical shop and here’s a lot of advantage here.


But some disadvantages to mention also are.

  • You can get distracted easily, especially if you do not stay alone or you have your family running around. To stay concentrated and productive, you will need to have a huge discipline and be able to distinguish your spare time from your work time.
  • You can get lazy too, working from a physical shop outside working from home has the advantage of putting you at a serious kind of mindset, you are mostly surrounded by people that will imbed seriousness in you, but who says you can’t be disciplined?



Now let’s get to the list without further ado.


List of Stay-at-home business ideas in Nigeria

stay-at-home business ideas in Nigeria

These stay home-based business ideas I will mention in this list are the kind of business that are in demand today, remember always that when it comes down to business, you have to be doing something that people are ready and willing to patronize.

This is where this list gets interesting because these businesses are highly profitable in Nigeria.

However, remember that you have to be serious enough to be able to pull this off, working from home might be less stressful and easy to start, but it requires you to be serious enough to make a good earning for yourself.

Now you get the idea, so what are those businesses?


#1. Become an online tutor:

Online tutoring is one of the lucrative home-based businesses today which is apparently on high demand.

If you are a teachable person, then you can make use of this skill to make money, there are people in different categories of life that are ready to pay to learn from you.

Also this does not have to be you teaching Mathematics, English or any academic courses, you can teach people other things you know, like a skill or service that you are good at.

And also you could run classes and tutoring for students likewise, the ones in primary, secondary or tertiary levels depending on your interest.

You can make a lot of money running this home-bases business if you are able to pull this off.


#2. Become a social media influencer:

Next we are talking about is the social media influencer business, we have influencers in different categories, people who help companies and other businesses advertise/promote their products or service online and a lot of young people and even the older aged people are doing it, making a lot of cool cash, in thousands and Millions.


This is also a very profitable stay-at-home business ideas in Nigeria that does no it require start-up capital, it is less stressful and you cannot get distracted off, you will be making use of your devices to build a followership and if you are able to get a good following then  you have an audience to sell to.


#3. Start digital mini-importation :

This can also come In the form of drop-shopping which means, you will be taking payments for products ahead and helping people make orders from where those products are sold fairly cheap then you make your profit from this.

This can also be in the form of mini-importation, you order for different things online (usually shipped abroad at a very cheaper rate) that you can sell to people within your locality.


People can also make orders for those products you imported, and you can have them delivered to the buyers directly at their locations.


This indeed is one of the interesting work from home business in Nigeria today.


#4. Become a Vlogger or blogger:

Being a blogger means you run a blog (making text content), or Vlogging (making video content) that people are interested in.

Let me draw your attention to one of the people who made it big in this kind of business.

Remember Linda Ikeji, the lady who started Linda-Ikeji blog, she would always post things on her blog that people are always interested to read, and through the blogging business model, she mad e a lot of cash and in fact got her-self a house worth 500 Million Naira just by blogging.


Other people who made it in this kind of business are Bella, and others too even though some are not as big as Linda Ikeji.

Many today are in this business model and definitely it still works although it is not a little competitive, so calculate and plan well if you will be starting this kind of business.


#5. Sell hand-made or digital products online:

The next stay-at-home business ideas in Nigeria I am sharing with you today is selling of products you own. This means you do not have to order for them, you can make things at home like jewelries, art paintings, home-made food, design and cloth sewing, blankets or even carved furniture.

These are hand-made products which can make you quite rich if you are good at it.

Other things you can sell apart from the handmade products are digital products, like a book you wrote and so on.


#6. Become a software Engineer (Build Apps and Websites):

Today people make a lot of money working from home and some of those people are those in tech categories.

A lot of people do graphics jobs, or building a website/app and they are making enough money to sustain their selves.

However, this kind of job requires skills and before you jump into it ensure that you are good.


#7. Start Affiliate business:

Affiliate business is still working today, and it’s is the easiest way to start making money from home.

What you do is sign-up on a platform that does affiliate programs, which means you will be given a link to share among your friends or anyone, this will mean that you have to convince people to patronize and make purchase from a particular company or platforms.


You are to get people that are interested in those services or products, and when this referral coming from you to those companies or platforms make purchases you get a commission for each.


Interesting isn’t? But the reason we have this second to last here is that, even though it still works, you need to be very good, like so much good at marketing or you will end up wasting your time.


#8. Run day-care:

The last stay at home business ideas in Nigeria we have is especially suited for ladies, people who are good at taking care of children.

You can run a small child day care at your house if this suits your interest, people who live around could use you to care for their kids when they are away, and indeed this is productive if you are able to do it well.


The down-side with this kind of business is, you would have to be registered or run the business in a way that people can trust you enough to live their kids with you with all the insecurities these days in Nigeria.


So, which of these businesses would you like to start?

You can leave a comment, also if there is any home-based business that you think is much profitable that was not mentioned here, you can also leave a comment.


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Thanks for reading.

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