How To Earn Upto #50k Daily On Videomine Technology In 2024

Welcome to videomine registration or login page, in this post you will learn how to register and make money on videomine technology.

How will you feel if you are being paid for just reading news and watching interesting videos online, I guess, you will feel happy, right? raised many millionaires in 2023, many will emerge in 2024.

I registered on videomine just immediately it was launched back then because I needed money to pay my school fees.

As a poor Nigeria student, whose parents will hardly afford N100,000 for his school fees, I was shocked to make over N150,000 within two months of my Videomine sign up.

Even, I was still earning (affiliate commissions) on the process of introducing this platform to my coursemates.

As it was a company that also pays instantly commission for sharing this incredible opportunity with your friends and enemies.

I will be a selfish money-maker if I failed to share this opportunity with you.


What is Videomine Technology?

Videomine is a new money making website that allow users to earn money by performing simple tasks such as, watching movies, daily visits and posting of interesting videos.

However, it is also an online skills acquisition centre dealing with sales of digital products like; (books, tutorials, courses etc.) and rendering of digital services like; tutoring on those products.

Videomine technology is also an affiliate marketing platform of which various individuals make money from by inviting their friends and enemies to learn or purchase their skills pack.

You also have the chance of learning any high income skills on the platform, using your videomine earnings.


Who can sign up on Videomine Technology?

Videomine registration is for everyone, both young and old including students and graduates can register and earn on the platform.

It is also for people that want to boost their income higher or looking for legitimate ways to make money online through affiliate marketing or networking.

It is also for those that want to acquire and get equipped with the 21st century skills (they currently have over 10 skills available on there website ranging from website development, Mini Improtation etc).

Have you seen that the platform is not only created for making money alone?, it also create an avenue for you to be able to learn digital skills too that will add value to your life.


How does Videomine works? is an innovative creation that brings into existence two different programs on the same software.

It gives users the option to choose either participating as:

  1. Single affiliate
  2. Group (team work).

1. Single affiliate

The first system is called the affiliate system, the affiliate system focuses on the process whereby you tell your friends and enemies to register and you get paid for telling them to join.

Here, individuals can also earn commissions by telling various individuals to go and acquire digital skills on

You will earn 70% for each person you tell to sign up on Videomine technology, just imagine you telling all your class mates about this great opportunity and they all take action, you will make a lot of money with zero stress.

But, wait!

Why you need to tell more people about

Every viable business needs customers to thrive, and Videomine Technology is no different. Affiliates and vendors encourage customers to buy digital skills courses and learn online skills of the highest quality and value.

And then they get commissions. It’s a win-win for everyone. You earn on the platform and also acquire acknowledged.

But as an affiliate, how do I get paid? Videomine affiliates are given access to promote products listed on the website through unique affiliate links for each product.

This link is used to track individual affiliate sales and for payment of commissions through the Videomine system.

Once there is a purchase by a customer, both the vendor and the affiliate get notified through their dashboard with their percentage gained on each individual introduced

Skills classes are in PDF or video formats, and are thought online through our various groups once individuals are qualified for them.

Will you like to join?


How to earn on Videomine Technology:

Videomine Technology

We have 5 basic ways to earn on this platform and these activities can enables you to earn up to 50k per day, how?

  1. Videomine sign up bonus; N1,000

After your videomine regisration you will be welcomed with a registration bonus of N1,000 which you can withdraw instantly if you wish.

Even if you do not have any referal you can still withdraw your bonus into your bank account.

  1. Daily Visits 100 points

Each time a user login to he/she earn 100 points instantly just for visiting the site without performing any extra activities yet.

  1. Referral bonus; N1,400

Anytime you invite new member that successfully registered on videomine through your referal link you will earn N1,400.

If you are able to refer up to 10 persons in a day you can earn N14,000 for just refers alone.

  1. Video Watching 150 points

Videomine technology also pays users for watching any kind of video they like and for any video you watch you will be paid 150 points.

And the number of videos you can watch in a day is 10 now, calculate 150 time 10 which is 1500 which means you will always earn 1500 points per day for just watching videos.

The fact is is one of the best website that pays users for watching video online.

  1. Viral Video Posts 200 Points

Apart from YouTube platform another way by which skits makers or those that creates viral video contents can earn money online is through Videomine platform.

Videomine pays users 200 points for each viral video they post on their platform. But make sure the video is not against their rules.


How to make money on Videomine as an AFFILIATE (single individual)

When a user registers as an affiliate, he/she registers on an individual plan, meaning that he participates alone and gets paid into his account instantly.

