JAMB And WAEC Subjects For Law Aspirants 2021 Requirements

Many secondary school students that are preparing for WAEC, NECO and JAMB examination were asking questions on different Facebook groups and Forums including Nairaland like: what are the WAEC subjects for law, how many subjects are required for WAEC, and what are the JAMB UTME subjects combination for law etc.

WAEC subjects for law

My first thought when I keep on seen such related questions was, Why are those students asking such questions?

The worst is that most of the answers people are giving them are wrong, and some are correct also, at the end I just made up my mind to come to this blog and dish out some delicious food titled; WAEC subjects for law and JAMB subjects Combination for law.

If you are ready to eat this food (WAEC and JAMB subjects combination for law) with me feel free to join me or follow me and enjoy the aroma.

Note: For you to gain admission into any Nigerian University to study law you will need to pass a range of examination, you will need to no the JAMB, NECO/WAEC subjects for Art students to study law.

Almost half of art students in secondary schools are aiming to study law in the university, what if you chose wrong JAMB or WAEC subjects for law, did you think you will still gain admission into higher institution? No!

That is why you need to read this article for you to be able to take note of the JAMB and WAEC compulsory subjects for art students to study law in the University.

Some of the questions that am going to answer here are :

  1. WAEC subjects for law and Requirements
  2. JAMB UTME Subjects combination for law and Requirements
  3. Guide and helpful tips that will enable you to make the right choice so that you can be able to gain admission to study law in any intitution of your choice.

WAEC subjects for law and Requirements

What are the WAEC Subjects combination for law ? WAEC subjects for law are:

  • Mathematics
  • English language
  • Government
  • Literature in English
  • Economics
  • Biology or Agricultural science
  • Computer
  • Igbo, Yoruba Or Hausa

The above are the WAEC subjects combination for law or other o’level exam.

Take note that you must include one Nigerian language, it is very important because as a lawyer you need to have some knowledge of one Nigerian language, in my own case back then when I want to write WAEC I chose Yoruba simply because am good in speaking and writing the language.

I also include computer in the subjects as we all no that this is computer age were almost every thing is done with the aid of computer system, as a law student you should have atleast little knowledge of computer that is why it is necessary to include the subject.

English and mathematics is compulsory , some other key subjects are; Literature, Government and CRK. without this three subjects you can’t gain admission into law faculty.

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To gain admission into into faculty of law you must have English language, but some schools valuable subjects varies such as: UNILORIN, UNIBEN, AAU, OAU, BU, UNN, literature in english and two other subjects.

UNILAG doesn’t accept credits in Fine Arts or Music and neither does it accept Accounting. Instead, it accepts Economics or Commerce, but can’t accept both at once.

UI accepts credits in Sciences DELSU, ABU, literature in English plus any other Social Science or Arts subjects in any combinations.


AAU, NAU want one credit in a subject from Sciences eg. Biology and a pass in Mathematics.

ESUTECH also need a credit in Mathematics or another subject from Sciences.

UNIJOS does not place much value on a pass in Mathematics but thet accepts it.

ABUAD, NDU, UMYU need aleast credit passes in Mathematics along with other Art subjects.

How many subjects are required for WAEC

The total number of subjects required for WAEC is minimum of 8 and maximum of 9.

I hope you are clear now! With WAEC subjects for law, if you have any question base on this feel free to drop it in the comment box below. Let quickly move straight and finish the reminding task.

JAMB UTME Subjects combination for law and Requirements

If you are aiming to study law in the university it is important for you to no the JAMB subjects combination that you are going to register for law, let me quickly show you below:

Any (3) three Art subjects, For intance: English, Government and CRK.

JAMB Requirements for law

Five (5) O’level (WAEC,NECO,etc) you must have at least Credits Passes in each of those five subjects.

JAMB Cut off mark for law

The cut off mark to study law in each university varies but the JAMB cut off mark is 200.

Guide and helpful tips that will enable you to make the right choice so that you can be able to gain admission to study law in any intitution of your choice

My advice to you, If you want to study law in the university and your JAMB score is lower than the school cut off mark, do not panic, just do JAMB Change Of Institution or course.

Do not think of any possible way to boost your JAMB score because, it is totally impossible to upgrade JAMB score, you can quickly read my previous article Facts About JAMB Upgrade.

I have also reveal the Secrets to score above 300 in JAMB examination without cheating, This secrets have helped over Thousands of JAMB candidates to score very high in JAMB, you also can quickly learn the strategy and use it to smash JAMB in one sitting.

Not only that I have also leaked Secrets on How to pass WAEC in one sitting that have been helping many WAEC candidates to pass WAEC without expo.

With those helpful guides, gaining admission into the faculty for law will be very easy for you.

I will like to hangup here for now, on this topics WAEC subjects for law aspirants, feel free to ask question and do not forget to share this post to your friends on Facebook, twitter etc.

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