Can I Write 2021 WAEC And JAMB Together?

Most WAEC 2021 candidates have been asking question on whether it is possible to write 2021 JAMB And WAEC together? the answer is capital yes! you can write both WAEC/JAMB the same year and still gain admission.


In fact, I always advice students to write WAEC and JAMB the same year, but most WAEC candidates usually discard the idea of using awaiting result because of some reasons such as:

1. No enough time to prepare for JAMB

You do not need extra preparation for JAMB if you have been preparing for WAEC 2021 already since the textbooks are of the same level. You do not need to struggle again just use the knowledge of what you studied during WAEC and write JAMB.

2. I am too young to enter higher institution

As far as you are at least 16years you can write JAMB and gain admission at young age when your brain is still fresh.

3. Fear of failure

You may be saying β€œWhat if I fail JAMB?” That is a very bad negative thought, you do not have to think negative rather get ready to pass.

Even if you fail JAMB you still don’t loose because you just try your best, all you just have to do is to get ready to face it next year.

Experience is the best teacher.

Failure is not your destination except you think it is, and whatever you think of yourself will definitely become your reality. Failure is not the end of the road except you believe it is and give up. Guess what! Those who give up never achieve success.

Failure is only an obstacle on your way to the top, and you must be courageous enough to face it. Sometimes, your miracle might be wrapped inside a disappointment or failure. Dare to pursue your goals till the end because that is what differentiates successful people from unsuccessful people.

Yes you hear me right, failing JAMB at the first attempt is not the end of the academic journey, you just need to get prepared to face it again.


One of the major advantages of writing 2021 WAEC and JAMB Together is that You will not waste extra year at home, if you are able to write both of them and gain admission that means it is a good opportunity for you to move to higher institution when your brain is still very hot.

When you are studying for WAEC you are indirectly preparing for JAMB also, kindly let me know how you feel about this post.

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