What Business Can I Start With 20k As A Student In Nigeria?

Anonymous: What business can I start with 20k, 30k as a student that can make me a dollar millionaire before I graduate from school?

The business must be profitable and cheap to start in any country including Nigeria, South Africa and Canada.

Answer: There are many cheapest business ideas for students with low investment capital that you can easily start with 20k or less as a student in campus or off campus.

Discovering a profitable part-time business as a student that will not affect your studies is not easy but here, am going to list some businesses you can start with 10k, 20k, 30k, and 50k as a student either in Nigeria, Canada, Uganda or anywhere in the world.

I have tried many of these cheapest businesses and I have make thousands of Dollars as a regular student in University, both offline and online and you too can make more than that.


You need to learn to manage your time and use it wisely as a student, do not let your urge to earn huge income daily depreive you from studying your books.

I have seen many students that their quest for making money pushed them from first class position to third class low.

Not all business that a student can do in campus, their are some jobs that you can be doing in campus that will not even affect you academically at all.

  • Will you like to be among the smart students entrepreneurs in your campus?
  • Will you like to become financial independent?

If your answers are yes! Then am going to show you how never to be broke after graduating from college or university.

I know 20k may be too small or very big for you to invest into a business, but trust me there are some hot online businesses that you can start free or with less than N20,000 naira as a student.


Is it possible to start a business with 20k?


20,000 dollars or Naira is not too small to invest into a business believe me, company like; Usulorinform, Flashlearners, Facebook and Instagram are companies started by students in their undergraduate days, and today many of these companies have become a dollar millionaire companies.

Their is nothing wrong by starting small, because you can’t start climbing a tree from the top rather from down.

Before I move straight to answer the question; what business can I start with 20k as a student?, let me first point out few things you need to know as student interested to start a business in campus.


Many went to university just to acquire degree certificate which they will use and search for job, which they are not sure if they will get it or not, while you have the opportunity with right information to kick off business now as a young undergraduate.

Who know if this is your opportunity to become a millionaire immediately after your graduation.

Do not just goto school, look deep into the existing options.


That is why Olakunle Soriyan said that;

Education is the ability of human mind to observe his environment & question it deep enough to know the available options that exist in it…

And to know which one to embrace as a matter of supreme importance & urgency’.


Look around you carefully you will discover that there are many untapped businesses that you can start with N20,000 or less and it will boost your cashflow!

Or did you still want to join the queue of those searching for jobs immediately after you graduate from school or you want to boost your business to higher lever by then.

The choice is yours.


But, wait!

Are these businesses the kind of business that I can be doing part-time mostly when am back from lectures?




What business can I start with 20k as a student?

Here, I will list out business you can start with 20k, 30k, or 50k as a student in Nigeria that is very cheap to start as a part-time gigs.

I wish I knew what am about to show you right now during my undergraduate days, I would have built multi-million dollar company, by starting the business with just 20k then.

N20,000 can make you millionaire if you can start the journey early.


Follow me!


1. Freelance writing/ Web design/digital development:

What business can I start with 50k as a student

Asking of what business can I start with 20k as a student freelance writing should be your top choice because it is totally free to start.

This is basically a cheap business that involves you working online, without much emphasis, it’s not news that the world is getting fully digital, so people do get good and lucrative jobs to do these days from the comfort of their homes.

Part of the things you can do is write for companies, web design or other kind of digital services.

You can get started on freelancing platforms such as FIVERR, UPWORK, and other websites where you can sell your gigs.

The reason why I put this first is that;

It is easy to start from the comfort of your home.

You can start this with little or no investment capital.

It only require your skill which you are to offer to companies and get paid.

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2. Launch an online course:

Internet has made everything easy for us you can stay at the comfort of your home and sell anything without stepping out, using just your smartphone.

You can use your phone to create an online video course and sell on websites like;

  • Udemy,
  • skillshare and,
  • Shopify.

These are amazing online course selling platform, where writers, teachers, bloggers, photographer and many other creative people can use these platform for teaching new skills while they get paid.

