10 Free Online Jobs That Pay Daily to Bank Account in Nigeria

Do you want to start working online from home doing remote jobs? Am going to show you free online jobs that pay daily or per hour in Nigeria.

There are many online jobs in Nigeria that people are doing to earn money online both students and graduates, I wish I knew these legit online jobs when I was a student I would have been a millionaire before I graduate from school.

Even as a government employee in Nigeria, you can be doing some of these online jobs as a side hustle to boost your monthly income.

However, if you are someone that like watching videos on YouTube and Facebook am also going to show you legit online jobs that pay for watching videos of your choice.

It is not news that I have tested many of these online jobs and am here to reveal them to you and also show you how I was able to start earning N7,000 daily from the comfort of my home.

Even if you are a housewife that wants to start earning daily income to support the family this job will help you to earn money to take good care of your kids.

Will you like to start earning above N10,000 daily by working online, then read this article to the end to understand how remote jobs works and the best job that can help you make more money daily.


Requirements to work online in Nigeria

These are the major requirements to start working online, if you posses any of the qualities or the tools am about to mention here then, you can apply and do any online job of your choice.

  • Have self-discipline (must be Focus)
  • You must have a smartphone or laptop with data connection
  • Have passion and dedication to work online
  • Know how to manage time
  • You must be very comfortable working alone at home
  • Capital of at least N25,000
  • Stable electricity or power supply.


10 Legit Online jobs that pay daily in Nigeria

Online jobs in Nigeria is not a new things, but many individuals mostly unemployed graduates are now moving to work online from the comfort of their home.

Online jobs in Nigeria

Many youngsters now have home office where they also sit and do their job while they earn their daily income. If your plan is to start working online from home then below are full or part-time online jobs in Nigeria you can easily start.


1. Online survey

There are many popular brands that you can help give review about their products and services and get paid for your participation in the online surveys.

It’s one of the best online jobs that pay daily with free registration, which requires that you answer questions based on products or services which you are going to test free and give then feedback (review) about the product in which you have used.

Some high paying survey sites are; Toluna and I-say (IPSOS). toluna.com is a trusted opinion websites working on behalf of many top companies.

Another survey website in which you can register to make money directly into your bank account in Nigeria is onepoll which is one of the best paying survey sites in Nigeria that help companies to collect quick surveys about their product or services.

However, onepoll provides surveys to the press and major brands. You can be earning nothing less Than $10 by doing this legit job in Nigeria with free registration as a students or young boy/girl.


2. Online gaming

Many of us like playing games at our free time even while in office, you can be doing this free online jobs that pay daily as a side hustle to earn daily income.

How will you feel making over N10,000 daily by playing Nigerian based games online, and there are a lot of games that pays users, that is, making money for having fun is that not cool?

There are a lot of individuals that have taking playing games as their full time job, they just stay at any location and be playing game while they get paid directly into their Nigeria bank account.

Waje game is one of the best online games that pays daily, users can play Nigerian based games like rolling dice, whot, etc and win real money.

You can play with your friends with at least N200 to nostalgic games like whot and earn money. Though, their are other football and table tenis games that you can play to make real money online.

Even as an uneducated person or graduate you can also play games and make cool money from the comfort of your home.


3. Online classes job

You might have been seeing people hosting different online classes online based in their area if specialization like; graphic designing, copywriting etc, what if I tell you now that you can make money by sharing what you know with people.

Online jobs that pay daily

This is just one of the online jobs that pay daily in Nigeria which you too can easily start and make money with free registration, you can host your paid classes on WhatsApp, private Facebook group or zoom.

You can even package what you know as information product and sell to people online while you earn your cool cash. Making money online is now very easy these days as tutoring is now one of the common jobs that people are doing online.

This is not limited to teaching skills but also teaching students different subjects that you are good at.


4. Graphics designing

If your aim is to be earning above N5,000 per day, this online job will help you to earn money directly to your Nigerian bank account. Many companies and business owners are always in need of people with graphic designing skills to hire.

If you have passion for this job and you are good at it, informing people about what you are capable of offering should be your first step, then position yourself well by making sure you always deliver quality services to your new and old clients.

