10 Main Reasons Why Students Fail WAEC/NECO And Solution To It

Are you planning to write WAEC or NECO 2021? If your answer is yes! then this article is must read, because I will be pointing out the major reasons why students fail WAEC and NECO examination.

why students fail WAEC

Most students fail WASSCE not because they can’t read but because they fail to learn from the mistakes of others, they think that WAEC/NECO is like their normal school exam that they can pass even without adequate preparation.

WAEC/NECO is one of the major o’level examination in Nigeria that usually stand as a problem that delay progress in your academic journey, because it is among what will detamine if you have graduated from secondary school or not, that is why many students that understand this usually put more effort to there elbow in order to pass.

In 2020 many students failed WASSE simply because they fail to learn from the mistakes that other WAEC/NECO candidates have make in the past, those mistakes are what I will be pointing out here for you to see, I will advice you to read slowly so you will be able to grap the whole points.

Reasons Students Fail WAEC/NECO Exam

The best lesson you can learn is from the mistakes of others, try to now why they fail, what cause their failure and that is why am here to show you why most WAEC/NECO candidates usually fall.

1. You Are Thinking Of Using NECO/WAEC Expo

I can’t boldly tell you that WAEC/NECO expo does not exist but what if the security is too tight on the day of exam, what if the supervisors stand on there mission by not receiving bribe which will make them to give you chance to do expo, what if you where caught on the process of bringing out the WAEC runs or Expo, What will you do?

Nothing! You fail to prepare simply because you are thinking of using expo, the worst thing that may ever happen to you is depending on WAEC expo in 2021, even if others have been telling you how they manage to enter with it and write successfully, the system have changed.

If you where caught using expo in 2021 WAEC or NECO examination it is either the whole of your school exam will be withheld or your own exam will be cancled because of malpractice, say no to examination malpractice.

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2. You are still watching TV

WAEC/NECO examination need adequate preparation for you to pass, some students will keep on watching Big Brother Naija until a week to the examination before they Will start looking for How to prepare for WAEC in one week, remember, what you are not prepared for you are not qualified for it.

Turn off every TV of distraction and pick up your text books, this is not time to joke or play, note that those that failed to prepare are already preparing to fail, if you struggle now and pass WAEC/NECO you will have much time to watch TV and play with friends.

Any friend that is not motivating you to study stay away from such friend now, some of your friends that are preparing for the same exam with you will keep deceiving you that they have not started preparing unknowingly to you that secretly, they are studying hard in they room.

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3. Cramming

This is one of the main reasons why students fail WAEC or NECO examination, never think of cramming if you are preparing for WAEC instead study, their is enough time to study before the exam, cramming is very bad in the sense that if you forget a word from what you have crammed you forget all.

Most students that fail to start preparing early usually cram so as for them to be able to cover a lot of topics, forget about covering a lot of topics, rather study even if it is one or two topics and you understand it is better because if any question comes out of it you will be able to answer it without stress.

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4. You focus on reading only notes

the note you take in the class alone can’t help you to pass WAEC, for you to pass WAEC and NECO you need to buy different text books and read, your note books are not well detailed with much information, it is just like key points or key fact.

You already know that this is external examination that is been set by external body you do not know where the question might come from, but with the help of comprehensive textbooks you can cover alot of topics that will help you to pass.

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5. You are still Procrastinating

WAEC/NECO exam is fast approaching while others are preparing some are still thinking of when they will start, while some keep on postponing, stop postponing your reading time to next time, Once it is time to study rush to your reading table and start if their is any thing that may be destracting you when studing forget about the book and read it later, flush out such spirit of procrastination and continue reading.

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6. You fail to tackle your weak subjects

This is one of the major problem that most WAEC/NECO candidates do face, some students find Mathematics very difficult while some find English language or physics and literature difficult.

No matter the subject that you are finding different never loose hope, face those subject I will even advice you to get someone that will be guiding you in that particular subject, try and make sure you improve before WAEC exam start.

Let me gist you, the easiest subject in science class are: Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. And for Art class the easiest subjects are: Literature, Government, and CRK, But sadly most students find those subjects difficult to understand.

You do not understand those subjects after reading simply because you are not focus, you view it as difficult subject that are made for smart students, but do not worry I have prepared an article that will help you to read and and understand those subjects easily.

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7. Your handwriting is very poor

When marking your answer script the first thing the person marking it will check is your handwriting, if your handwriting is bad to the extent that the person can’t see it, oh! That is how some candidates usually fail, even if you answer the whole questions correctly.

I will advice you to improve on your handwriting, make sure it is clear enough so that anybody can see it.

8. Cramming past WAEC questions

WAEC past question is the prophesy of how the exam will look like, it shows you the nature and structure of the exam, one of my master usually call past question “John the Baptist of WAEC”, but because of the testimonies people have been sharing on how WAEC past question help them, many candidates have started misusing it.

Some candidates usually stop studying their books and wait till few days to the exam they will buy past question and start cramming, since they have been hearing that WAEC do repeat questions, let me tell you, WAEC can’t just copy question the way it is in the past question and past, No.

They usually twist the question in such a way that if you do not read the topic where they pick the question, you will find it difficult to even understand the question, Stop cramming past question, after studying test your brain using past quesquestio

9. You forget what you read easily

Have you ever been in a situation were by you have read the whole textbook finish, and someone pick up that same textbook and started using it to ask you question, badly you find those question difficult to answer simply because you have forgot the answer.

Sometimes when look at a question you will know it but you can’t remember the actual answer again! But badly once you submit your answer booklet that is when you will remember the actual answer and it is too late, this is a very serious problem.

What is the solution to this? Stop reading much topics in a sitting, after reading one topic stand up and think more about that particular topic once it is clear to you, move one to the second topic. Repeat the process the next day, by rereading the topics you read yesterday again.

10. You attend Secondary school were the quality of teaching is low

if you attend secondary school that is not standard, you may find it difficult to prepare for WAEC, because in a school were the quality of teaching is high many students usually pass there west africa examination council exam easily, but all this school were the quality of teaching is low the candidates might end up depending on WAEC expo/Runz for them to pass.


If you understand all my above points on reasons why students fail WAEC and NECO and you take action by learning from those mistakes to be able to avoid it, your chance of passing WAEC will increase automatically, I will advice you to put on arm our of focus now as you prepare, and study hard becausese the early bird catches the worm.

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