5 Best High-paying Modelling Agencies In Nigeria (Apply Now)

Nigeria’s large and vibrant fashion industry has paved the way for aspiring models to shine on both national and international runways.

At one point in time, you must have seen fashion models, on runways showcasing their brands and services, maybe on TV or the Internet.

From the busy city of Lagos to the enchanting landscapes of Ibadan and beyond, modelling agencies have emerged as crucial gateways to success in the fashion world.

In this article, we delve into the realm of high-paying modelling agencies in Nigeria, shedding light on the most reputable agencies that offer promising opportunities for aspiring models.

Whether you’re a young talent, a seasoned professional, or even looking for specialized hair model agencies, face model agencies, male model agencies, this comprehensive guide will help you navigate the exciting landscape of the Nigerian modelling industry.

Join us as we explore the best high-paying modelling agencies in Nigeria.


We will discuss:

  1. We will lost and talk about the application processes to join the best modelling agencies we will discuss.
  2. We will talk about sone face modeling agency in Nigeria
  3. We will talk about some hair model agencies in Nigeria
  4. We will also talk about some teenage modelling agencies in Nigeria
  5. We will be talking about baby modelling agencies too.

Get ready to discover the best agencies that can propel your modelling career to new heights in Nigeria.


What Do Modelling Agencies Do in Nigeria?

There are modelling agencies all over the world and hundred to thousands of modelling agencies within Africa and Nigeria, but in this article we are focused on enlightening you more about the high-paying modelling agencies in Nigeria.

Modelling agencies in Nigeria

Modelling agencies in Nigeria play a vital role in the fashion industry, the modelling agencies you hear of act as intermediaries between aspiring models and the brands, designers, and clients seeking their talents.

These agencies serve as a platform to discover, nurture, and showcase models, providing them with opportunities to build successful careers in the competitive world of fashion.

In summary below are a few reasons of what models do and why you might need a modelling agency.

1. Modelling agencies find talent and Develop them:

Modelling agencies usually scout for fresh faces and talents across Nigeria. They attend fashion shows, events, and public gatherings, seeking individuals who possess the potential to become successful models. Once talent is identified, agencies provide comprehensive training and development programs to enhance their skills, including runway techniques, posing, grooming, and overall image improvement. These agencies work closely with models to help them develop their unique style and adapt to various fashion genres, preparing them for the industry’s demands. Model agencies also allow talented people enroll to their agency, they then develop and train models for the modelling world.


2. They build Portfolio for models:

A model’s portfolio is their visual resume, showcasing their versatility, range, and potential to potential clients. Modelling agencies in Nigeria assist models in building a strong and impressive portfolio. They collaborate with professional photographers, stylists, and makeup artists to create captivating images that highlight the model’s abilities and attributes. These portfolios become an essential tool for models when approaching clients or casting directors, enabling them to secure modelling jobs.


3. They find networking and Industry connections for models:

Modelling agencies have extensive networks and connections within the fashion industry, both locally and internationally. They establish relationships with designers, brands, photographers, casting directors, and fashion event organizers.

Through these connections, agencies can secure modelling assignments, fashion shows, magazine features, advertising campaigns, and brand endorsements for their models.

Their industry knowledge and contacts become invaluable resources in advancing a model’s career and opening doors to new opportunities.


4. Modelling agencies secure job placement and contract Negotiation:

One of the primary functions of modelling agencies is to secure job placements for their models. They actively seek modelling assignments and negotiate contracts on behalf of the models, ensuring fair compensation and favourable working conditions.

Agencies handle the logistics, including scheduling, travel arrangements, and accommodation, to ensure a smooth experience for their models.

They act as intermediaries, safeguarding the interests of their models and providing professional guidance throughout the duration of the assignment.


5. Modelling agencies also provide professional development and support:

Modelling agencies in Nigeria provide ongoing support and guidance to their models, assisting them in their professional development. They offer mentorship programs, workshops, and seminars to enhance models’ skills, knowledge, and confidence.

Agencies also provide guidance on personal branding, social media management, and public relations, helping models build a strong online presence and promote themselves effectively within the industry.


In short, modelling agencies in Nigeria serve as backbone for aspiring models, offering them guidance, training, exposure, and opportunities.