The following activities are involved;

  • Videomine registration fee: N2,000
  • Registration bonus: N1,000
  • Referral bonus: N1,400
  • Daily visits: N100
  • Video watching: N150
  • Viral video posts: N200

As an affiliate, you get to apply for your earnings twice weekly and get paid instantly, and you can use your earning to learn a new digital skills on the platform if you wish.



Videomine registration

If a user registers under this package, the following activities will be involved:

  1. The user cashes out: N10,000 always immediately his cycle/group is completed.
  2. The user withdraws: N500 into his bank account always immediately any of his direct group member completes a cycle (the more direct downlines you have, the more your chances of earning and withdrawing N500 from them completing each cycle.
  3. The user gets to win amazing incentives/prizes such as iPhones, laptops, home theatre etc on reaching certain cycle goals.
  4. After a users cycle is completed and he withdraws N10,000, for the user to move to the next cycle, he needs to resubscribe and move to the next cycle.
  5. Videomine registration and resubscripton fee is N2,000 only.



  • You get to work with a team and continually earn with them
  • You get to earn spillovers continuously from group member
  • You get to cashout daily
  • You win certain prizes for reaching certain cycles with group members.


  1.  Complete cycle 7 and win a rechargeable standing fan/mini printing machine.
  2. Complete cycle 14 and win a fully automated home theatre.
  3. complete cycle 21 and win a techno/infinix device
  4. complete cycle 30 and win Samsung s7/pes3
  5. Complete cycle 50 and win a fully automated laptop
  6. complete cycle 100 and win an iPhone 11 Pro Max plus a mini washing machine
  7. Complete cycle 200 and win a trip to Dubai.

Prizes can be claimed in any of the 3 ways;

  • Delivered to ur doorstep
  • Paid to your bank account as cash prize
  • Requested for in form of activation codes.


Videomine registration guide:

Firstly, before you start your videomine sign up you need to buy an activation code called “Coupon code” by visiting their website.

Navigate to “Purchase activation code” you will see list of verified coupon code vendors copy any of their WhatsApp contact and message them on WhatsApp.

You will pay the one time Videomine registration fee of N2,000 only for the coupon code, get the coupon code. After getting Videomine coupon code you can visit for the main registrations.

Once you have registered they will first welcome you with N1,000 bonus as a new member before you can start enjoying other various opportunities.

Videomine login portal:

If you already has an account on Videomine technology, you can easily login to, by following the steps below;

  • Visit; login
  • Enter your username or email address.
  • Then, enter your Password.
  • Finally, click on login.

You will be taken directly to your profile account.

How do I watch videos on

To watch video and earn on Videomine kindly login to your Videomine dashboard and select watch video and watch any type of video that you want.


Is Videomine technology legit?

Yes, as at the time of writing this article Videomine is legit without any complain or evidence of scam as I have being benefiting from the platform since I joined.


Is Videomine still paying?

No! Videomine seems to have stopped paying because I have not been able to access their website to withdraw my earning.


Videomine withdrawal days:

Wednesdays and Sundays; from 8:00am to 10:00am.

For single affiliates it is twice per week, but MLM can withdraw everyday.

To be able to Withdrawal successfully you need to request for withdrawal within the time frame – 8am to 10am.

Any seconds after this time frame, you will be getting the notification – “Withdrawal closed”.


How to withdraw from Videomine account?

1. Withdrawal For Single Affiliates

You can easily withdraw your earnings as a single affiliate if you have reach a payment threshold.

For you to withdraw your earnigs on videomine, all you have to do is to login to your videomine dashboard and click on “Withdraw”.

Fill in the withdrawal details like your bank details, the amount you want to withdraw.

Once that is done, videomine is going to pay you direct into your local bank account.

Note: You may not receive your payment immediately you requested, it will take few hour for you to be credited.

2. Withdrawal For MLM

Withdrawal on videomine MLM can be requested at any day, once you have completed your cycle. Currently, the time to request for MLM Withdrawal is from 11am to 12am.


Has Videomine crashed?

Yes, videomine crashed after it stopped paying users few months ago. But the fact is that many individuals earn millions of naira from the platform before it crashed.


 what is the meaning of MLM in Videomine?

Videomine MLM stand for Multi Level Marketing, it is a system that is made up of a selected team, that comes together and help each other cashout N10,000 daily.


Is VM point real money on Videomine?

Yes, Videomine point is real money and you can withdraw it if you have reached the minimum payout.

N10,000 Videomine points is N5,000 while 15,000 VM points is N7,500.



I believe that you have seen my Videomine technology registration guide and you understand how the platform works, it’s your choice to either join or keep seeing it as scam.

For a close mind everything is a scam. Mine is to share an opportunity that will help my visitors, but decision is yours to make.

Decision makes men, action are choices.

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