Reasons Why Students Fail JAMB CBT Exam (10 Secrets Revealed)

Why students fail JAMB is one of the most trending question now on social media, forums and many other areas were JAMB candidates are, a young girl once ask me Usulor please I do not want to fail JAMB this year can you please tell me some of the major reasons why students fail JAMB examination?

why students fail JAMB

In fact it is a very challenging question that she throw at me, I just gave her some tips on why students fail JAMB, she smile and rush out.

After she left I kept on asking my self question such as: Is JAMB exam hard? , what to do when you fail JAMB and many other questions that kept on busting into my mind.

I decided to come here in Usulorinform and share what I have discovered after my research which I know that it is the real answers to the question.

If you are ready to know the reasons why students fail JAMB and how to face those challenges and be able to pass JAMB in one sitting, I will show you!

The fact is that after reading this article and you take necessary action were required, that means you have said Good bye to exam failure, you are very lucky for been among those that landed on this great article because am going to show you the only key secret that I used and score above 300 in JAMB exam.

some of the questions that am going to answer here are;

  1. Is JAMB twice a year?
  2. Is JAMB exam Hard?
  3. 10 Reasons Why students fail JAMB?
  4. What to do when you fail JAMB?

Those are what am going to reveal to you In this articlee,  i seriously urge you to calm down as you read because am going to reveal all you do not know about JAMB most especially the major reason why students fail JAMB.

am assuring you of 300 plus in JAMB after reading this article to the end, because once you know your problem looking for the solution is as simple as ABC, Let go.

1.) Is JAMB twice a year ?

This is a very hot question that most JAMB candidate do ask, just for them to know if JAMB do conduct exam twice in a year or if the result can be used after one year of writing the JAMB exam.

The answer is not far away from the question, JAMB examination is once in a year and the result can only the used once, you can’t use JAMB result after one year of writing the exam.

Just take note; if you fail JAMB this year you will have to wait till next year before you rewrite another one.

it is better to struggle and pass now! Than later.

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2.) Is JAMB Exam Difficult?

JAMB exam is as difficult as WAEC, NECO, JUPEB, GCE, and other normal examinations. It is very easy to pass.

JAMB examination is very simple if you prepare adequately for the exam, JAMB exam is always hard for those that do not prepare adequately for the exam.

He who is going to war need to get prepared before going.

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing the best today.

If any one is telling you that JAMB exam is very hard tell the person it’s lie, if he try arguing with you just tell him to read my guide on how to prepare for JAMB adequately.

Now let move to the main road that we have been tracing since which is why students fail JAMB this road once you know it and you can run on it without falling down that means youu are 100% closer to your success.

Follow me as I show you what spoilt in the engine that makes it unable to work again, once you know the fault fixing it is not a problem let go as I show you the key reasons why students fail JAMB.

10 Reasons why students fail JAMB

this is the main aim of writing this article so you need to calm down and read to be able to get the full gist, in case if you have any question feel free to ask me!

  1. Lack of studying habit
  2. Cramming past JAMB questions
  3. Unable to understand after reading
  4. Computer Illiterate
  5. No adequate Materials to prepare for the exam
  6. You are not ready to study
  7. You do not use to read instructions
  8. Depending on JAMB Expo
  9. You fail to sign attendance before and after the exam
  10. You do not use to visit Usulorinform.

Permit me to go on as I explain the above mention reasons, do not just read the points rather both explainnations and points to be able to get the full gist.

1.) Lack of studying habit

How did you feel about studying your books, did you always feel tired when you remember that you want to read, your attitude toward books really matters a lot , are you the type that do wait until the last night before the exam then you stay awake trying to cram the whole textbooks into your head.

A young guy usually see studying as waste of time, instead of him to be reading he will prefer going to the football field to play football, at night he usually play music which he do turn on the whole volume , remember this guy is a student like you but he prefer to enjoy always, he forgot that those who suffer and work hard now will smile tomorrow as they are enjoying them selves,

Now! It is three days to the exam this young guy pick up his book to study but he was unable to understand it since he has not been reading it before.

He decide just to cram instead of studying , after all he did when he checked his result out of ten subjects he pass only four and failed six .

What am I trying to point out is that if you are lacking studying habit try to regain your self now, try to fall in love with your books, never stay a day without reading , you will see that JAMB exam will be very simple for you, in fact lack of studying habit is one of the major reasons why students fail JAMB.

The effects of not studying for an exam are scoring a low grade on the exam, knowing nothing about what is on the exam, and spending too much time answering each question on the exam. One effect of not studying for an exam is scoring a low grade on the exam than receiving the possible highest grade.