On skillshare you will keep earning as people keep watching your online video course. According to the site, an instructor can make around $200 in the first month with one class.

To make money on any of these platform you should try to be an expert in any area that you choose, build your profile or push your course to become top selling on the platform.


For you to achieve this;

  • Know the process of finding the perfect course topic for you and how to discriminate whether it will be successful or not.
  • Know how to gather high valuable information that your students will thank you for.
  • Understand the process of creating professional looking videos that students will love.
  • Know how to write a perfect landing page and a promo video that is engaging and high converting.
  • Understand the key principles to promoting your course to ensure high sales no matter what niche you’re.



3. Design and sell T-shirts:

Students normally like designed T-shirts with unique colour that is very attractive. You can write quote or meaningful text on the T-shirt and start marketing it.

For instance, after designing the T-shirt and you wrote at the back “Readers are leaders” or “Proudly Sociologiest” many students or sociology students will be rushing to buy the T-Shirt because of the text on it.

You can make thousands of naira doing this business as a student in Nigeria. You can easily start it with less than N20,000 in Nigeria.


4. Become an SEO guru:

Did you have an experience about search engine optimization? Can you optimize a blog post or website in such a way that human and search engines like google will love it?

If yes, you can start working for different companies by helping them to optimize their online content for search engine visibility.

In this business all you just need is the knowledge and skill and you can learn the skill free online or you pay SEO experts to teach you.

This is one of the lucrative remote job that any student can venture into.


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5. Produce and sell skincare products:

A girl once asked me; what business can I start with 20k as a student in Nigeria? I just told her as a lady the cheapest business I can recommend for you to start with N20,000 capital in Nigeria is selling of skincare products.

Ladies do not joke with their body unlike men that doesn’t care, ladies like to take good care of their body system to prevent rashes and black spots.

You can look for some of those best and trending skincare products and start selling the around the school campus and make money.


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6. Sell used phones:

You can start importing London used phones and start reselling in campus. You may be traveling to city like lagos during the weekend to buy the phones since students normally like to use quality cheap products, this business will surely boom.

Students mostly need phone to perform some tasks online, and when the one they are using have fault they will have no alternative than to buy used one in which they can afford easily.



7. Teach digital skills online:

People are making serious money online just by teaching what they know best, if you know how to run Facebook ads that convert you can start by teaching business owners best way to run Facebook ads for their business and get paid for doing so.

And you can also teach other digital skills like; graphic designing, blogging, ebook writing etc.

This is very simple ways to earn money online without spending up to 50k, all you just need is data to access the internet and social media platform mostly area where your target audience are.

Invite them to WhatsApp or private Facebook group, tell them your price and teach them for what they paid for simple.


8. Become a POS agent:

This is another profitable business that you can start with 20k in Nigeria, point of sales (POS) business is one of the most popular business currently in Nigeria.

As a smart students you just need to survey best area to set up this business, apply for Opay free POS machine or buy cheap POS machine from the dealers and start helping people to transact and get your commission.

You can be making up to 5k to 7k daily from this business, the best area for this kind of business is an environment where ATM machine is far away from.


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Back to the pressing question; what business can I start with 20k as a student in Nigeria?


9. Laundry business:

The top 9 business on our list is Laundry or dry cleaning business, but one of the best business you can start with 50k or more.

Dry cleaning business has gone so professional in Nigeria that most people offering these services now have business cards, the business has recently been receiving a lot of branding and recognition.

People are making it here, it’s profitable and low risk business.

The good thing here is that, with the population of people growing in Nigeria, and most people getting busy with work or when there are a lot of stress for one, then this is where dry cleaners come in.

There are people who do this business full time, and make a lot of profit, but as a student I will advice you to focus on doing it part-time for now until you graduate you can then start full time.



10. Online/Social media advertising agency:

The tenth on our list of part time business ideas for students with low investment Nigeria is the digital advertising business.

Gone are the days when people only rely on traditional advertising, most business now solely depend on digital advertising mediums to push their business.