They scout and develop talent, build portfolios, connect models with industry professionals, secure job placements, and provide ongoing support to help models thrive in their careers.

By partnering with a reputable modelling agency, aspiring models can gain a competitive edge and maximize their potential in the Nigerian fashion industry.


Top 5 best high-paying modelling agencies in Nigeria and how to enroll.

If you’re a model seeking high-paying assignments and a platform to propel your career forward, then you must have been searching for the best modelling agencies in Nigeria

In the competitive world of modelling, aspiring models in Nigeria will always seek opportunities that not only offer a chance to showcase their talents but also promise lucrative compensation and remarkable career.


To help navigate the vast landscape of modelling agencies, we present a curated list of the top five high-paying modelling agencies in Nigeria.

These agencies have established themselves as powerhouses within the industry, representing some of the most sought-after models and working with prestigious brands, designers, and clients.


1. Natex modelling agency, Ibadan:

Natex Modelling Agency is a professional modelling agency in the capital city of Oyo state that helps aspiring models start their professional modelling careers.

They groom, develop, train, and manage their models. They provide models for makeup artists, fashion designers, runway shows, fashion events, photo modelling, fashion modelling, facial modelling, brand influencing and representation, ushering, and pageantry.

They are looking forward to hearing from clients and providing models for their functions.

They are a rescue vision for aspiring models who have been denied opportunities, discriminated against, segregated, and ignored.

In less than a year, they have grown to be one of the fastest rising modeling agencies in Africa, as we a high-paying modelling agency in Nigeria.


How to enroll:

To become a model at Natex modelling agency, you can get more information about them through their website https://natexmodelingagency.wordpress.com.

Address: Alhaji Salami Street,Beside Total Grace Oil Filling Station, Old Ife Rd, opposite Wema Bank Junction,New, Axis, Ibadan


2. Beth Model Management: 

This is one of the largest model agencies in Nigeria and among the high-paying modelling agency in Nigeria.

The agency has discovered, developed and managed many successful talent both internationally and locally and has launched the careers of some of the greatest and most successful African models namely Mayowa Nicholas (TOP 50 MODELS & MONEY LIST ), NYAGUA REA (HOT LIST) Victor Ndigwe, Davidson Obennebo, NneomaAnosike, Chika Emmanuella, Jeffery Obed, Tobi Momoh, Chisom Okeke, Olaniyan Olamijuwon, Nora Omeire, Godwin ‘Okereuku and many more.

To become a model at Beth Model Management you need to visit their official website to apply:


You can also contact them through the following contact details

Office: +234 803 327 8752

Enquiries: info@bethmodelafrica.com

To become a Model: models@bethmodelafrica.com


3. Box model agency, Lagos:

Box Models Agency is a top Lagos based Modelling Agency. They represent male & female models, curve & face models, influencers management in Nigeria & Africa.

The agency was founded in 2017 by Agnes Akinleye. Agnes is a seasoned model who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. She is passionate about helping aspiring models achieve their dreams.

Box Models Agency offers a comprehensive range of services to their models, including:

  • Scouting and talent discovery
  • Modeling training and development
  • Career management
  • Representation to brands and clients
  • Networking opportunities

How to apply: Contact box modelling agency with the following contact
08130290110 or visit their official website


Address: 2nd Floor, Wuraola House, 90 Allen Ave, Allen, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeri.


4. JC modelling agency Lagos:

This is another of the best high-paying modelling agency in Nigeria. If you are interested in becoming a model, JC Modeling Agency is a great option to consider. They have a proven track record of success and they are committed to helping their models achieve their dreams.


Here are some of the key requirements for becoming a model at JC Modeling Agency:

  1. You must be at least 16 years old.
  2. You must be in good physical condition.
  3. You must have a good attitude and be willing to work hard.
  4. You must have a portfolio of recent photos.

JC Modeling Agency is a modeling agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. It was founded in 2009 by John Chijioke Onwukwe.


The agency represents male and female models, as well as child models. JC Modeling Agency has worked with a variety of clients, including fashion designers, photographers, and advertising agencies.

The agency has also represented models in a variety of fashion shows and runway events.

Address: Upper floor Chicken republic building 22 road, Off 2nd Ave, Festac Town, Lagos Contact: 0803 694 3491


5. Silverbird group:

This is an highly influenced modelling agency in Nigeria, silverbird Group’s modelling agency, Silverbird Models.