2.) Cramming past JAMB Questions

JAMB past question is not made to be crammed rather to use it understand how JAMB do set their question, using past questions to prepare for jamb exam is good but cramming it is very bad.

Always make sure you understand any question and why the answer is the real answer to the question before you move to the next question , I repeat never cram past question because what if after cramming the question was twist for example;

Question1; One of this is not a …?

Question2 ; One of this is a …?

If you check those two questions above you will notice the different, but you may not no if you cram you will think both are same thing.

3.) Unable to understand after reading

In fact this is one of the hotest reasons why students fail JAMB exam, the process were by after reading you will not understand it is a very serious issue, what might cause this is;

You have not been reading before, when you read a book for the first time sometimes it will be very difficult to understand, but if you have read it one or two times before, it will be easy for you to understand it once you are reading the book for your exam, Constant practice makes someone to be perfect.

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4.) Computer Illiterate

As we all already known that JAMB examination is computer base (CBT) It is no more Paper Type (PPT), which means for you to be able to face JAMB examination you need to know some basic things one how to operate computer.

Not knowing how to operate computer might make you fail JAMB if you do not know how to hold mouse or were to press in the keyboard how will you write the exam? For you to be at the safe side you need to look for any computer training cebtre and do computer training it will really help you a lot.

5.) No adequate materials to prepare for the exam

For you to score above 300 in JAMB you need to have what it take to prepare, have materials such as; JAMB recommended textbooks and novel, will really help you to prepare for JAMB exam, it is only those that failed to prepare for JAMB exam that do fail mostly,

Try all you can to be able to get all materials you will need to prepare adequately in other for you to be able to pass JAMB in one sitting.

6.) You are not ready to study

Did you know that some students are been force by their parent to go to school and such students sometimes usually do not use to know the value of studying

Some students are not the ones that wrote their WAEC exam by them selves, which is among the reasons why they are not ready to study , some parent do use money to spoil the future of their children.

Instead of you to tell your child to study you will tell him/her not to stress him/her self, how will you expect such child to paas?

The only key secret to pass JAMB is Studying , if you do not study that means you are ready to fail JAMB.

I urge you to take reading as part of your daily activities .

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7.) You do not use to read Instructions

You are traveling to some were that you have not gone to before but someone describe the place for you and tell you the street and other thing for you to get to your destination early,

You will need to be reading sign posts beside the road this will help you to get some details about were you are going to, that is how it is also in JAMB.

Reading instructions is a must if you really want to pass, read instructions to know what next, read instructions to be able to know what you are going to do both during and after the exam.

Not reading instructions is another reason why students fail JAMB.

8.) Depending on JAMB expo

is JAMB expo real? I do not know for now! Just continue read, some students fail because they depend in JAMB expo , they stop studying their books because someone have promised to send Answer to them a day before the exam, lol! The bitter truth that JAMB expo is not real.

If you give any one money for JAMB expo you are at your own risk, they will just collect your money and run away over thousands of students fail JAMB simply because someone promised to send JAMB expo to them and they forget about reading and at the end they do not get any expo!

Wait! How did you expect the person to get the answer since the exam is CBT , that means their is no how the question will Leak , in fact this is one of the shocking reasons why students fail JAMB every year.

My advice for all JAMB candidates is , do not depend on JAMB Expo study your books and let your creator fight your battle for you.

9.) You fail to sign attendance before and after the exam

Attendance and thumb print is a must in the JAMB centre the attendance will show that you were present in the exam centre if you do not sign attendance that means your are not present.

your result might be withheld because of you not signing attendance .

10.) You do not use to visit UsulorInform

Usulorinform is a land full of honey and many great people, this great blog ( have helped over thousands of JAMB candidates to score above 300 in JAMB exam.

Here in Usulorinform we guide students to know the reason why they need to study, how to study for any difficult exam, The easiest way to pass any exam like JAMB in one sitting.

Usulorinform do not give fish he teach you how to fish

if you are not ready to study that means you are not a friend to usulorinform.

Students that usually visit this great blog never fail any exam including JAMB because here we have revealed all working techniques on how to pass JAMB in one sitting without expo.


Not making use of JAMB syllabus is another reason why students fail jamb try all you can to take your studies serious more than before,

Never depend in JAMB expo/ Runz it is not real and keep asking questions about what you do not no do not stop making research in other for you to discover unknow.

I hope you have known the major reasons why students fail JAMB, I strongly believe that you will not make such mistake and if you keep following my guides 300 plus is sure, I wish you success in your JAMB exam.

  • What is your opinion about why students fail JAMB?
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