10 Things You Should Never Do Before Exams (Proven Tips)

What not to do before an exam is what am going to gist you today am going to reveal things you should never do before exams, If you follow this guide you will never make those silly mistakes again.

Things you should never do before exams

In my previous article I revealed The Natural ways to pass any difficult exam easily, which have been helping many students that follow and take necessary action were required.

but in today’s article am going to be reveal another hot tips on Untold things you should never do before exams, in fact what am going to be dishing out here are strong exam tips and tricks that work.

Let me tell you a short story before we kick off;

Our class was very competitive back then in secondary school every one want to get first position, those struggle to get first position is among what makes us to be more serious than other students,

We study as if our final exam is tomorrow each day, but as time keep moving I changed my location to another environment different from were my old friends are, I can’t believe that it is my old friends that do make me to be serious always.

Me changing location is another great slap on my face because no good friend to motivate me to read again , my position in school and other things related to education started going down, I wrote WAEC Examination two times it was at the third time that I was able to made it.

I ketp on searching for what might be the cause, I decided to meet A Social worker for guidance at the end I discovered that : always Watching TV, Social Media like , Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have rain my academic career.

The above story is just story of someone that have been making some of this mistakes am going to reveal in this article, in fact after reading this article you will change positively on academic line, some of this things you should never do before exams can make you fail any exam you are not surppose to fail.

Am urging you to make sure you read this article without skipping any word.


  • do not enter social media

I do advice students to delete social media from their phone instead of it to make them fail any exam, and if you no that you can control your self then you can allow it to be on your phone but do not login to any one.

Social media like Facebook, WhatsApp are some of the most popular social media that people do enter to chat and have fun with their friends but the time we do waste on social is more than the one we spend reading our books.

If you are ready to pass your upcoming examination I will urge you to stay away from social media for nnow

  • Do not depend on any of your friends

some times we would be planning to sit down with our brilliant friends inside exam hall and forget about studying,

Sometimes we would leave some topic just because it is not easy to understand and we would be thinking that during the exam our friends that is going to sit beside us will tell us.

What if you were transfer from your sit to another sit and you do not see any one to ask question what will you do? Nothing!

My advice to you is for you not to depend on any one before exam, just study your books and believe in your self That you can do it.

  • do Not procrastinate

sometimes when you think of studying your book you will feel like doing any other activity which you feel is more important then, and you will forget about studying for that moment and you will postpone your study to another time.

Never postpone your study to another time when you are preparing for exam, because their is something you would have covered that you may not be able to finish later because of how short the time is, Time wait for nobody.

  • Do not change your old timetable

Keep on using your old timetable that you have been using right before exam, changing your timetable might make you scaeter your study plan.

For instance , in your old timetable 4am is for Solving maths and you just draft out new one and you put maths in 2pm you might forget the right time you are suppose to be in your reading table because of the time because your hope is that by 4am you will be solving maths,

But fortunately to you as you arrive home and discovered that 4am is not even for maths rather another activity.

My point here is that you should not change your timetable at the last minute to your exam.

  • Donot compare your friends method of studying with yours

Your friends might like to solve maths first before reading English language or other subjects do not take up their own method before exam because you will have to learn and understand that method before you use it well.

a friend of my by name John always like to read the hard subjects first before simple ones, but my own case is different because I like to study the simple subject first before hard one, I have my reason by I will tell you in my next article.

In fact this is one of the basic things to avoid before exam .

  • Do not deny your self Rest/sleep

For you to be able to understand what you are actually studying you need to have a sound sleep to be Able to rest your body, mind and brain.

I do see some students they will forget about reading their books until few weeks to exam they will start rushing every thing they are doing just be be able to cope, that will make them not to have a rest at all even in the mid night when others are sleeping they will keep on reading.

After my research I found out that reading straight without rest is very bad and the worst part is that you can’t be able to understand what you are studying.

my advice for you is for you not to deny your self a good sleep before you study so you can be able to understand what you are studying.

  • Do not think of Cheating

This is one of the basic things you should never do before exams, thinking of cheating will reduce your studying ability, it will make you not to study at all again since your plan is to cheat.

Think of this:

What if you try to cheat and you were caught, you may either fail that particular subject or your exam may be canceled, the major problem of cheating is that even if you cheat the person marking the script will still detect and your result maight be withheld.

The fact Is that their is no gain in cheating, the online gain their is bringing shame to your parent, please an begging never think of cheating when preparing for any exam.

  • Know the type of food you eat

No exam is hard and no exam is simple, all depend on the way you prepared for it, the food your eat when preparing for any exam matters a lot, do not eat any how food, in fact when an preparing for exam do not use to eat outside.

I do eat food that I prepared at home the only food I do buy outside during exams is fruits. Some food after eating it you will just dose off immediately in fact the day I stopped eating outside before exams was the day I was rushing to school I entered into one fast food seller near our hostel,

After eating the food I started sleeping forgetting that we have exam that very day, it was 5 minutes to the exam that someone woke me up and ask me “Guy are you not going to school” I woke up immediately and started running to school, my question then was that what of no body woke me up? That means I would have failed the exam.

  • Do not compare your preparation with your friends

This is one of the major things you should never do before exams because I found out most students do it including me, when we are reading for exams we would start asking our friends, which chapter are you now! If he/she said chapter 12 and you are still in chapter 4.

See race, I call this danger dash because the way you will be reading the book is not what to write home about, did you ask the person in chapter 12 may be if he/she understand all he/she has been reading.

I urge you not to compare your preparation style with others own because what works for them may not work for you.

  • Do not skip any diagram in any textbook you are studying

have you ever been reading textbook full of images and different diagrams for instance Biology textbook, if yes! then you will understand my point here, sometimes when we are reading such text book most especially when the exam is already knocking our door we wouldn’t even remember to take a good look at any diagram.

once we see diagram we skip thinking that those diagrams are not important, not understanding diagram in a text you are reading is one of the worst mistakes you may make when preparing for any exam, most especially exam like WAEC and NECO were you might be asked to draw and label any diagram.

Have you ever been given this assignment to draw and label Ear, Eye etc if you have never note the diagram when you are reading no Matter what you can’t be able to draw it during the exam.

My point here is for you not to skip any diagram in any text you are reading , rather note the diagram very well and make sure you understand what the diagram is all about.


Those 10 points mentioned above are the major things you should never do before exams not only that their are many other things to avoid before exam that I do not mentioned above such as : Do not change your textbooks that you have been using, taking up new textbook might put you into confusion.

Do not even think of rushing any thing most especially read just make sure you understand all you are reading. Do not think that you can copy from your friends in the exam hall because the person marking the script will detect and drop your scrip aside.

To be frank with you this mistakes can cause more harm than good to students if they do not avoid it.

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