They represents male and female models of all ages and ethnicities. Silverbird Models has worked with a variety of clients, including fashion designers, photographers, and advertising agencies. The agency has also represented models in a variety of fashion shows and runway events.


The Silverbird Group organizes the highly esteemed pageant events, namely the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) and Mr. Nigeria. In 2001, Agbato Darego, representing Nigeria in the Miss World competition, emerged victorious, adding to the country’s accolades in the pageant.


Teenage modelling agencies,:

In this section, we will explore the list of notable teenage modelling agencies in Nigeria, highlighting their commitment to supporting the dreams and aspirations of young models.

Modeling agency

Whether you are a young talent looking to take your first steps in the modelling world or a parent seeking guidance for your aspiring teenage model, then the modelling agencies highlighted below would be a good fit.


1. Y-ray models:

This modelling agency caters to teenage models in Nigeria. When it comes to providing a wide range of modelling services, y-Ray Models stands as a reputable and versatile agency in Nigeria.

With their expertise and commitment, they offer a platform that connects models to a myriad of exciting opportunities across various industries.

From television commercials to print ads, exhibitions to promotions, fashion shows to event ushering, y-Ray Models caters to an extensive array of modelling needs.


If you are a young talented person looking for the best modelling agency, y-Ray Models is the go-to agency in Nigeria. Embrace the diverse modelling opportunities they provide and witness first-hand the impact their talented models can make.


Located at Road 15, Off Admiralty Way, Kayode Animashaun Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria, y-Ray Models is easily accessible for individuals and organizations seeking exceptional modeling talent.

Their dedication to excellence and professionalism is evident through their contact details: +2349022000017 and info@yraymodels.com.


2. Fashion Instinct Modeling Agency;

Going beyond the conventional model agency, Fashion Instinct operates as a cohesive family. It’s also one of the high-paying modelling agencies in Nigeria.

Within this organization, a multifaceted team is at work, comprising project developers, marketing experts, press introductions, mannequins, photo models, dancers, animators, presenters, introduction hostesses, makeup specialists, hairdressers, photographers, dubbing artists, art directors, and technical professionals. Together, they form a united front dedicated to the ongoing growth and success of Fashion Instinct.


If you wish to contact Fashion Instinct, you can reach them at +234 802 931 4720. Additionally, for more information about their services and endeavors, visit their website at https://www.thefashioninstinct.com/.


3. Zahra Models;

Zahra Models is widely recognized as one of the premier modelling agencies in Nigeria, renowned for its commitment to grooming aspiring models and helping them develop the skills and etiquette necessary to excel in the industry.

With a strong focus on professionalism, integrity, and high-quality representation, Zahra Models has built a reputation for nurturing talent and connecting models with top-tier opportunities in various sectors.


One of the key strengths of Zahra Models lies in its extensive network and collaborations with leading fashion industries, advertising agencies, music video producers, and other creative entities.

The agency actively works to secure placements and assignments for its clients/models, ensuring they have access to a diverse range of opportunities to showcase their talent and further their careers.


Located at the National Stadium in Surulere, Lagos, Zahra Models benefits from its strategic location in one of Nigeria’s vibrant fashion and entertainment hubs.

This prime location enables the agency to tap into the rich pool of talent in the area and stay connected with industry trends and developments.


The agency maintains a strong online presence and utilizes digital platforms to promote its models and connect with potential clients and industry professionals.

Through an active social media presence, Zahra Models showcases the achievements and potential of its models, attracting attention from both local and international stakeholders in the fashion and entertainment industries.


Whether it’s runway shows, magazine editorials, advertising campaigns, music videos, or other creative projects, Zahra Models strives to provide its clients/models with the best opportunities available.

By fostering a culture of excellence, professionalism, and integrity, Zahra Models continues to make a significant impact in the Nigerian modelling industry and is recognized as one of the leading agencies for aspiring models looking to launch successful careers.


Face modelling agencies in Nigeria

We have mentioned some of the best high-paying modelling agencies in Nigeria above but which of the modelling agencies in Nigeria cater to face models.


Here are some more information about what face models do.

