Top 13 Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria [Earn #500k Monthly]

Here, I will be guiding you on how to make money online in Nigeria and become a dollar millionaire in 2022.

The quest for online money making business is very common, of course, people have been asking that question;

On how to make money online in Nigeria without investment and I am sure you are one of those who have come to know all the interesting facts about earning money online in 2022.

Let me put this straight when we are talking about how we can make money online, we are referring to how you can work from your home.

A good number of us are curious about how we can solve our everyday needs, and yes that might be you.

Also, they’re those of us who want to replace our current jobs with an easier one or make money to pay the everyday bills we have.


The labour market has become even more populated with graduates and non-graduates finding Jobs – working online, therefore, becomes a solution to job problems in Nigeria

Given the fact that Nigeria has one of the biggest economies in Africa, job seekers are still in demand and we can trace the cause of this to the ever-increasing population.

Every year, the lopsided nature of the labour market gets worse. Although Nigeria’s job creation rose to 450,000 jobs in 2018, offsetting job losses to a limited extent from the previous year.

Well, that is to say, that there are so many Nigerians on the street searching for Jobs, this post in essence tends to address the fact that the Job difficulties faced by so many Nigeria can be dealt with if people now find opportunities to become self-employed by working online.


Covid-19 pandemic has also given Nigerians a need to start focusing on working and making money online.

During the  Covid-19  pandemic people could not go out to their various working place, it became imperative for so many individuals and companies to work from home, well, that’s just by the way.

The Digital world is now populated, the vast majority of employers now offer services online, some makes use of Digital opportunities to create jobs for themselves and that had made making money easier.


What we will talk about in this post.

In this post, we’re going to bring into light various ways to make money online in Nigeria.

Yes, so many youths want to  know  how to make money online because  most of the traditional works are occupied and Nigeria youth wants to earn money working online.

A fascinating aspect concerning working online is that you can start a new business for yourself from the solace of your home.

All you need is an online skill and you can make cash on the internet. Jumping into the online world will liberate you from Monday to Friday working system because you will be your boss and can decide your working days.


Is it possible to be making money from home consistently?

Make money online in Nigeria


What’s the trick – is this another  MMM?, do you need to pay to begin?

There is no trick; a lot of people make money online in Nigeria. This is what we’re going to be talking about in this post, there are without a doubt legit approaches to make money online in Nigeria from home.

In any case, it’s not magic, it’s not rocket science, it works.

Predominantly, the current age of the Internet has made it simpler than any time in the history of Nigeria to make money online  – irrespective of being independent, or working for an organization remotely.

There are countless ways to make money online in Nigeria and we will zero in explicitly on that.

In summary, we’re going to examine all of the legitimate ways to make money online as a Nigerian, we will likewise show you what to avoid on your journey.


13 Ways to make money online in Nigeria:

  1. Start an Ecommerce business
  2. Start a Blog or Vlog
  3. Become a content writer
  4. Become a tutor
  5. Become a Social influencer
  6. Try Drop-shipping
  7. Become a freelancer
  8. Create and sell E-books
  9. Become a life or relationship coach
  10. Make money with affiliate marketing
  11. Create an App
  12. Become a virtual assistance
  13. Sell your graphic works.

In this section we are going to show you 13 best ways to make money online in Nigeria, there is a secret gem hidden between the advice and recommendation in this section on the best methods and things to do in Nigeria to make money online which we are about to share with you.

Therefore take your time, examine the list you are about to read and see what you can do, you’ll find smart advice that anyone can use to make money online.

“No matter your skill set, no matter what you do now or did in the past, there is an option that will align with your skills and passions,”

There are so many ways for one to  make online but we are focused on showing the top 13 most productive means to make money online.

Our curated list of the 13 most effective ways to make money is centred on Nigeria, that is we are focused on seeing how an ordinary Nigerian can make money from the comfort of their home.

We created this list to give people a sense of the scope of opportunity out there available to those who want to work and make money online in Nigeria.

If you ask anyone out there who makes money online, what they do, sometimes its online jobs—like writing or drop-shipping. Sometimes it’s in-person servicees they provide, from running a consignment store to wedding planning.

