How To Study For JAMB 2021 Effectively (10 Secrets Revealed)

Did you really want to know the main strategies on how to study for JAMB 2021 effectively and pass? If yes! You are Welcome to this article am going to show you the key strategies that I used to score above 200 in JAMB examination.

study for JAMB

the funny thing about this strategies is that even if you have not been reading before and you are ready to follow this strategies now! Sure your success in JAMB exam is 100% guaranteed.

Note; this strategies that am about to share with you here have worked for 99.5% of people that used it, that you are not brilliant does not mean that you can’t score over 250 in JAMB, just calm down and follow me as I show you the road to the promise land.

Before JAMB 2021/2022 Registration started many JAMB candidates have been disturbing me with messages such as;

how can I study for JAMB effectively, show me the proper ways to read for jamb, is their any special ways to prepare for jamb and pass and many other questions related to that.

those messages is what I can’t start replying one after another that is why I decided to answer it here in usulorinform for all JAMB candidates to read and make good use of this topic how to study for JAMB Effectively that am about to share with you is the same study tips that I used in 2020 and score above 250 in JAMB.

it is true that am not chasing high JAMB score then but, na 250+ they rush us.

NOTE; Please, continue reading if you are ready to pass JAMB 2021 without expo.

Now, back to business how do you need to read for JAMB so that you can pass? Calm down that is what am about to sharee with you.

Back then in 2020 when I was preparing for my own JAMB I started looking for any way to pass JAMB at one sitting because I do not want to rewrite JAMB the next year

as I was making research that was when I discovered one of the Golden Secret on how to score above 300 in JAMB at one sitting this Secret really make me to feel comfortable that for me my success is sure this year,

I do not stop there I move on with my research I still discovered another thing that make me to be strong since am going to write UNILAG Post UTME exam also luckily to me,

I found How to pass UNILAG post UTME Exam which make me to get prepared and wait for all Exams coming to my way, let me now show you the key to unlock JAMB exam and score very high.

How to study for JAMB 2021 effectively

1.) Get JAMB recommended textbooks

The first step for you to pass JAMB is to get JAMB recommended textbooks that you will use and prepare adequately for the exam,

not only that you can use other text books to prepare for JAMB if you are sure that the textbook is a good quality material to use, during my own time I use Authority in Government to prepare for my Government will I used JAMB recommended text for the other subjects.

2.) Prepare a Good Timetable

Once you have gotten JAMB recommended textbooks go on and draft out a nice timetable fix each such at least 3 to 4 hour per day, after fixing your timetable do not just relax move to the next step.

3.) Choose a nice place for study

if I may ask where do you like to read or study? Is it school library? Your hostel? Answer the question, the best place I can recommend for you to study is library why?

Because it use to be very quit always like berial grand, you may ask what of if my hostel is far away from library?

if your hostel is far from library it is adviseable for you to stay in your hostel if it is quit and suitable for you, but environment to study is base on choice.

4.) Look for JAMB syllabus

Yes, try to look for JAMB syllabus you may want to ask what is JAMB syllabus? It is the list of all the topics were possible questions will come from, have you see that it is important to use it to study for jamb exam in fact with this you can’t ask question such as how to study for jamb 2021 again,

5.)Read relevant points

Do not go and start reading off points claiming that you are reading but try as much as you can to read all those points that are relevant , reading off points is one of the major reasons why intelligent students fail JAMB, one of my best friends who usually claim to no every thing scored 99 in JAMB how come? he read off point and think that he already no it.

Do not claim to know what you do not no, before what you do not no claim you!

6.) Jot down the key points

Read as you write, jot down those points in the topic that you are reading, jot those relevant statements down once you do all those you are on the right track just move forward.

7.) Avoid this phrase “Later Things”

Avoid this word Later things that word can make you to fail jamb I see some students whenever they want to read small time they will skip many topics and assume that they no it the next thing you will hear is that they are tired

in fact I will continue later let me go and rest small, try to finish reading before you drop your book.

8.) Change you reading style

Always change your style of reading for each subjects most especially mathematics you can tell me that you are reading mathematics you solve it, not only solve it take some examples and practices but for other subject study it very well.

9.) Study long

I no that it is not OK to study for long hour but the road to success is not clear at all, but you need to push harder for you to attain your goal.

Always make sure you take break once you feel tired of reading, reading for long hour without a break is very bad, sometimes when you read for long hour without break you might even forget the once you have studied before.

10.) Get a mentor

For you to study for jamb effectively you need to get a mentor , who is a mentor? A mentor is someone that has written JAMB before and gain admission to study his/her desired course, A mentor is a guidance, a motivational and a counselor.

try to get one, in fact I guided over 5000 students till they gain admission in 2020 and am also currently guiding over 2000 students now! Try as much as you can to get a very good one.

Conclusion on how to study for JAMB 2021

Pray because payer is the master key no matter what you believe in pray for God to guide you and lead you Through,

All those points mentioned above are the adequate tips on how to study for JAMB Effectively, using those tips that I mentioned above your success in Jamb is 100% sure and I also wish you 300+ in your JAMB examination.


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