How To Upgrade JAMB Score 2021/2022 Free By Yourself

JAMB 2021/2022 examination has come and gone, the result has been released on JAMB result portal. Many candidates performed well while some did not, those that scored low in their JAMB exam have been looking for easy ways to upgrade JAMB score 2021 on JAMB database.

Upgrade JAMB score

But wait, is JAMB result upgrade possible?


Keep on reading this post as I reveal facts about JAMB result upgrade and how to upgrade it by yourself if possible.


Please: Read carefully and make sure you understand my points, do not skip any word until you get to the end of this article.

Disclaimer: Please, don’t pay anyone money for anything related to JAMB upgrade, be warned. Never send any money through bank account or recharge card to anyone claiming they are from us. We will never ask you for such, this post is for educational purpose only and nothing more.

Here in this article am going to point out many facts that you never know about JAMB result upgrade or how to boost JAMB score that you never think of.

Some of the things am going to point out here are;

  1. Is it possible to Upgrade JAMB Score 2021?
  2. My story on how I loose N20,000 when I tried to upgrade my JAMB score.

Let go on as I reveal all hiding fact about how to upgrade JAMB score by yourself.


Category of candidates that look for JAMB upgrade portal are:

  1. Those that scored below 160 in JAMB.
  2. Those that do not reach up to the department cut off mark.
  3. Those that think that high JAMB score is the guarantee to gain admission.
  4. Candidates that want to gain admission at all possible cost.

Is it possible to upgrade JAMB Score 2021?

No! It is not possible to upgrade JAMB score 2021

I have never seen any JAMB result that was upgraded, I urge all Nigerian students to ignore any messages , Comments or Article regarding JAMB result upgrade, it is not real.

Do not fall into the hand of scammers clamming that they can Upgrade JAMB 2021 result, no matter the prove or evidence they show you never agree.


Those scammmers will just collect your hard earned money and blocked you, if you fall into their victim. They will use all kind of strategies just to get your attention such as this kind of testimony or statement;

Friends Help me to thank mr Lucky for helping me to upgrade my jamb score for me I never believe it work He upgraded my score from 130 to 250 now I can apply for my school I am so happy call him now on 081****21*** 100% sure no doubting .

See another one ;


Attention to all Jamb candidate. Don’t allow JAMB to win you of their frustration again this year. Say a bigger no to JAMB failure and UPGRADE your JAMB RESULT 2021 successful without effect. Interested candidate should call me on 081******* for more information.

Once you see those kind of testimonies or post run away do not stay near it, it is not real.


Note: it is impossible to upgrade JAMB Score, now! read my story on how i was scammed by a fraudster that claim that he can upgrade JAMB score for me.


My story on how I loose N20,000 when I tried to upgrade my JAMB score

Anonymous: I can never forget 2 April, 2019 because it was a very bad day for me, a day were by I was praying for the earth to open let me enter! It was on 2 April, 2019 after our JAMB result was released I scored very low, my score then was (35) I have never seen any one that scored such low JAMB score since I started hearing of JAMB.

JAMB Result upgrade
My JAMB score

But, i am afraid of what my parent will say when they see my JAMB result, not only that my admission for that year is gone already, I started searching for any solution, contacting friends but as I picked up my phone and login to Facebook I saw a comment on a post in JAMB group see the comment below:




jamb results is now out, some of you candidates must have checked your result and you discovered you scored low, Well, you are faced with two options which are:

either you re-apply for a new jamb or you upgrade it.

BREAKING NEWS: => We Now have the Upgrading system for jamb upgrade Available!!! Are you one of jamb Candidate that Scored Low in any subject.


KINDLY CALL US: [contact removed]


The above comment really draw my attention, I quickly call the phone number and the person told me to pay N10,000 to upgrade my result from 35 to 200 I told the person that I need from 250 up, he said OK that I will add extra N5,000 to it.

But over happiness make me to tell him that am going to give him 20k so he can do my own in a special way.

I now run around and borrow money from friends and sent to him to upgrade the JAMB score.

24hour after I sent the money I checked my JAMB score, it was not boosted I tried to contact the man his number is not reachable, he has blocked me! My N20,000 is gone.

See tears…


I started crying, how will I get money to pay all my dept, since my parents can’t give me money except when they see my JAMB result but at the end.

My friends gave me a Nike name (April Fool) and I told my parent the truth and they forgave me and in this 2021 JAMB examination I also partake in the examination and my JAMB score is 306.

What is the secret that I used to score the 306? The Hidden Secrets On How To Score Above 300 In JAMB is the secrets that I used.

All I want you to understand is that their is no way you can score high in JAMB if you do not study hard.

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Remember that their is no ways to upgrade JAMB score 2021, If you score low in JAMB never mind, you may decide to wait for next JAMB that is coming up next year or apply for JUPEB Programe.


I will be glade to hear your opinion about JAMB score upgrade?


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