EaseMoni Loan: See How To Apply For your First Loan Fast In 2024

Is easemoni loan app legit, how can I borrow money on easemoni? These are the two major questions that I was asked by someone that wanted to apply for loan on the platform.

The era by which you have to go to the bank before you can request for a loan has gone, we are now in digital period whereby everything is done mainly online.

Opay have launched a new loan application called “Easemoni” that is very easy for people to obtain loan without stress.

You do not need any collateral before you can get a loan on easemoni and it’s very quick and easy for them to approve your loan, even if it’s your first time to use their platform.


What is easemoni?

Easemoni is a new personal loan application in Nigeria that was launch on May 17th, 2021. On the app, you can easily apply for or repay your loan without any problem.

It has a microfinance banking license from central bank of Nigeria (CBN), which shows that the platform is legit.

EaseMoni is a good loan application that offers it users up to N1,000,000 loan without any collateral.

Before you can request for a loan, if you already own an Opay account then upgrade it to KYC level 2 to get started.

If you do not have Opay account before you can simply download easemoni loan application on playstore create an account by filling all the required information like; bank verification number (BVN) and your contact.

Both the BVN and the phone number are important because the BVN will be used to determine your credit value to know the amount they can borrow you.

While your contact is what they will use to notify you when it is time to repay the loan, and you can also retrieve your password if you lost it with the help of your phone number.

Do not use someone else phone number use the phone number that is link to your BVN as they can be anle to investigate and know the amount that they will borrow you.

If you have Opay account, you can login and select the type of loan that you want to apply for through the app.

On Opay, Easemoni platforms, you can select the kind of loan that you want with the terms and you can read the conditions and details of each type of loan before you apply.

You can also apply for EaseMoni loans through Opay online website (operapay.com, Opay.ng) or official Opay app. Which is available on google appstore.

Once you apply for any loan, the loan will be credited to you into your Opay account wallet, you do not need to worry because your Opay wallet as it is linked to Easemoni because it’s on the Opay wallet that they will credit the money to.

If you wish to transfer the money out to other account that is matter of choice.


Easemoni Loan Requirements:


Before you apply for any loan online their are always certain requirements that you may need to request for the loan, that is how it is on Easemoni I have listed out their major requirements here:

  • Active Opay account
  • Active Phone Number linked to NIN
  • You must be a Nigerian and live in Nigeria.
  • You must have an active bank account link to BVN
  • You must be above 20 years old to apply for a loan on the app
  • You must provide correct information during your registration.


They do not just need these requirements, they need it for them to be sure that someone is not actually using your details to request for loan.

So if they notice any suspicious activity during the registration they may block your account or disapprove your loan when you apply.

Your BVN will be used to know may be the details that you input is correct or not.


How to register your Easemoni account:

  • Firstly, you need to download easemoni loan application.
  • Create and account on the platform with your BVN and phone number.
  • Start by creating an OPay account, fill in your details, and get leveled up to KYC level 2.


Note: The OPay account is the same as the Easemoni account, the loan system is incorporated into the OPay server.


How to apply for Opay Easemoni Loan:

Once you are registered on the OPay app, all you need is to login to your OPay account.

Then you navigate to the Finance section of the app, now, click on the Easemoni icon to get started.

That click will direct you to the landing page of the Easemoni loan application process, you will need to select the amount you want to borrow to begin.

After selecting the amount you want, click on the “Apply Now” button to apply.

Depending on your credit history and credit score, the maximum loan amount is up to N1,000,000.


How do I increase your Loan amount or limit on Easemoni?

To increase the maximum loan amount you need to make more transactions using your OPay account as much as possible, this will open more loan amounts for you.

The more you use your OPay account for transactions the higher your loan amount increases, it is as simple as that.


Easemoni Loan Interest Rate;

Each loan service provider has its own loan interest, some have a high interest while some have low interest.

The loan app loan interest rate is quite okay, the app loan interest rate ranges from 5% to 10% of the loan amount monthly.

The annual loan interest rate is less than 120% of the initial loan amount.

Let’s say you apply for a loan of N20,000 for 30 days, the interest on your loan will be 2,040 and the total repayment will be N22,040.

Do note that the app charges a late interest fee when you default or are overdue on your loan. This also affects your credit score and result in less loan amount over time.




Opay Easemoni Loan Repayments:

Repaying your Easemoni loan is much easier than you might think, all you need to do is open the OPay or Easemoni app.

Click on the Easemoni icon, then click on loan, and then on the repayment button.

You have the option to repay in full or partial depending on your choice.


Easemoni Customer Care Number:

If you are having any issue with your easemoni account or you are unable to repay your loan when it is time for you to repay you can easily contact easemoney customer service using the address below.

Customer Service Email: info.easemoni@gmail.com

Office Address: 60 Adeniyi Jones Ave, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria


Easemoni account number for loan repayment;

I have seen many users that was asking me of easemoni account number, the fact is that easemoni does not have any account number. You can repay loan only by login into your easemoni account.


How to download easemoni loans application;

To download easemoni loan app, you have to go to play store search for easemoni and click on download and install the app and start using it.



We have been able to review all you need to know about Easemoni loan and how to pay back their loan after borrowing.

If you are still having any other issue kindly drop it on the comment box below.

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