Face models specialize in showcasing and promoting facial features for various mediums such as print advertisements, commercials, catalogues, beauty campaigns, editorial shoots, and more.

Their primary focus is on highlighting the unique characteristics and expressions of their face, rather than full-body modelling. Here are some specific roles and responsibilities of face models:


  1. Beauty and Cosmetics Campaigns: Face models are often sought after by beauty and cosmetics brands to showcase their products. They work closely with makeup artists, hairstylists, and photographers to create visually captivating images that highlight the features and versatility of the brand’s offerings.
  2. Editorial and Fashion Photography: Face models often feature in editorial spreads for magazines and fashion publications.
  3. Close-up Shots: Face models are used for close-up shots, where their facial features become the main focal point. These shots highlight details such as the eyes, lips, skin texture, and bone structure. Close-up shots are often used in beauty editorials, product advertisements, and skincare campaigns, as they allow viewers to appreciate the intricate details and quality of the featured products.
  4. Brand Ambassadors: Face models may also serve as brand ambassadors for beauty, skincare, and cosmetic companies. As ambassadors, they represent the brand’s image, values, and products through their facial appearance and expressions. They may appear in promotional events, brand campaigns, or social media content to endors



Here a few of the face modelling agencies in Nigeria.


1. Y-ray Models.

Again Y-ray models make our list as of one the best modelling agencies in Nigeria.

Y-ray Models is one of the leading modeling agencies in Nigeria that specializes in face modeling. Founded by Raymond Iorkoh, Y-ray Models has gained recognition for its exceptional talent and unique approach to showcasing facial beauty.

The agency has a team of skilled professionals who are adept at capturing the essence and allure of faces. From casting to portfolio development, Y-ray Models provides comprehensive services to aspiring face models, helping them carve a successful career in the industry.

With a keen eye for beauty and a commitment to excellence, Y-ray Models continues to play a significant role in promoting the art of face modelling in Nigeria.


2. El Glamorous Modelling Agency:

Another prominent agency that focuses on face modelling is El Glamorous Modelling Agency. This agency has made a name for itself by highlighting the beauty and elegance of facial features.

El Glamorous Modelling Agency takes pride in its diverse roster of face models who possess a unique blend of charisma and versatility.


With a strong network of industry connections, the agency offers its models ample opportunities to work with renowned brands, fashion designers, and photographers.

Through meticulous training and guidance, El Glamorous Modeling Agency equips its models with the necessary skills to excel in the competitive world of face modeling.


3. Jc Models: 

Again JC Models makes it into our list of top model agencies in face industry.

JC Models Nigeria is yet another notable agency that caters to the needs of face models. With a mission to redefine beauty standards, JC Models Nigeria celebrates the individuality and distinctiveness of facial features.

Led by the experienced founder, Jane Chuks, the agency strives to showcase the diverse beauty that exists within Nigeria.

JC Models Nigeria provides a nurturing and supportive environment for its models, enabling them to develop their unique style and persona.

The agency organizes workshops, runway shows, and photo shoots to enhance the skills of its models and expose them to various facets of the modelling industry.

By emphasizing the importance of facial expression and aesthetics, JC Models Nigeria has become a sought-after platform for aspiring face models.


While the modelling industry in Nigeria primarily focuses on full-body modelling, the emergence of these dedicated face modelling agencies signifies the increasing demand for models who can captivate audiences with their facial features alone.

These agencies not only provide opportunities for aspiring face models but also contribute to the overall growth and recognition of face modelling as an art form in Nigeria.

In conclusion, face modelling agencies play a crucial role in nurturing and promoting the beauty and expression of facial features. Y-ray Models, El Glamorous Modelling Agency, and JC Models Nigeria are three notable agencies in Nigeria that specialize in face modelling.

Through their dedicated efforts and commitment to excellence, these agencies provide aspiring face models with the platform and resources needed to succeed in the industry.

By highlighting the uniqueness and allure of facial features, they contribute to the diversification and growth of the modelling industry in Nigeria.



In this article we have presented you with a list of the best high-paying modelling agencies in Nigeria In various categories.

We highlighted the top 5 best modelling agencies,  we also talked about some face modelling agencies and teenage modelling agencies.


With this post we hope you would now have a better knowledge of the top modelling agencies in Nigeria.

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