One way or the other there are different opportunities, the online opportunities provide great flexibility and portability.

However, remember that starting any of these businesses requires that you put in so much effort.


1. Starting an Ecommerce business in Nigeria

One of the proven ways to make money online in Nigeria that doesn’t require so many skills is learning how to trade online.

Ecommerce is all about buying and selling goods, you can buy cheap items or accessories then sell them in places where you can easily deliver.

This is a productive online business in Nigeria that anyone can use to make money online and it is top on our list of ways to make money online in Nigeria.

The good thing is that you don’t need to create an expensive website or app before you can have a place to list your items for sale and get oN.

These days there are so many people using their WhatsApp and Facebook accounts to market their services and they are getting good sales as long as you don’t sell things whose prices are so high for an average Nigerian.

If you consider starting an ecommerce business remember to learn also all the best methods and practice for online sales.

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3. Start a Blog or Vblog

Times without number, you must have come across blogs like the one you are reading now that gives you one or two information about the things you want to know.

Starting a blog has also proven to be one of the best ways to make money online in Nigeria from the comfort of your home, except for the fact that it would take you some time to fully set up and start making money.

Apart from starting a blog where you are expected to be writing content, that will generate traffic and in turn start generating money, most people also go into vlogging.

The difference is that instead of creating text content you are going to be creating video content.

By the time you have created either a blog or vlog that gets a lot of daily views you can start making money from this.

If you are going to start a vlog, remember to spend your time creating quality videos and one of the places you can choose for your Vlog is YouTube.

YouTube is the most popular Vlogging platform which you can use to publish your video content and make money from it.


3. Become a Content Writer for companies

If you are good at writing, then you can choose a writing career online, it is without any doubt one of the great ways to make money online in Nigeria with your smartphone.

Some blogs and websites are need of content from time to time, you can find websites or platform that pays people to write, once you start doing this you can start making money online from the comfort of your home.

For instant, Opera Mini news was one of the platforms that paid Nigerians to write and make money from the content they are creating too, there are several other platforms too, but remember that you need to be good at writing to succeed in this.


4. Become a Tutor

Highest paying jobs in Nigeria

This is also one of the most recommended means of making money online in Nigeria with your smartphone.

You can make a lot of money on the internet while offering tutoring services to people, the good thing also is that you can pick your working hours by being an online tutor.

You can decide to teach secondary school students or if you are in the higher institute you can find people to teach the courses that you know.

You can make over N10,000 a week by offering tutoring service, it is also fascinating that you can develop your customer base through informal, permeability, and significant number of people requesting for your service.

While sciences and maths are regularly one of the most requested subjects that you teach, you’ll likewise discover it appealing to teaching English to people that need to improve.

There are other aspects like mentoring and teaching other things, mentoring might be best if you are good at motivating people.

Having a degree or good knowledge of what you want to teach is fundamental for this sort of work, so learn and ensure that you are good before you make yourself available for tutoring services.

Evaluate yourself and know what you can teach before starting, be sure that you are also good and possess teaching skills.

If you studied a particular language in school like French, English, then you can also teach what you studied online. You will be exposed to a new writing career if you consider this seriously.

Another thing is to skills need in convincing people to take part in your online tutoring service, you may likewise be considered for an internet coaching, instructing, or tutoring position.

Zero in on mentoring in your field of mastery. In case you’re not that of a  teacher, presumably, you shouldn’t consider coaching as a career.


5. Become a Social Influencer

Have you noticed the Instagram and Facebook influencers in Nigeria? They pose as celebrities and they make money from what they do.

They are seen as celebrities and with the followers they gather, they can easily get brand deals and endorsements.

You can be an influencer by doing anything that people love to watch and see you for, Cristiano Ronaldo earned $975,000 for every sponsored Instagram post, making him the highest-paid influencer?

While it may seem like reality stars, singers, and athletes are the biggest influencers, keep in mind that even individual and small influencers can make more money online even if they do not have millions of followers like popular influencers, WizKid, 2baba, Davido and the likes, as long as you have an active follower base.

