10 Good Business Ideas For Teens To Start (Earn Money Online)

Here, I will be sharing profitable small business ideas for teens that are ready to start an online business at their early age in order to become millionaire as a teenager.

Assuming you have beyond doubts, the full permissions to take up on a business as a teen, what business idea for teens would pay you off the most?

In this article, we will look into all possible business ideas for teenage entrepreneurs.

But wait?

Why should you read this post? You may already have few other business ideas, oh, I need to clarify that, it is not the idea of which business to start as teen that matters, have you done a micro survey on the best possible business ideas available out there?

That is what we will do on this post and why you need to read this particular post.

Your best bet will be to read this post for details because it will show you what people don’t really tell you when planning to start an online business and when I will give the 10 good business ideas for teens.

However, we will not just be looking into just any business ideas, because this is where a lot of teens fails, and you will be one of those many teenagers that hits a roadblock when trying to start a business as a teenager in United States, UK or any country you live in if you don’t watch out for what we will discuss in this post?

The very interesting thing is that, as a teenager and one with the mindset of becoming relevant to your society, more than likely, searching for online business ideas for teens will pay off the most because we are in the days of technology.

Modern technology has shaped our today world into a fast moving one, and it throws up thousands of possibilities that even you as a teenager can benefit from.

Yet another reason, is the fact that these business ideas for 16 years old teen or older, is achievable even as a student.

In this article, our focus will be online business ideas for teens. So make sure you read this to the end, I sure have some important secrets and relevant ideas for you that will interest your personality.

Yes I know your thoughts?


Will this pay well as expected? Of course, may I remind you that is this the most easy form of putting your productiveness to positive use.

OnlIne has proven to be a fast and lucrative means that you as a student teenager or just a teen pushing  hard to fend for themselves, can make something good while working, the internet has opened so many doors, yet many do not know how to get into these business ideas for teens.


Are you a mum planning a business idea for your teen?

If you have a creative teenager, your best bet would be to provide them support on starting a not so hard and less financial requiring business.

A survey shows that “The Kauffman Foundation” for teenagers and youth within the age of eight to twenty one show that 83% of young people believe they can be their own boss and they want to start their own business.

While some wish to start young, depending on opportunities available to them, some will wait until one day in the future when they are ready to build something using their skills and abilities.

Every teenager is different, so is the choice for which business idea to start as a teenager?

However, this is your one stop article that will show you all business ideas that will fit into your own perspective of life as a teenager, so read carefully for the details.


Entrepreneur Business Ideas For Youth In The World

Business Ideas For Teens

It’s always interesting to start a business as a teen if you have all the support you need! So many teenagers are creative and skilled.

And you as one of those creative kids out there can make money from your skills, but the key question is, what Business idea should I start as a teenager that is still relevant in 2023?

Let’s call a spade a spade, below are some few important questions to ask yourself when starting an online business idea as a teen.

  • Do you have support from your parents and folk to start an online business?: Parents/guardians are there to guide you just in case you fail or need support to start your teenage business, they are there to guide you and teach you how to handle money you make, talking to your parents about your business idea is often what I recommend to a large number of teens I have mentored on starting a business.
  • Do you have enough time to spend on your online business?: Remember that a business is a also a job, whether a full time or part time job, you have to spend time to make a dollar online from your Job. There is hardly a lucrative business that you can start as a teenager that does not require your time, you should be ready to put in extra hours to earn a good pay online.
  • Do you have a smartphone or Laptop?: Remember that in this post, our focus is on online business ideas for teens. In some other post we will talk about other business that you can do offline. So if you have access to a good smartphone or a personal computer, lucky you, you can explore these ideas.


Online business ideas for teens in 2023

Below are the top 10 easy to start online business ideas for teens These ideas are absolutely still relevant in the year 2023.

  1. Online tutoring
  2. Legitimate online referral programs
  3. Selling your used textbooks.
  4. Start Blogging
  5. Start Writing
  6. Start a YouTube channel
  7. Build Apps or games
  8. Become a computer tutor
  9. Start a product review website.
  10. Start a book summarizing website.

The above 10 business ideas I have shared with you are the most profitable business for any teen, the good thing is, they are easy to setup business ideas, and you can become established using the following tips I will share with you.


What to bear in mind before jumping to start your business as a teenager!

I always advise teenagers to look for a business that does not affect their studies and also your social life as a teenager, do not let business be the absolute reason why you chose to abandon your studies.

Is it possible to be working while going to school as a teenager? Yes with the business ideas I have shared with you, it’s very possible.


So how can I start these business ideas for teens if I don’t know much about starting a business?

As promised, you will get all the important information about starting your online business as a teenager in this post, so now let me point out the ways you can start the top 10 good business ideas I have shared with you.


These are easy to start business ideas so I call them small business ideas for great minds, there are other tasking businesses that teens can do but we will keep our focus on the small business ideas for teens that you can easily get done.

So let’s start.


1. Online tutoring

If you are good in one or two subjects, you can easily find people of your age group that you can teach online from home.

