How To Tranfer Amazon Gift Card To Paypal Balance (5 Sure Ways)

Are you looking for how you can tranfer Amazon gift card to PayPal? If that is exactly what you are searching for, this article contains all the information related to how to transfer Amazon gift card balance to paypal.

Amazon gift card is just like credit or debit card that you can use to purchase anything online, this card normally contains specific cash value from a particular business and it’s been given as a gift.

However, gift card as the name implyies, is just a card that is loaded with money the value of the money depends on what you can use it to purchase, you can load money into this card and give it to your friend as gift and he/she can use it to make purchase at any store that can accept it.

Still, Amazon gift card is the most popular gift token you can give to anyone, because Amazon itself is one of the most popular online e-commerce store that is widely known, and you can easily spend your gift voucher on Amazon market place.


Is it possible to transfer Amazon gift card balance to PayPal?

No, it’s not possible to transfer Amazon gift card balance to PayPal, but their are ways to link your Amazon gift card to paypal and use it to shop on Amazon e-commerce store.

Most individuals have been finding it difficult to spend their Amazon gift card, because they are unable to transfer the cash value into their PayPal balance.

It may be becuase their gift card balance is low and they want to add it to their PayPal balance to enable them make complete payment.

But I have a good news for you


How to add your Amazon gift card to PayPal

Amazon gift card to paypal

I have early told you that it’s not possible to transfer the money in your Amazon gift card to PayPal but it’s possible for you to use the money in your Amazon gift card through PayPal, how?

By linking your Amazon gift card to PayPal account just the way you normally link your master or visa card to PayPal, and when you want to make purchase you can simply choose Amazon gift card as a card that will be charged for any items you buy on

Below is how to add Amazon gift card to PayPal;

  1. Visit and click on login
  2. Select the wallet section
  3. Choose the manual card linking option
  4. Enter your card information on the spaces provided such as; card number, expiry date and CVV code
  5. Complete the process and click in accept.

When you want to make payments on Amazon website with the PayPal account you linked with the gift card, you can easily choose the card as your preferred payment method for your purchases.


How to transfer Amazon gift card to bank account

Many individuals are looking for a way to withdraw money from Amazon into their bank account, but is it really possible? Yes it is.

To withdraw money from Amazon you need to first request for transfer to your bank account, but before that you need to complete bank account verification process.

Now, visit Amazon pay website, click on shoppers and login, click on withdraw funds, choose the bank account that you want to transfer the funds to, then, type the amount you want to transfer to your bank account.

After the above process, click on submit, you will receive a notification email that your funds has successfully being transferred.

However, it will take not more than 5 business days for the money to reflect on your account balance.


Can I convert Amazon gift card to cash?

No, Amazon will not accept the gift card back and give you cash nor can the person that gave you the gift card collect it back and give you cash.

The card is a gift which you may either accept or reject, the person already know where you normally shop before buying the gift card, even if the person does not no, Amazon is one of the biggest online store that you can buy almost anything.

How to turn gift card into cash;

To turn gift card into cash you need to meet some companies that normally buy any types of gift card and sell it to them.

The most popular company that I have sold my gift card to is cardcash which let you sell gift cards. They will help you save your money to avoid wast but the issue is that they won’t give you 100% of the cash value rather about 90% of the cash value will be given to you.


Is it possible to transfer Amazon gift card to cash app?

No, it is not possible to transfer Amazon gift card to cash app, except for a few government enabled prepaid cards.

What app turns gift cards into cash?

Prepaid2cash help your gift card not to waste by instantly turn your prepaid or gift cards into real cash. It is one of the legitimate application that you can easily download on playtore for both android and Iphone.


Can Amazon gift card be used in other stores?

No, Amzon gift card can only be used on if you want to use other online stores you can tranfer the fund into your back account and use.



We have been able to reveal everything you need to know about transferring Amazon gift card to PayPal and simple ways to link your Amazon gift card to PayPal and use It to make payments for goods or services on Amazon website.

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