To become an influencer, you need to build a loyal following. The easiest platforms to do that in Nigeria is YouTube and Instagram, sometimes people use Facebook.

Some of the biggest non-celebrity influencers in Nigeria that you know today all gained their first taste of first exposure on these platforms.

Especially the big brother Naija housemates that we all know of. You can learn how to get more followers on Instagram and build your followers.

To make money online in Nigeria as an influencer, you can charge for sponsored posts, speaking gigs, create your online store and sell products.

Add affiliate links in your bio, sell your photos, sell ads on your podcast, get paid as a brand ambassador, create a book, get paid to appear at events, and more.


6. Try Drop-shipping

Have you heard about drop-shipping? It’s a technique for selling where the merchant doesn’t have the actual goods.

All things being equal, when a client makes a request, you buy the goods from an outsider, and they transport it straightforwardly to the client.

“This implies you’ll never need to spend a single dime to store your items or keep up your stock,” this is what drop-shipping is about.

You can start doing the drop-shipping business and you will make a lot of money from this in Nigeria.

This strategy should be possible with internet selling platforms like eBay or Amazon. You can learn more about drop-shipping.


7. Become a Freelancer

A freelancer is someone that works from home online, what it means is that you have to enrol on websites like Upwork, Fiverr and other platforms then you can create gigs around services people need, depends on what you know how to do.

If you visit the above platforms we mentioned, you will see some of the kinds of stuff that people do, such as writing, web design, artworks, music voice-over and so much more.

All you have to do is sign up get started and enjoy your online career.

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8. Create and Sell Ebooks

This is not a very common ways to make money online in Nigeria with your smartphone, but it works and it provides a good stream of income for you.

If you know how to write, you can put something together and save it in an Ebook format then sell them on platforms like Okada books.

Making an Ebook is very easy, all you have to do is pick something you want to talk about it could be a course or something you want to teach. All you need to do is write the ebook, format it, create an ebook cover, publish, and promote it.

Back in 2021, I created several ebooks on Amazon and Okada books which are platforms for selling books (took all but one down), and even I was able to start making money from my ebook sales.

Though this may not make you rich, you can still make some money from it.

You can choose to hire a writer for your ebook if you are not very good at writing, then you can also get a graphic designer to design the cover, or a freelancer to format the ebook for you to help minimize the work you need to put into it, just make sure that your ebook is something people will find interesting when reading.

It’s best if you focus on keywords based on what people want, find out the kind of ebook people are buying and create yours.

I often write my ebook based on what people always search for and I use the Keyword Tool to find out the things people are searching the most, which allows you to find the words people use while searching the most, all I need to do is to craft a title around it.

To make money online in Nigeria selling ebooks, choose your audience wisely because you need to market your book, you can market it in several ways.

One of the strategies people use to sell their ebook is to offer a part of their ebooks for free, maybe for a few days.

This helps people to find you and see the value in your ebooks, and it will boost your awareness for some time and you can get some reviews on platforms like Amazon, which helps you rank better for paid listings.

Also make sure that your ebook images are captivating, rather than just placing the ebook like that with any kind of cover, make sure you design a good cover.

This will help you to get some clicks to your ebook on platforms like Pinterest.


9. Become a Life, Business or Relationship Coach

Low stress jobs that pay well without a degree

Some people need life and relationship coach to solve their day to day problems. Life coaches are people who have a good understanding of life, business or relationship coach.

These people help other people in different aspects of life stay focused on both personal and professional goals.

People go to life coach when they need advice, to overcome their fears, boost their self-confidence, create goals and instil success-oriented habits in them.

You can form a career out of career or life coaching, this can also be in relationship aspects, evaluate yourself for the things you are good in and see if you can people who are lagging in other areas,

of course so many people have become life coaches online and they charge for the time and services rendered so see if this is what you could do to make money online in Nigeria.

Remember to do this to give value and not just to charge people for the pay and really like you are good in what you claim to be doing, people will come to you if only they are sure you can solve their problems.


10. Make money online with affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing as of today is still a very good method to make money through the internet, if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is about, what is simply done in a layman’s language is that you refer people to patronize and buy from other companies.

