How To Upload WAEC/NECO Result On JAMB Portal In 2020/2021

Many JAMB UTME and Direct entry (DE) candidates that used awaiting result during their JAMB registration have been asking me “how to upload waec result on jamb portal” and many other questions related to that.

how to upload waec result on jamb portal

It is very important to upload your o’level result either (WAEC,NECO) on JAMB portal because failure to upload it might delay your admission process.

Take note : if your o’level status in JAMB caps indicates ‘Awaiting result‘ your admission cannot be processed.

The procedure am going to show you here is the same process that you can use to upload all o’level result such as , WAEC,NECO NAPTEB etc on JAMB portal , but in this case am going to stand and use one o’level (WAEC) to guide you here, let go on.

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How To Confirm If Your O’level (WAEC,NECO) was uploaded on JAMB portal

For you to verification to no may be if you have uploaded the WAEC result on JAMB portal , this is the basic procedure on how to do that, I need to show you this before I take you through how to upload waec result on jamb portal.

  • Step 1. Simply visit JAMB Portal and enter your Email and password , you will land on your JAMB profile.
  • Step 2. You will see check admission status click on it.
  • Step 3. Click on access my Caps
  • Step 4. Finally click on O’level result , This is were you will check to no if you have successfully uploaded your O’level result before or not.

If you have not uploaded your WAEC or NECO result on JAMB before I will show you the procedure on how to upload it now.

How To Upload WAEC Result On JAMB Portal

Uploading of WAEC or NECO result on JAMB portal is just exactly the way in which JAMB gave room for data correction in JAMB profile.

The JAMB portal will be made in the sense that it can be editable , so you can be able to correct or updates what is missing.

Below are the steps on How To Upload WAEC Result On JAMB Portal

  • Step 1. Look for any accredited JAMB CBT center or JAMB office near you.

  • Step 2. Visit the JAMB CBT center and tell them your purpose , they will ask you to give them your Copy of WAEC or NECO result, and your JAMB profile code, incase you do not no your profile code , present your email to them.
  • Step 3. The person in charge will then open the JAMB admission and matriculation board Application.
  • Step 4. Once the application is opened, the person in charge will click on UTME registration or Direct Entry (DE) Registration menu.
  • Step 5. Now! He/she will then select upload o’level results.
  • Step 6. Then he/she will type in your UTME profile code and click on fetch candidate details, here all you details will be viewed on the screen.
  • Step 7. Click enter and upload your scanned o’level result, (WAEC, NECO or GCE), details into JAMB portal.
  • Step 8. Finally, Click on submit.

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Uploading of WAEC result on JAMB portal is it for Free ?

No! The people in the JAMB CBT center will collect a service charge, which is N500 , in some location it might be less or higher than that, even if you uploaded two sitting it will still be the same amount.

How to upload WAEC Result on JAMB using phone

you can’t upload WAEC result by your self using your mobile phone, you can only do that at the JAMB CBT center using laptop.

What if my WAEC or NECO result was withheld or Outstanding ?

This is one of the hot question that I received from a student last week, But am going to answer the question here!

If your WAEC or NECO result was withheld you need to wait until it is released before you can upload it.

What if they do not later release it ?

You have to pray for them to release it because if you fail to upload it you might not be able to gain admission , because the o’level is among the requirements for admission processing.

Is JAMB re-uploading of WAEC or NECO result compulsory ?

No! It is not compulsory, but it is compulsory to upload it if you have not uploaded the WAEC or NECO result before.

I urge you to make sure you check it well and make sure you have successfully uploaded it because it is one of the major important requirements to gain admission this year.

Can I replace the result that I used during JAMB registration with another one?

Yes! It is 100% possible because you will just remove the old one and replace it with the new one.

When is the deadline for uploading of WAEC result ?

The deadline for WAEC or NECO uploading has not been stated. But it is better to do it now!

I will hang up here for now, i believed that is great article on how to upload WAEC result on JAMB Portal is of great help to you.

Did you have any question ? If yes! Ask your question using the comment box below.

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