New Ways To Stop Loan Apps From Accessing Your Contacts In 2024

Will you like to know how to stop loan apps from accessing your contacts? Stopping fake loan apps contacts access will help you to protect your reputation in the society.

Fake loan apps have destroyed the value of many individuals in Nigeria through their defamatory, and blackmail messages to the borrower’s contact list.

This mostly happened when the lender fails to pay at the due time, most fake loan apps do start sending threat messages to your contact list even before the due date.

Even, most of this loan apps are not approved by CBN and no one can hold them responsible even if they destroyed your images through their blackmail messages, and calls.

During the registration on any of these loan apps you will need to enter your bio-data and credential to these fake loan apps, including your home address, place of work, all your details and other financial histories are stored in their database and this details can be used against you to harass you, if you failed to repay your borrowed loan.

The bad thing is that many of them once you download and registered on their platform they will immediately copy all your contact list to their database including your employer, friends, and family members’ contacts which means that they invade your data privacy without your knowledge.

The good news is that most of them have been banned by the federal government of Nigeria and Google playstore after several reports from victims (Users).

Many Nigerians have been asking questions like; how do I stop a loan app from accessing my contacts?

This article will not only help you to deny loan apps permission, but it will help you protect your value in the society.


How to stop loan apps from accessing your contacts

The reason why many individuals do not want loan app to have access to their contact list is because of blackmail, they do not want any one that will be broadcasting their names through calls or messages that they are owing.

How To Stop Loan Apps From Accessing Your Contacts

For that, they look for ways to prevent loan apps from having access to their contacts.

Remember, whenever you download a new app for the first time they will ask you for certain permission on your phone such as, permission to have access to your contact list, messages etc.

Most of us do give these permissions to use the services offered by the app.

But, how can you stop it or block certain apps from having access to it I what am going to show you right now.

But, can denying loan apps permission stop them from calling your contacts? Yes.

  • Click on setting
  • Choose apps & notifications
  • Scroll down and click on app permissions
  • Under permission, select contacts
  • Select the loan app and remove the permission by turning it off.

This will immediately block the loan app from having access to your contact list, you can still turn your location off in case to avoid them tracing you if you wish to turn it off too.


Using legit loan apps

To avoid been blackmailed, I always advice people to download and use legit loan apps that are registered under cooperate affairs commission and CBN too.

Because, this reliable loan apps will always ask for your permission before doing anything and they will never blackmail you.

The only thing they can do since legit loan apps in Nigeria normally ask for your bank verification number (BVN) is to deduct the money from your account if you have account with them.

Or they may get your details through your BVN and send their agent to your home. They may even restrict your other bank account through your BVN until your repay the loan before they reopen it for you.

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How to identify loan apps that call your contacts in Nigeria

  • Invading customers’ data privacy and sending defamatory and threatening messages to them and their contact list
  • Accessing the contact’s number and picture stored in your mobile phone.
  • Misuse of your phone contact numbers and pictures
  • Online Harassment
  • Harsh and unethical means of recovery
  • Use of rude and derogatory statement by loan app staff on their customers
  • Very high interest rate and penalties
  • Constant harassment and threats on customers
  • They are not registered under CBN
  • They will never ask for your BVN.


Fake loan apps that call your contact in Nigeria

Many of this loan apps are not approved by the central bank of Nigeria, many of them that have been approved have been banned after several reports by the user of them been fake.

The major reason why I have these fake loan apps is that they do not have interest of their customers at heart, they only act within thinking twice.

You just need to be careful even if you want to borrow loan from them, borrow any amount you can easily pay back.

Most users do make mistake of waiting till the due date before they will repay the loan, if you actually value your privacy and you do not want anyone to blackmail you, you need to pay the loan even before it repayment date.

  • Sokoloan
  • LCredit
  • 9credit
  • LionCash
  • Nkash
  • ForNaira
  • Cashrain
  • Xcredit
  • ICoin
  • PalmCredit
  • CashLion
  • GoCash
  • Okash
  • EasyCredit
  • Ease Cash
  • KashKash loan app
  • Speedy Choice
  • FastMoney
  • GetCash
  • 9ja Cash


Warning Signs Common With Loan Apps That Call Your Contacts In Nigeria

Stop loan apps contacts access

  • No verification of previous repayment history
  • Hidden or undisclosed charges/ fee amounts.
  • No physical address disclosed by lender
  • Gives out loan to customers for very short period, instead of minimum of 60 days by law
  • Creation of sense of urgency and pressurizes into acting immediately
  • Unsecured websites and in some cases no website at all
  • Most times, they have no social media platforms, no contact telephone numbers, non valid customer service support


5 Safety Measures To Protect Yourself Against Loan Apps That Call Your Contacts In Nigeria

  1. Check for lenders contact information like phone number, email address and physical address.
  2. Make sure the loan app has been properly licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
  3. Check the professional reviews on trust worthy lenders.
  4. Verify the online reviews by customers given for the lender.
  5. Review the app permissions regularly and give access permissions ONLY tor the purpose of the loan applied for.


How do I stop my loan app from debiting my account?

Loan app can debit your account easily if you have money in your account balance, but if you do not. They may not be able.

But, if you give them your BVN during the registration process they can send messages to other banks you are using which may lead to them restricting your account.


Can loan apps send messages to contacts?

Yes, loan apps can send WhatsApp messages short messages (SMS) to your contacts if you are owing them.

They may even go as far as blackmailing your even getting your pictures and send obituary messages with your pictures to your family and friends.


Can loan apps access my gallery?

Yes, loan app can access your gallery if you give them permission to do so, and they can get your pictures and use it to harass you.

However, you can easily block them from doing so through your phone setting.



I have been able to show you how to stop loan apps from accessing your contacts and simple ways to identify fake loan apps.

Fake loan apps can kill your reputation, they can destroy your future if care is not taken. Stating away from them is always the best option.

Even if you are to borrow make sure you pay back on time.

Now tell me, your opinion about stopping loan apps contacts access and have you ever been threatened by fake loan apps?

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