They are companies that will give you a commission or a fixed amount when you refer people to patronize them.

All you have to sign up on available platforms, get your referral link and make use of social media platforms to refer people to patronize those companies or platforms providing one service or the other.

This is an online business that you don’t need any money or special skills to start, all you have to do is to find people that are suitable clients or buyers for the company or platform that you signed up on their referral or affiliate program.


11. Create an App

Oh, you mean an App? Like, develop or program something?

What if you, you’re probably not a developer you might think that this money-making idea will not work for you or you feel a bit stuck.

Fortunately, with the new age of technology, there are so many ways you can use to make an app that doesn’t involve any programming skills.

These days, marketers are using freelance platforms to find affordable developers to create apps for them and one of those platforms is

There are also DIY and drag and drop app builders that let you build a different kind of apps for any purpose.

So the question is if you come up with an app idea, how do you make money from the app, or how do people make money from Apps?

When it comes to making money on your app, your best bet will be to add it to Google Play and the App Store.

And while it may seem counterintuitive, having a free app can help you make more than a paid app.

With a free app, you can add ads or premium features to help you make money. Since the free app will attract a higher volume of people, it’ll be easier for you to upsell them.

The most important thing is to have an app that has great content that people will feel okay subscribing to.


12. Become a Virtual Assistant

There are several companies who provide online services and these companies have customer support unit, they can hire people from anywhere around the world to respond to customers and clients online.

This is one of the cool ways of making money online in Nigeria without investment if you are good at customer relation.

Another aspect of this is to help companies or individuals manage their social media handles and with this, you can make some money for yourself while working online as a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistant means you work from home and provide support for companies or individuals or needs this to maintain a good experience for their customers.


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13. Sell your Graphics Works

Are you a photographer?  Do you know it is possible to sell your images online for professional use?

Well, this one of the newest and best means of making money online these days if you are a good photographer.

There are websites online that allows you to sell your images.

Apart from selling real live images, you can also do things like graphic designing which involves designing a different kind of graphics for companies and you get paid for each job you submit.



 7 things to know on your journey to making money online in Nigeria:

Before you start making money online in Nigeria, I must guide you on few things to keep in check.

So many people have made themselves available for online jobs, in the same vein so many people have explored all the available opportunities to making money online yet they could not make out anything good.

That’s to say, it’s possible to try out many of your online opportunities and still fail, that’s why you must take note of the following seven key  things.


  1. To make money online in Nigeria, you need to target a global market.
  2. You must have a skill/knowledge that you can use to make money online
  3. You must have a good smartphone or a personal computer
  4. You must understand how to use the internet to carry out your skills
  5. You must have a good network
  6. Do not be in a hurry, learn to be patient when you start your online journey
  7. Create enough time for yourself if you want to make money online


1. To make money online in Nigeria you need to target a global market.

It is no news that the Nigerian digital economy only started seeing a global rise recently, in the early days Nigerians were not very conversant with the system.

Nonetheless, Nigeria digitalization is steadily rising, but to make money online in Nigeria, you have to be sure that you are ready to fit into the digitalization model, well you have got a lot to do to make something good out of the digital world.


Nigerian unfortunately have a large population, but a large number of Nigerians are not digital savvy, that is to say sometimes if you tell a Nigerian the value of investing their money in purchasing software, for example, you will find many people who will argue and careless of whatever digital solution you claim to provide.

This why you must be smart and choose your audience wisely if you want to succeed in making money online in Nigeria,

The good news is that as of recent the country has begun improving its digital economy, if you are going to be working online in Nigeria for Nigerians choose the right market, product or service to offer,

it is also still a recommended approach if you want to succeed, you need to embrace the world of digitalization beyond Nigeria,

apart from the rapid growth of Nigeria social media usage by most of the youths, you can channel your attention towards being a part of the global digital world.

Nigerian is the biggest economy in Africa with one of the largest youth populations in the world, Nigeria is well-positioned to develop a strong digital economy, but digital infrastructure, digital platforms, digital financial services, digital entrepreneurship and digital skills are not very welcoming.