Though this is not a new online jobs that pay daily but people are still earning cool cash from it. Earning money by helping individuals to design logos, banners and images and get paid.

The reason why I like this job is that you can stay at anywhere and do it with your laptop and data connection. You can even register on many freelancing platform to enable you get more clients that can patronize you.


5. Web designing

This is not just an online jobs that pay daily but also one of the top skill you need to have as a student to enable you earn money online either while in school or after graduation.

It is not must that you must be a programmer or know how to code before you can start this job, you can be helping people to design blogs and websites using CMS, content management systems like WordPress.

You can be earning nothing less than $200 dollars weekly if you are good at this job because it is one of the most sought after skill worldwide.

You can learn how to design websites for free on youtube or you can take free or paid web design course on udemy to enable you start making money online, and you can register on platform like; upwork or Fiverr enable you gain more clients.


6. Freelance writing

Freelance writing involves providing written content to clients on a project basis, without being bound to a single employer. This flexibility allows individuals to work independently, choosing their own projects and managing their time.

In Nigeria, freelance writing offers a viable career option for those with strong writing skills and a passion for creating compelling content.

You can get client from any where including Facebook, WhatsApp and websites like; Fiverr and upwork. I can tell you that this is one of the easiest online jobs that pay daily in Nigeria without any investment.

As an experienced freelance writer and someone that have been in this field for a long time, I can tell you that you as a beginner you can be earning no less than $20 per day directly into your bank account in Nigeria.

If you are a student looking for online writing jobs for students in Nigeria that pay daily or weekly freelance writing job should be your go to.


7. Social media management job

This jobs is mostly for people that like social media, you can turn what you like into money making opportunity. Without any investment you can start making money by helping different individuals and companies to manage their social media platforms.

To get start, just create account on the social media platform e.g Facebook, start marketing yourself as a professional social media manager if any one of company need your service they will contact you and give you a role on their page.

You can even join any freelance platform as their are already thousands of clients looking for social media managers to manager their page activities, like; comment, message and other activities moderation.

Many rich men or business women or influencers have no time to reply messages or even moderate comments on their social media platforms, but with your help they can be able to get those problems solved.


8. SEO Consultancy

Are you an SEO (search engine optimization) experts? This is your chance to earn cool cash by working from home. This is a profitable skill which you need to learn because many companies, bloggers and websites owners are always in search of people with this skill.

Not just because it pays daily or weekly but it is high paying and very sought after. The work of an SEO specialist is to analyze, plan and manage clients all SEO tactics.

They will also help in building a high ranking blog on search engines through their services. By building high quality links, writing SEO optimized contents and doing keyword research for bloggers.

You can’t just wake up to start this job without any investment rather, you need to dedicate your time and energy to master this skill for not less than two months through practical learning.


9. Transcription job

This job is mostly recommended for active listeners that want to earn money online daily by working from home. Monetizing your active listening skill is very possible, this work involves you listening to audio or video and translate the audio or video into text.

You can get high paying transcription jobs on freelance platforms like upwork, gotranscript.com, peopleperhour etc.

Gotranscript pay competitive rates for their online transcription jobs, it is a thriving web-based transcription and translation company.

If you are a skilled transcriptionist who takes pride in your work, and you want to make a difference in the world, you can join the platform to start making money.

Gotranscript per transcriptionists through PayPal and you can earn up to $0.60 per audio or video of a minute. And you can earn $150 average per month into your bank account in Nigeria.


10. Voice over job

Do you have a sweet and attractive voice, did you think your voice is cool or special? you can start working online from home as a voice over artist. It is one of the best and high paying online jobs in Nigeria for both ladies, guys and students.

Your job as a voice over artist is to read out a written script using a microphone which this voice over may be added to a video and upload on youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

The amount you make depends on how long the script you where given are, and you can be making above $100 daily doing this job.

You can easily get clients on upwork, fiverr or by direct contact.



I have been able to show you legit online jobs that pay daily in Nigeria which are mostly free and jobs you can be doing as a Nigerian student to earn money directly into your bank account.

Not just that I have also revealed many online writing and data entry jobs in Nigeria that you can be doing from the comfort of your home.

Which of those online jobs in Nigeria did you think can help you earn your first $1000?

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