How To Start VTU Business In Nigeria 2022 (With Little Capital)

This is one of the easiest ways to earn money daily in Nigeria, it turns any phone into a very powerful and secure money making machine. It is very easy and cheap to start you can start VTU business with as low as N1000.

It is also an airtime recharge mechanism that allows a VTU seller or vendor to top up a subscribers account without the use of USSD code example; *555*xxx…N for MTN users.

This business is not a new business in Nigeria but it is only few that knows about it, while others think that the business is not profitable, the fact remains that VTU business is a hidden business opportunity in Nigeria that is very lucrative.

It majorly help people who need to pay for data bundles, airtime, cable subscription, electricity bills, etc to pay for it fast.


What is VTU, And how does it work?

VTU means; virtual top up, it is popularly know as recharge and get paid in Nigeria. It is a very popular profitable business that you can easily start with low capital and earn high income.

You are paid whenever you help others buy airtime, you earn high commission whenever you help others subscribe for their cable or electricity bills, you also get paid when you recharge your own phone.

In fact, you will keep earning either you are sleeping or awake, you can earn more than your monthly salary if you take VTU as your side hustle business in Nigeria.


In summary; it basically involves a vendor recharging the phone of the service subscriber through the vendors VTU account, without the use of recharge card.



Advantage of VTU business in Nigeria


1. High demand

The high demand of VTU kick off during the COVID-19 period when everyone was indoor, and people will always prefer to buy things like airtime online from their home.

The good news is that you can purchase airtime of any amount of your choice, even N50 airtime can be purchased from VTU account.

2. It required low capital to start

you can start VTU business with as low as 1000 naira or more and you will be earning high commission in return.

This is a new oil money in Nigeria, that will keep flowing no matter the amount of capital you started with.


3. Instant notification

It does not waste time, immediately you place an order for any one the person will receive a notification fast. The only thing that can delay is if their is no network at the moment.


4. It is very secure

Virtual top up have a security code that protect each transaction, You do not need to be afraid of runing your business, and you must not meet people physically before you perform any transaction you can do your business in any location of your choice.


5. it doesn’t has actually business time

You can be running your business whenever you wish even at night, you can help someone to perform transaction while you earn your commission.


is VTU business profitable in Nigeria?

VTU business

Yes; VTU is a very profitable business in Nigeria that required low capital to start, you can earn as low as 3% commission on any transaction you perform.

You can make more than 90% profits within 30days, just imagine if you perform N20,000 transactions for people daily and earn 3% commission without spending any money.


What you need to start a VTU business are;

  •  You must have a smart phone or PC (Internet enabled)
  • Start up Capital (you can start with as low as N1000)
  • Messager app preferably; WhatsApp business or Facebook messenger (this will help to connect to customers virtually)
  • A physical shop (this is optional)


cheapest VTU Platform in Nigeria

The cheapest VTU platform in Nigeria is Jumia. It presents you with an app known as the Jumia One app. Once you install and register on the app, you can start running your VTU business. Below is the steps to get started;


  1. Get registered on Jumia if you have not done so. Jumia is a multi-purpose e-commerce site you will have to be registered on to utilize the Jumia one platform. (
  2. Download the JumiaOne App into your mobile device (
  3. Login on the Jumia one app with the details you registered on jumia (Remember you just created an account on Jumia)
  4. Select the service you want to use, which is buying airtime credit in this case. You can use this same platform to do other top-ups like DStv subscription, Electricity bills, and lots more.
  5. When you have completed the above steps, follow this simple guide to carrying out top-ups.


To start performing transaction follow these steps;

  • Now, Open your JumiaOne App and select the AIRTIME option.
  • Select the service provider (telecom) in Nigeria (MTN, AIRTEL, GLO or 9mobile) you want to top up with.
  • Enter your Customer’s Phone Number, and the Amount of airtime credit he/she wishes to recharge their lines with (e.g 100)
  • From this page, a confirmation page will be brought so a to be sure your request is exactly what you want to do.
  • In this step you will need to add your ATM Card details, and run a final check on your order, to be really sure it’s fully correct. Once you’re done crosschecking, click on the PAY NOW button and you will be taken to an OTP page.
  • Enter your OTP (One Time Password), a set of numbers you will receive from your bank via email or SMS to confirm the transaction was made by you.
  • Once this is done, you will then receive an SMS that confirms your transaction, and your client on the other hand will also be credited with the amount you input.

Depending on the amount you top up, you earn 3% to 5% commission of that same amount every time you make a recharge for a client. This can fetch you a good stream of cash.


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Another cheap UTV platform in Nigeria is MobileMila

If you wish to resgiter and start your VTU business with MobileMila then below is the simple steps to get started fast:


  1. Register on the platform and Login to your Mobilemila account,
  2. whether for Personal use or to Start a VTU Business. NO ACCOUNT ACTIVATION FEE REQUIRED.
  3. No account renewal fee. You have a Lifetime Access to your vtu portal.
  4. Once you are logged-in, Click the MY ACCOUNT tab and Select ADD MONEY to Fund Wallet.

Start making purchases After FUNDING WALLET. Buy airtime with discount, Buy cheap data bundles, Recharge Cable TV Subscriptions, Send Bulk SMS, Buy WAEC Scratch card online and Pay Bills for yourself, customers, friends and family.



Reason why you should use MobileMila for your VTU



You can top up airtime on all Mobile Networks from as low as ten naira (N10) and fund wallet (Deposit Money) from as little as One Hundred Naira – N100 on the Mobilemila Agent plan and PORTAL OWNER plan.


Automated Delivery

Ranging from buying the cheap data bundles, Airtime VTU, Cable TV subscriptions, Bills payment, Referral bonuses, Earnings and Commissions are all Automated with 100% Uptime.


Track Sales

A quick overview of all sales and purchase references. Clearly stating wallet initial balance, charged fees and profit made for each transaction. No tricks, transparency everywhere.


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Why you should start a VTU business in Nigeria

  1. You will keep earning commission for every transaction you perform.
  2. You will become your own boss.
  3. It is one of the easiest side hustle in Nigeria
  4. It required low start up capital
  5. You will be earning daily income, as a monthly salary earner.


Did you have any question? If yes! drop it in the comment box below.

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