Best Apps That Pay $100 a Day With $10 Free Registration Bonus

Will you like to start making $100 per day by working online? Here, am going to show you best apps that pay $100 a day with $10 signup bonus instant withdraw.

It is a fact that many of us signup on some apps without knowing that we could earn from them, what if I show you apps that give you money for signing up, how will you feel?

Our major aim here is to be able to signup and earn $100 daily since not all apps offers signup bonus to new users.

I have personally earned over $1,000 dollars within 7days of me registering on most of these apps that am about to show you.

Most apps pay 100 dollars in an hour online and you can withdraw your earning into your PayPal account in less than 5 minutes.

To get started on any of these apps you need to download, install the app and signup and earn $100 legit with your phone.


Legit apps that pay $100 a day without investment

Below are some apps that you can register for free and be sure of earning $100 per day with your smartphone even if you are a student.

Apps that pay $100 a day

Most of this apps just involve you performing some activities on the apps such as; playing online games, publishing articles, uploading video contents, reading books or news on the platform, taking surveys and watching videos and working as a freelancer.

And here are the android apps that can help you earn $100 per day either in United states of America, South Africa, UK, Nigeria and any other parts of the world.


1. Sproutgigs

Sproutgigs is an online marketplace that helps employers to get connected to and hire freelancers from any parts of the world. And you can make up to $100 daily as a freelancer on the platform without living your home.

As someone looking for online jobs that pay $100 dollars a day or individual that want to start working from home I will recommend you to download sproutgigs app or visit their site to start offering your service to earn money.

It is one of the apps that pay $100 a day, but you need to work which means you need to learn any digital skill before you signup on this app.

You can earn above $500 daily by helping different individuals to edit photos or videos, design website, write content, and other digital services.

As at the time of writing this article one of our team members has been working as an SEO specialist and helping people to write SEO content, create do follow backlinks and more and the young man is earning above $200 daily.

Sproutgigs is legit and not a fake site, with the help of your skill and your mobile phone you can turn yourself into a self made millionaire from the comfort of your home.


2. YouTube

Another legit apps that pay $100 a day is YouTube app, you earn money on this platform only if you are a creator on the apps, publishing quality video contents and grow your subscribers.

When you get 1000 subscribers or get 10 million valid public shorts views within the past 90 days, Once you get any of these, you can apply for YouTube’s partner program and monetize your channel.

A video creator on this app you can be earning more than $100 per day depending on your subscribers, the good thing about making money on youtube is that it’s free to join and start making money.

Apart from YouTube paying you, you can also earn through affiliate marketing, advertising for a brand or sell your own products and make more money.


3. Foap app

Foap app is one of the legitimate apps that pays $100 a day into your PayPal account, you make money on this app by selling your photos and videos.

To get started, you only need to download the Foap app, create an account, and upload your photos directly from your iOS or android device.

You can post as many photos as you like. As your work sells, your earnings are recorded in your Foap account. From there, you can withdraw money to your PayPal account.

For each photo you sell on the app you are going to earn $5. though each photo is actually sold at the rate of $10 but the app will take 50% of your earning per photo.

On this app you can earn more than $200 per day selling photos and video online from the comfort of your home.


4. Slidejoy

With slidejoy app, $100 a day is guaranteed, just by unlocking your phone and watch ads, yes! Just that. Slidejoy is a legit mobile app that allows you to earn without having to do anything special. All you have to do is install the app on your mobile device.

You will make money by turning on your screen and swiping to unlock it. How is this possible? Easy enough, what this app really does is turn your lock screen into an advertising space.

They put ads onto your lock screen on your Android and each time you unlock your phone you will get paid, not just that you also get paid for watching the ads displayed on your phone.

Slidejoy pay in carats and 2,000 carats is equal $2. You can earn as much as $100 from this app daily and redeem as gift card or into your bank account.


5. Taskbucks

If you are the type that like testing new products taskbucks is one of the apps that can pay you for testing latest products from different companies.

They pay you for engaging with old product, test new product for free and you get reward for all these. Not just the they also pay you each time you invite your friends and enemies to come and perform the tasks and earn money too.

You can make as much as $100 from this app effortlessly. You can download the app on playstore and start making money online.


6. Fiverr app

Here is another great app that can help your to earn with your skill and passion. The question is what can you offer people in exchange for money?

Many busy entrepreneurs are looking for people that can help them bring their ideas into reality or help them get a job done in exchange for money.

Some job can earn you above $500 once completed and you are sure of earning $100 daily from this app if you are getting enough client’s daily.

I have been working as a freelance writing on Fiverr for year’s now and I can confirm to you that you too can easily download the app, register and start making money from the app selling your skill.


7. Google opinion rewards

This is an opinion rewarding apps that pay $100 a day by performing simple task. You will receive up to $1 per survey in which you completed.

The amount you earn on this app depends on the amount of time you spend performing tasks on the app and the number of questions you answered.

This app is legit and you can download it on playstore. It was created by the google surveys team and today it’s one of the most popular survey paying apps.


8. Userfeel

Everyday new websites and apps are been launched but userfeel helps app and website owners to test what they have created before releasing it for general public to use.

You can earn up to $30 per test and each test last for about 60 minutes and you do this testing using your mobile phone or PC.

and you can earn above $100 daily testing apps and websites and giving feedback on userfeel.


9. TaskRabbit

This app helps to connects you with skilled taskers to help you with some activities like; home repairs, running errands, cleaning, furniture assembly in your new home etc.

If you are skilled in any area you can download the app or visit their website to register and get a task to before. For each taste you successfully performed you will be rewarded.

You can earn as much as $100 daily from taskrabbit and withdraw your earning directly into your Nigerian bank account.


10. Usertesting

If you are looking for side hustle to make extra income into your wallet, Usertesting should be your go to platform.

Usertesting is a third-party vendors that offer testing services. You can register on the company to help companies test their products and give them feedback about the product.

As a company that want to stay long in the business and still remain relevant, this platform will help you to get honest review about your product or services.

This will also help company to protect their brand and eliminate bad user experiences. This will also help the company acquire feedback and remove issues from the product before it’s final launch.



I have been able to show you list of apps that pay $100 a day which are guaranteed, though not all of them that you can start without investment but some required that you work before you earn.

Those android apps and sites can help you to earn extra income while doing other job. It is true that $100 a day is small for some but it’s still better than earning nothing.

Just download any of these apps register and start making money.

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