7 Best Real Estate Companies In Nigeria (2024 List)

The list we are about to show you may not be the best entirely, but base on our research they are currently very good real estate companies in Nigeria.

When talking about real estate companies, there are certainly real estate companies in Nigeria that are best known for their wide coverage standards, then their clients, and investments profile.

There are many reasons why you might need a real estate company, the importance of  these real estate companies cannot be overstated.

For example if you own a property and you are searching for a tenant or a buyer then real estate companies usually could solve this problem for you, or if you are in need of buying or renting an apartment, a house or even an office, most real estate companies in Nigeria to this.

So you might need real estate companies for many reasons, that is why you need to search for the top real estate companies, those that believe real estate is more than just a transaction.

Companies who provide an opportunity to form lasting relationships and also assist investors who are looking for properties to invest in.

In summary when it comes to buying, renting, leasing or selling a home or property, then you would need a real estate investment company.


 Best Real Estate companies In Nigeria

Real Estate company in Nigeria

Here is our list of top pick and the prominent real estate companies in Nigeria in no specific order.


1. Adron Homes and Properties Limited

Adron Homes and properties intends to become the first all-Africa property development company in Nigeria.

Adron owns more than 4000 acres of land in locations ranging from Abuja, Lekki, Ikorodu, Shimawa and Ota, and they are one of the top real estate companies in Nigeria that offers its clients the best discounted rates on land properties.

if you are looking for a company that offers its client promo offers, Adron is top, they are like the go to company for low and middle income earners.

The company is committed to providing the best properties and property management services to Nigerians, regardless of their class, rich or poor can benefit from real estate investments with Adron.

It is among booming and top real estate company in Nigeria, Adron Homes is also known for its excellent customer service and property ownership, base on our research, experience and dealings with Adron, we have can safely place confidence and recommend them.


2. Jide Taiwo and Co

When talking about real estate companies in Nigeria, it will be unfair to mention Jide Taiwo and co.

Jide Taiwo and Co also known as JTC rents and sell landed properties ranging from gas stations, hotels, shop malls to commercial and residential properties.

Jide Taiwo and Co. also provides consulting services to  the public and private sectors through their website. For example, they offer advice in the area of ​​debt collection related to real estate this is one of the reasons, why we can’t mention real estate companies in Nigeria without mentioning Jide and Co.

JTC was founded in 1980 by Jide Taiwo, who is a professional property manager in Nigeria, it’s also one of the longest existing real estate company in Nigeria,  JTC has managed to keep up his profile and dominance in real estate despite the changes in the real estate industry over the last decade.

JTC also has 22 offices across the whole of Nigerian, without any doubts or questions, or JTC role in real estate, it makes sense to state that JTC is a household name in Nigeria.

The company is the go to company by both the public and private sectors due to its impeccable service and dealings with real estate project and property management.

Jide Taiwo & Co’s services also extend it service to the sale and renting out of properties such as gas stations, shopping malls, hotels, commercial properties, and more.


3. Landmark Corporate Reality:

The third real estate companies in Nigeria is Landmark we will mention in this post is Landmark.

Base on our findings, Landmark is unarguably one of the largest real estate investment companies in Nigeria as a whole, they have the primary objective of providing competitive and outstanding real estate solutions to their clients. They are one of the standard real estate companies.

If you are looking for professional and quality service, then they could be your best bet, Landmark Corporate Realty deals in real estate designing, that’s not all, they are also into construction, property management, real estate investment and development, as well as real estate brokerage and marketing services.

Landmark is proud to be the leading real estate investment company in the country as of 2023.

They have so many flagship product , to mention but a few, is Queens Park Estates located in Simawa (Ogun), Ofada (Ogun), Isheri (Lagos) and Abuja.

Landmark also offer a very flexible payment plan just like the first real estate investment company that we mentioned in this post,  and they seem to largely popular among people with low to moderate incomes.

Just like the first we also mentioned in this post Their pricing plan makes it easy for such set of people to own a property.


4. Property link Real investment

The next on our list is property link real company in Nigeria. You may have also heard of this real estate investment company they are one of the top investment companies in Nigeria, so Property Link is definitely a top pick on the list.

Property link however is a global brand, and they provide global standards, Property link also provides real estate investment services in other countries outside Nigerian like UK, USA, Dubai AND South Africa.

Base on our research, Property Link seems to have a lot of happy clients across the globe, as many of their new customers are the result of referrals from previous clients and this has placed them In the list of top real estate investment companies.

According to a report from the US real estate company CEH, Property Link appears to be one of the largest independent real estate companies in the country so you can imagine how great of a service they provide.

However, talking more about property links, they are not just a real estate company; they are also engaged in the provision of financial services related to real estate making them quite diverse in the business.

Thus, this allows their clients to make more informed decisions using all that they provide when it comes to investing in real estate.

In addition, they have a legal department with highly placed and professional lawyers providing professional land legal services to their clients, this is what we referred to as a global standard company.

In summary to all we have mentioned, the services they provide include selling real estates, rentals and development; property management services and property registration.

They can also quickly verify property registrations as well as ownership registrations.


5. Primewater view

Another real estate investment companies in Nigeria we are going to mention in this article is Primewaterview, we know for a sure that they are also one of the highly rated companies In Nigeria they have a dominance in property development across the country.

Primewaterview is popular in Nigeria, and they also have quite a great service to offer, they however started out in Lagos, and they took dominance of areas like Lekki, however base as of today, primewaterve view has started to enter the real estate market in other parts of the country outside Lagos.

One of the locations we have confirmed that are now into is Ofada/Mowe in Ogun State as well as the Onireke and GRA regions of Ibadan.

They have a unique and strategic approach that makes them different when it comes to real estate and their experience in the industry is so vast and broad, thus allows them to provide services ranging from property design, building constructions, surveying and property development services to its clients.


6. Primrose Development

On our list also is primrose development.  Primrose is one of the oldest in real estate, they have been around for than 30 years which makes them quite experienced compared to starters in the industry, primrose is also known for developing distinct sales and marketing techniques as well as new sales techniques for all of their products and this approach has made them standout.

Speaking of providing outstanding service, primrose development company is one of the real estate companies in Nigeria that guarantees quality service.

As we have gathered, Primrose have properties in locations like Ikoyi, Lekki and Victoria Island which is one of the busiest areas in Lagos state.

Due to their seniority in the industry, they have quite a lot of connections with major real estate companies in the industry as well as state agencies.


7. Cortts Real estate and property:

If you are into real estate, you must have heard  of cortts as they are also a key player in the industry.

Cortts Real estate and property is a property management  company, they are professionals and are primarily involved in properties also around the Ikoyi and Victoria Island axis of Lagos state, just like a few others we have mentioned.

This is not surprising, because Lagos is currently one of the largest states in the country and places that they cover in real estate is a home to many rich and popular people today in the country.

However, we know for sure that Cortts is not limited to these services alone, they also take care of proper development and provide guidance on property development and property management in other parts of the country. They also have a strong marketing strategy that helps them sell properties to potential clients.

Cortts also offer possible real estate development solutions  and they are the a key-player in real estate, they provide services too such as buying and selling land and residential properties.



I have been able to reveal top real estate companies in Nigeria and things you need to know.

If you have any question you can ask using the comment box below.

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