You can make as high as $10 dollars a day (Around 3,000 to 4,0000 Naira in Nigeria currency). You can start by asking Facebook friends, or open online communities, find people who are interested in online tutoring.

You have to give them a reason to patronize you by letting them know the subjects you are very good in, then offer to teach them at a fair price.

You can start by accepting, daily weekly or monthly payments for your tutoring service. Make sure that you have a good working smartphone or computer.

There are a few platforms online where you can also enrol to teach other students, it depends on what you know and how well you can teach what you know.

Test yourself and find already existing platforms or join online communities for teenagers to find people that might be interested in your tutoring career.

No one will know what you do, if you don’t make yourself available.


2. Legitimate Online referral programs

Yes good news, you can make money online just by enrolling for online referrals programs, Let me explain how this works. There are website or apps that performs one service or other, they allow you to join their referral programs.

It’s commonly called affiliate programs, when you enrol and share your invite link, you can get a commission when someone makes a purchase on those sites or App with your purchase link.

This business idea works for teens or any age group, the most important  thing is to have a good smartphone and a network that is strategy that you can use. This is also a legit source!

Some examples of websites that allows you to enrol for their referral programs within and outside Africa that any teenager can make  money from are.

All you have to do is enrol, and share your link with people you think will be interested in their services. You can search for more information about these platforms.


3. Selling your Used Textbooks

This is not very common but many teens do it. You might have books that you have used in the past that you do not use again. You can find people online that are in your community which you can sell those used books to.

You can also find online platforms that allows you to sell your used books to other students. Once you find buyers, you can deliver those books to the buyers location and get paid for it.


4. Start Blogging

Talking about blogging, it’s a very good business idea for teens for many reasons. Apart from the fact that blogging is fun, you stand a chance to make a lot of money as a teenager blogging from the comfort of your home.

The term blogging means, starting an online blog, choosing a topic you like and frequently writing about every of your ideas on your blog for other people to read.

It can be an business blog like Usulorinform, but summary is that you stand a chance to succeed in it and make money if you are serious.

The way it works is not far fetched, you have to start a blog online, we will do another post on how you can open a blog.

Once you have your blog opened, you can then choose a topic that interest you and create content from it, just like the one you are reading now.

The chances are, a lot of people will visit your blog to read what you have wrote, either for entertainment or education purpose and you can monetize your blog from your daily traffic.

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5. Start a Writing business

This is called freelancing in the digital world. This is also an easy to start business, and it’s very easy to start.

There are a lot of companies or individuals looking for people to write content on their blog, website or for other people.

The most crucial part of this is to have a writing skill. You need to be a good writer, that is, someone that enjoys writing to do well in this business.

Once you are sure you can write well, find people, websites or platforms like Fiverr.com where you present or showcase your writing skills. Once you get patronized then you deliver up on the topics you are given to write.

Make sure you understand the topics and do research always in order for your clients to enjoy your service and patronize you more often.


6. Start a YouTube channel

This is not such an easy to start business but you can do it with the support of your elderly ones.

Think of the most famous kid Emmanuella (Mark Angel Commedy in Nigeria) who is now a teenager, she now runs a successful career by creating funny videos for people to watch on YouTube and most of the  contents are appealing to people of her age group.

Yes, if you have the necessary equipment like a good camera, it doesn’t has to be expensive camera, a good smartphone can give you a good video quality.

You can film yourself or find someone elderly to support, create videos that will inspire people of your age group, it could also be educational videos.

Upload your videos on YouTube, while this might take you a little while to start making money, more than likely you can make money from this business if you capitalize well on it.


7. Build Apps or games

Do you have programming skills? Many teenagers are good programmers, you do not have to create something perfect.  Just think of a game or App you can create for your age group.

You can make money by selling your games and Apps. You can learn how to make games and App from YouTube if you have a good computer.


8. Become a computer tutor

If you have knowledge of the computer, you can teach other people how to use the computer online.

All you have to do is create a platform that you can use to teach your audience and give them the lessons they need while you charge them as little as possible for your time.


9. Start a product review website

This is also a small business idea for teens that are smart enough, all you have to do is find products that you can talk about, start a website and give an honest review of those products.

This is similar to blogging, but instead of writing contents you will be doing review for products, e.g baby products, tech products, apps and so on.

From your daily traffic you can monetize and earn money from your website. Starting a website is not so hard, you can find resources online on how to do this.


10. Start a Book summarizing website

This is still a fresh and very good online business idea for teens that makes a very good income in 2023.

Many teens don’t do this because they do not know how to. But it’s simple, all you need to do is open a website and be writing summary of those books you have read.

You might have to read many books to be able to do a review of them. When you do this, people will come to your website to get a review of those books, that Is to get general ideas and you are on your way to making money from this.

Your ideas might be a perfect solution to confusion of a generation.


I hope you have now learn the various small business ideas for teens that you can start in 2023? Good luck as you find the one you like and start it up, Feel free to ask me any question.

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