So Nigerians have found this as business opportunity, most people create social handles and start giving their audience contents, these content help them to attract a large audience, and when they get deals to advertise for other companies then they use these social media handles to run their advertising and make a lot of money.

It’s safe to say this is actually the best part-time business ideas for students in Nigeria today; there is space for everyone to thrive if you are good and understand the system.



11. Sport betting:

Sport betting is popular in the today world, and people are still diving into the business. If you have heard about BetKing, Nairabet or Bet9a then you are already familiar with the sport betting business.

By far, it’s a profitable business in Nigeria.

You can start this business when you understand how it works, it very possible to run into loss if you do not understand how to run a betshop so before investing, do ensure you are very ready and you know how the business works.

You can get some workers that can be handling the shop for you when you go to school and when you are back you stay with them and continue.


12. Sell photos on shutterstock:

Are you a good photographer or graphic designer, you can simply design unique photos and sell on sutterstock.

To get started started all you have to do is to go to shutterstock website and create an account, snap some beautiful pictures and upload for people to buy and through that you earn cool money.


13. Dropshipping:

This business is still strange to many because it has a system that must be understood before you can know how to thrive in drop shipping business, but what we do want to tell you is that it’s a simple and we can call it risk-free, legit, and straight forward businesses.

So in summary, the business involves selling products/services for other people, without the goods actually being in your store, usually an online store.

It works by taking order from people and helping them fulfill their orders by getting whatever they may have ordered from retail or wholesale sellers and this kind of business is usually carried out using digital mediums, even though it’s possible to deliver the orders to your clients physically.



14. Sell your idea on Quirky.com:

What Business can i start with 50k

During one of my entrepreneurship examination in school I was asked; is idea a product (Yes/No), I chose yes!

An idea is a product that have not been bring into reality, most individuals has great ideas which implementing it is very difficult because of finance or other means of bringing the ideas into reality.

As a student that always have great ideas, you can start making money by selling your ideas online through quirky. Quirky makes inventing and selling products possible by pairing inventors with product designers and big manufacturing companies that can bring their ideas to life.


15. Answer pressing questions on JustAnswer.com:

Another hot ways to make money online as a student without investment capital is register on justAnswer and start answering question and get paid for each correct question that you answered.

You do not need 10k, 30k or 50k before you can join JustAnswer, the registration is free and anyone can resgiter and earn from the site.


16. Answer trivia questions on Swagbucks:

Another business ideas for students in University or college is answering trivia questions on swagbucks.

Swagbucks is an online question and answer site that students go to answer trivia question and earn points which they normally covert to cash and send into your bank account.

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17. Help name a business on naming force:

Naming force is an online platform that business owners visits daily to search for company or business name that will fit their business.

How then can you earn here, to earn you have to register on the site, and start suggesting different names if any company choose yours they will pay you for it.

However, this is a means through which you can make money without spending a anything as a student in Nigeria.


18. Become a translator on Livetranslation.com

Another business you can start to earn huge income on campus is to become a translator on livetranslation If you are good in a particular language like French, Igbo, Yoruba etc.

You can become a dollar million just by helping people to translate languages on live translation, this is a very nice part-time job that does not require any special effort or capital, just register and start work simple.


19. Become a DJ

Thinking of starting DJ business with 50k or less it is very possible and you do not need to own an instrument before you can become a DJ, if you know how to set instrument and operate it then you are free to go.

You just need 50k or 20k to rent the instrument from the own carry it to the party and do your job during the weekend and make your cash.



20. Become a barber

I put this at the end because it require a very spacial barbing skill before you can start, and it is one of the most common business in the campus.

I know you may not set up a barbing saloon with N20,000 but you can actually use it to buy some barbing tools that you can be using to work in other peoples salon.

You must not have a barbing salon as a student before you can start this business, you can register in any barbershop close to you and start working with them and be getting paid either weekly or daily.




I know I have been able to answer your question on (What business can I start with 20k in Nigeria?), and I strongly believe that you will be able to pick one out of these businesses listed above.

Not only that, I have also pointed out some cheapest businesses you can start online without spending any money.


Now, what business can you recommend for students in higher institutions?

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