How To Check WAEC Result 2020/2021 Using Phone On

Did you participated in the West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) in 2020 and you have been asking questions such as ; Is WAEC result 2020 out? , WAEC result checker 2020, How to check WAEC result 2020 using mobile phone on etc ask no more because those questions are what am going to answer in this article.

Since WAEC candidates finished their WSSCE examination many of them have been having sleepless night just to no how they perform in the examination, Many of them even used the WAEC as Awaiting result for JAMB and other exams.

No candidate will ever like to see fail in his/her result because the exam will tell you your level may be if you are still in secondary school or you have graduated, I have seen so many candidates that was scammed by fruadsters when they are trying to no if their result could be upgraded. this takes us to the first question which is;

Is it possible to upgrade Waec result?

Most of the candidates that score F9,D7 in their WAEC result are those that do look for those that can upgrade their WAEC result for them ,

I have seen many students that fall Victim of this, that is just the major reason why I have to tell you the fact about WAEC result upgrade before I show you the simple way to check WAEC result using phone.

The fact is that their is nothing like WAEC result upgrade, what I mean is that it is 100% impossible to upgrade WAEC result. Since you have known now that WAEC result can’t be upgraded let me now show you the easiest way to check WAEC result 2020 using phone.

Is WAEC Result 2020 out ?

No, WAEC result 2020 is not yet out this is just to guide you on what to know and how to check WAEC result 2020 once it is out .

How to check WAEC result 2020 using phone

Check WAEC Result

To check waec result 2020 using your mobile phone we have six (6) steps to follow,

In the WAEC Result checking portal their is five space to fill like.

  • First space ; Put Your WAEC Ten Digit Exam Number (That is your seven digits centre number followed by your three digits candidate. Number, for instance ; 5123456789).
  • Second Space ; Enter the Four (4) digits of the year you wrote the examination.
  • Third space ; Select the type of Exam , here their is always two option to choose one e.g Private candidate results/ School candidates results.
  • Forth space ; Here you are going to enter your Electronic personal identification number (E-pin) Voucher Number.
  • Fifth space ; Enter your personal identification number (Pin) on your E-pin.
  • Finally, You will see Submit at the end after filling all the information required , just click (SUBMIT).

Wait for the window to load oh! That is your result.

How To Check WAEC Result 2020 using mobile phone Through SMS

This process is very simple and any body can use this method to check WAEC result 2020 easily ,

How does it work?

Just type , WAECExaminationNumberPin*Examinationyear

Send it to this short code ; 32327 (Airtel, Goo and MTN Subscribers only).

Let me give you example on how to do it,


SEND it to 32327 Once you send it #30 only will be deducted from your main account balance.

Note; Do not put space when typing those details you want to send.

Now I strongly believed that you can be able to check your WAEC result using phone easily now!

Let me answer some questions I have been receiving,

What Is an E-pin

E-pin is an acronym for Electronic Personal identification number.

In , it is a unique 10 digits number that is required to access the services. The service anables direct access to a candidate’s result through multiple channels.

Where to buy WAEC E-pin

You can purchase WAEC epin at any of the WAEC Office or at any of it’s zonal and branch offices across Nigeria.

How many times can I use one Epin

You can only use one Epin to check WAEC result five (5) times .

Note; You can’t use one epin to check two different result .


I hope you really understand all my points here in this article, I have told you before that it is not possible to upgrade WAEC result, feel free to ask me any questions relating to How To Check WAEC Result 2020, using the comment box below.

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