10 Sites To Watch Videos and Earn Money in Nigeria For Free 2024

Are you searching for where to watch videos and earn money in Nigeria and get paid directly to your bank account with free registration?

There are a lot of apps that pay you to watch YouTube and TikTok videos, not just that they also pay you for liking TikTok videos and subscribing to any YouTube channel.

How will you feel earning N10,000 daily just by watching videos, the fact is that there are some sites that pay $100/hour and most companies pay users $1,000 per day for completing daily tasks.


How can I make money watching videos on my phone?

Watch videos and earn money in Nigeria

  • Sign Up on any sites that pays for watching videos
  • Click on video to start watching (watch videos with high earning tag)
  • After completing all the daily task you will be rewarded either through gift card, PayPal or get paid directly to your bank account.
  • Watch more videos and perform other activities with high reward tag to boost your income.


Legit Websites to watch videos and earn money in Nigeria

I would have dropped out of University if not because of one of these best paid platform for get paid to watch youtube videos, trust me I earned over N142,000 within 3 weeks of me watching any videos of my choice, How?

As a first child from a poor family, I struggled to gain admission but, in my second year life became more though to feed is a problem not to talk of paying school fees, not until I registered on one of these daily watch video and earn money sites.

My school fees then was N88,000 which I was able to earn under one week and paid the school fees.

If you are a student or graduate trying to earn daily income you need to read this article in-between the line, please do not skip any word.

When you see an opportunity that doesn’t require you to break a bank before earning big from it… you really need to pay attention.


1. PrizeRebel

The first website to earn money by watching video ads is prizerebel, on the platform you earn free money by watching short videos, which means you need to watch a lot of videos to enable you earn enough cash.

Though, there are other activities you can perform on the site to earn huge amount of money such as; taking surveys, and referrals which means you will also earn when you tell your friends and enemies about this incredible site.

They have 3 major payment methods such as; PayPal cash, gift card and merchandise. I have tested this sites and I can confirm to you that you will earn more by performing other activities than you will earn when you focus on watching only short videos.


2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a popular money making website in Nigeria that millions of individuals visit everyday to perform tasks and earn real money, this task is not limited to watching videos but also includes; taking surveys, making purchase and earn rewards and inviting your friends and enemies to join too.

You can be earning N100,000 or above weekly depending on how focus you are and the type of activities you are performing on the platform daily.

Swagbucks has a section of its website and a number of mobile apps that are dedicated to rewarding users for watching video playlists and reviewing the content of various websites.

You can consistently make about $10 per day watching videos on Swagbucks. There’s a range of interesting video categories. They include Entertainment, Food, Home & Garden, Health, Tech, and Travel.

So, if you want to make money while watching cool videos, explore the Swagbucks Watch channel. You can download the Swagbucks Watch mobile apps to start making cool money.

Here you will keep earning free gift card which you can easily redeem to cash for every activities you performs.


3. MyPoints

This is one of the highest paying watch videos and earn money in Nigeria websites that actually reward user for performing tasks on the platform.

Immediately you sign up on the platform you will receive $10 welcome bonus and you will even earn more higher for;

  • Watching online videos
  • Taking online surveys
  • Playing video games
  • Shopping through any of the participating retailers
  • Using the MyPoints Yahoo! Search engine
  • Reading promotional emails
  • Referring a friend to join the program
  • Printing and using in-store coupons
  • Participating in local deals and voucher offers.

You can request to withdraw your earning when you reach the payout through; PayPal or redeem it as gift cards.


4. Slicethepie

If you are a music lover slicethepie will be one of the best platform you can earn money sitting at home listening and review music.

You could also be shown a video advert or a trailer promoting a TV series and, while watching, you would use a slider on the side of the screen to express your opinions.

How it works; If you like what you see, you slide it up to the happy face. And, if you are not enjoying it, you slide it down to the sad face.

If you don’t move the slider for a while, the video will stop and you will be reminded to keep moving it – which can be annoying if you really love (or really hate) the entire thing.


Once the video is finished, you will be asked to write a short review of a few sentences and rate the clip out of 10. Depending on the video, you might be asked a few more questionnaire-style questions on your thoughts.

You can earn up to $50 to $100 per day into your bank account in Nigeria depends on other activities you always perform on the platform too.


5. InstagGC

InstagGC has been operating since 2011 and it is one of the trusted and legit paying sites that you can watch videos and earn money in Nigeria.

You will receive $0.10 as sign Up Bonus once you join the platform. And you will also earn $0.10 per for telling your friends and enemies to register on instagGC.

Here are basic things you can do to earn money on the platform and they are; Surveys, watching videos, shopping online, installing apps, playing games, quizzes, web searching etc.

Once you earn at least 100 points which is equal to $1 you can withdraw your money as Gift cards, PayPal, Bitcoin or directly into your Nigerian bank account.


6. WeAre8

WeAre8 is not just a platform to make money watching videos on your phone but one of the best sites that pays high for performing simple tasks on the website.

Not just that you could be paid up to 10 point to 20 point which you can easily convert to cash and withdraw through PayPal or donate to a charity home of your choice.

Many people have been completing simple daily task and earn money on this platform and you too can, you can easily go to the site watch videos and earn money in Nigeria directly into your bank account or PayPal account.


7. Inboxpounds

Ever think of simple way to make money online and get paid for watching videos then inboxpounds is one of the best paid platform for get paid to watch videos, read email and take survey also.

You will receive £1 immediately you registered on the platform as a welcome bonus. Because brands already pay them for all the activities you perform on the website.

When you registered and perform actives like reading emails, watching video ads and other online activities, you will earn real cash directly into your Nigerian bank account.

It is true that you may not get rich quicky by just watching videos and earning money but you can use the money generated to build your business and grow.


8. QuickRewards

Quickrewards is one of the oldest tasks rewarding sites in the world that pays users for performing activities on their platform.

Though this site majorly work for people in Canada and United state but you can still have access it using VPN.

It is one of the highest paying watch videos and earn money in Nigeria sites which you can easily register to watch any videos of your choice while you make money online.

You get paid on this website when you play game, complete surveys, complete offers, shop online and watch videos of your choice.

To get paid to watch videos you need to choose from a variety of informational and entertaining videos and earn free rewards while you watch.

Earn to watch videos about the news, lifestyle topics, pop culture etc. Not just that you will earn more if you are good in playing online games that pay real money in Nigeria.


9. GrabPoints

Making money online with your smartphone is now more easier with grabpoints because it helps you to earn free cash and gift cards by watching videos and performing other activities online.

You can earn over $100 with a week if you are serious about earning money on this platform by performing tasks like; Answer surveys, watch videos, download apps, and even play games.


10. Greenpanthera

Greenpanthera is a best alternative of quickrewards as it was built so people in Nigeria can also register and earn on the platform too without having to use any VPN.

To start earning on the platform you need to register for free and earn $2 registration bonus, Take part in surveys and get rewards for your opinion you will also make money when you shop through the website.

You can make up to N 30,000 weekly if you are good in performing all these activities without distractions.

However, this platform remain one of the best daily watch video and make money sites in Nigeria that pays.



I have been able to show you how to make money watching videos on your phone and where you can watch the videos and apps that pays for watching the videos in Nigeria.

It is true that you may not earn when you go to YouTube and watch video directly, but you can still earn by watching YouTube and TikTok videos through some affiliate site or app.

I have presented to you an opportunity to start making money online for free, you decide what you do with the information.

Any question? Ask.

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