If you are starting your journey of making money online in Nigeria, it is wise not to focus your ends alone in Nigeria.

Oh yes, working for a Nigerian audience alone to an extent will create a good business for you, so to say, are companies like Jumia and the likes not operating in Nigeria? Well, they are!

But for companies of such to stay on track they always think of providing their services across to other countries.

You can target a Nigerian audience and make some money online, but if you also have the skills enough to provide your services for a global audience you are certain of becoming successful.


2. To make money online in Nigeria, you need to have the right skills and knowledge.

Without skills or the right knowledge at the right time, you can not make out something good from working online.

Without further ado, let me expose you to what we mean by this. If you want to earn money online as a Nigerian, there must be something you can do, if you have no skills then there are no legitimate means to make money online.

You must have a skill and must be knowledgeable, and the skills you have must be something that is in high demand.

It’s possible to learn how to do affiliate marketing, this does not require so many skills from you, or you can learn how to write and create your blog.

There’re so many things you can do and I will share a few of those things you can do to make money online in this post, just bear in mind that you need to learn something relevant today that you can use to make money online (any skill you want to acquire is possible once you are ready).

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Let me also say that there are so many things you can do online to make a lot of money even if you did not further your education or attended any tertiary institution,

sometimes you don’t have to focus on formal education alone if you have the right skills or something you know very well you can become self-established.


3. You must have a good smartphone or a personal computer if you want to work and make money online.

There is no way to go about making money online without a good smartphone or a personal computer because those are the most important tools that you need to work online, yes any kind of service you want to offer.

You would want to have browsing enabled phone to stay put on the internet.

In other to make money online, having a good smartphone or a computer is always the first thing to have then the skills comes next.


4. You must understand how to use the internet to carry out your services online:

If you are not digital savvy, then it will be almost impossible to understand the nooks and crannies of working online.

You must know how the internet works so that you can work and make money online.

Not in this century (technology era) that we are now should an individual not know how to use the internet because the internets are being used everywhere in the world for businesses and various operations.

So many people don’t know how to make money online because they do not know how it works or where to start from, so if this is you hoping to start making money online then you need to learn how to use the internet.


5. You must have a good network online and offline to make money:

Some online services require having a network, that is to say, an audience that you can sell your services to.

Take into account that, what you need to make money online is providing your service to an audience, let’s say you plan to sell online then you need people to buy from you.

In a nutshell, make sure you have a good social media handle with a good number of people, you can also build your network online.

What do people know you for? What can you do best? This can help you form your network, online and offline.


6. If you want to make money online do not be in a hurry, learn to be patient when you start your online journey:

Don’t be in haste when you start your online journey,  in other words, don’t expect to suddenly become which once you start providing your online service,

you need to understand how the online works, you certainly won’t start earning big immediately you start your online business, you have to start and remain consistent with whatever service you wish to provide.

Never give up even when hard at the beginning, a lot of people who are now making money steadily online have been there for a way learning what to and what not to do.

remember in the online world, you are a boss of your own so you will be responsible for all mistakes and things you do right.


7. Create a lot of time for yourself if you want to make money online.

Most of the times, people will tell you that you can start an online business and still be able to run other businesses you do. Well, that is what we call multi-tasking.

Please if you will be starting your journey of making money online in Nigeria, you have got to stay focused or you might not make out just what you expect from working online.

Working online is demanding on its own, for example, if you would be selling your services or products online it means you have to always be online to promote your products and services every day.

If you do not have enough time to invest online it is wise not to consider setting up an online business or service.

If you are an online seller, it is very compulsory to spend enough time eLearning all the skills you need to make great sales or expect your online store to be stagnant, no sales or maybe one sale a month, that is not an experience anyone would wish to have.

Also if you have a working online service and you feel you would not have the time to manage it then you can put someone who is trained in that field to handle the business on your behalf.



I have been able to show you basic ways on how to make money online in Nigeria and things you need to know about online business in Nigeria, do not just read take action by executing what you just read.

I will be glad to answer all questions related to how to make money online in Nigeria in the comment section.

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