Top 7 Universities In Canada Without Application Fee For International Students

Universities in Canada without Application fee: Canada is the most sought after country in the world by international students that want to study abroad.

Universities in Canada without application fee

Canada is among the top 10 countries with the highest number of foreign students. And their are many universities in Canada without application fee plus low tuition fee for international students.


But wait!


Is it all universities in Canada that does not accept application fee from international students? No! Universities in Canada without application fee for international students are few in Canada.


However, I am going to show you the top universities in Canada with no application fee, that have good learning environment and affordable tuition fee.


Why you should study in Canada

These are the major reasons why most International students struggle to study in any of the Canada institution.

  1. You can be working as a student and also be schooling at the same time as an international students in any university in Canada, because those universities have detailed educational plan, not only that as a graduate you are allow to stay in the country for work opportunities.
  2. The two major language speaking in Canada are English and French, this means that if you can speak any of the two languages your survival in the country is sure, in fact it is an ideal place for international students.
  3. Universities in Canada do not focus on theories alone rather they majorly focus on practical learning, group work, assignments and research.
  4. In fact the most sought-after country in the world is Canada because of their good education system, it is the most choicest place for international students.


Universities In Canada Without Application Fee For International Students

Most universities in Canada does not accept application fee from international students to enable them cut expenses and be able to pay other necessary fees.


1. Canadian virtual university

This university offer all degree, 2500 courses and certificates for it’s far online education. a board of directors from the participating universities.

The students can receive the courses offered by the member universities and among these institutions they are;

  • Thompson Rivers University
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Mount Royal University
  • Laurentian University
  • Royal Military College of Canada
  • Royal Roads University
  • TÉLUQ University
  • Athabasca University
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of New Brunswick
  • Carleton University

so, if any international students register for admission in any of the Canadian virtual university the students is not going to pay application fee.


2. The University of Winnipeg

This is one of the universities in Canada without application fee for international students. The university offers undergraduate programs and they have different faculties such as;

faculties of art, business and economics, education, science and kinesiology and applied health etc. This institution also offers graduate programs.


As stated above, there are some universities that offer free applications. Without application fee! The ball is now in your court. Choosing a university to invest time, money, and effort is a prime decision that should not be wast time to decided on.

Students with limited funding can weigh their options without spending a majority of their money on compulsory introduction fees.

3. University of Calgary

This university is a public research institution, it is located at Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It has 14 faculties and 84 research centres and institutes.

According to the QS world universities ranking universities of Calgary was at first placed among the North America universities in 2017.

The list of faculties in university of Calgary includes:

  1. School of Medicine
  2. Faculty of Law
  3. Faculty of Social Work
  4. Faculty of Science
  5. Faculty of Graduate Studies
  6. Faculty of Environmental Design.

4. University of new Brunswick

This university was founded in 1785, they have two main campuses situated in saint john and Fredericton, new Brunswick. The institution have 75 undergraduate programs and research programs in over 35 fields.

The university of new Brunswick is one of the universities in Canada without application fee for the students.


5. Booth University College

This is a private institution, Booth University College is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. You can choose its different programs and register at no cost.

The university focuses more on the liberal arts. It is a privately funded institution and only offers a small amount of openings. The school itself is linked with the Salvation Army, which operates in a number of countries around the world.


6. Royal Roads university

The Royal Roads University is a Canadian university that offers a free application for undergraduate international students who wants to further their education career to P.hD level.


7. Quest University International

Quest University is a privately funded institution located in Squamish, British Columbia. The school is small, only housing about 700 students yearly. They focus most of their specialities on the Science and Liberal Arts.

Quest students come from all over the world. Quest offers international students a welcoming campus community, supportive faculty, and an exceptional education—all while immersed in West Coast Canadian culture.

International students follow the same application procedures as Canadian students, but should refer to the International Admissions Requirements below to determine their country-specific eligibility requirements.




Some frequent asked questions about about Universities In Canada

1. Is there free university in Canada?

No! Their is no free university in Canada rather you can find universities in Canada without application fee.


however, you can still study in Canada without paying tuition fee by getting a full tuition scholarship to study in Canada, there are lot of universities in Canada offering scholarships.


2. How much does university application cost in Canada?

It cost between $100 to $200.


3. Which university in Canada has the lowest tuition fee?

There are lot of affordable universities in canada for international students which I have covered in my previous article.


Feel free to ask question, using the comment box below.

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