6 Smart Ways To Start Tailoring Business In Nigeria (2024)

Will you like to be a tailor? This article will guide you on how to become a professional tailor and how to start tailoring business and make money.

A friend of mine from India once said that tailoring is the most lucrative business in India because no part of India or any where in the world that you can’t find a tailor either to stitch your cloth or to sew new one.

But before you start tailoring business you need to learn the skill by learning from someone that is already into the tailoring business, you will be under the person’s guidance for not less than one year to be able to become a tailor.

Tailoring Is a skill that involves cutting, turning up of sim line, joining and sewing the cloth completely. It is very interesting skill to learn and practice. It gives me joy when I see the outcome of my work looking perfect.


How To Start a Tailoring Business In Nigeria

Tailoring business

  1. Rent a shop
  2. Buy sewing machine of your choice
  3. Buy seizures, Tape rule, thread, machine oil
  4. Construction of furnitures like: cutting table, shelf, high and balanced seat
  5. Dummy for sampling of your dress after sewing
  6. Buy clothing materials for better profit.

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Rent a shop

Rent a shop in a good location, most people due start their own from home but if you want to make a lot of profit you need to bring out money and rent a good shop in a busy location.

Do not rent your shop in a close place that is not visible to people like your shop be easily identify. It will cost you not less than N50,000 to rent a shop in most locations in Nigeria.


Buy sewing machine of your choice

There are different kinds of sew machines such as; mechanical sewing machine, electronic sewing machine, automated sewing machine, embroidery machine, overlock sewing machine or serger.

  • Automatic and manual sewing machine (N65,009)
  • Industrial sewing machine (N300,000).

The sewing machine that you buy depends on the type of cloths that you want to be using it to sew, for example, you can’t use automatic and manual sewing machine for weaving clothes rather if you want to be doing weaving you need to buy machine that is build specifically for weaving.


Buy seizures, Tape rule, thread, machine oil

You need to get all tailoring tools and equipments ready such as; threads, machine oil, tape rules, chalk etc.


construction of furnitures like: cutting table, shelf, high and balanced seat

You really need these, if you want to get a good furnitures for your tailoring business I will advice you to go to the person that want to construct the cutting table, shelf, high and balance seats and explain the size of your shop to him so he can know the measurement to use for the table and others.


Dummy for sampling of your dress after sewing

This is also very important to be able to attract more customers, not just that always keep some cloths that you have sew outside for people to be seeing this will help you to attract more customers.


Buy clothing materials for better profit

Buy some clothing materials and keep in your shop you will make a lot of gain if those selling tailoring materials are not in your area other tailors may be coming to your shop to buy.

However, you will make more gain when you bought clothing materials from a cheaper source and put in your shop. Because when a customer buys from your shop both the gain from the the materials and from sewing will be yours.


Is tailoring a profitable business?

Yes, It gives me bigger profit most times than the stress it gives me in a day. As a tailor that really learnt the skill from a profession you will be able to attract more customers if you are able to sew exceptional dress for them, that is more customers more money.

The price that you will charge your customers depends on the kind of service you offers and how many customers that use to patronize you. Tailoring is a profitable business in both Nigeria, India and anywhere in the world.


How to advertise a tailoring business In 2023

Most individuals think that this business is all about learning the skill alone, without knowing that you also need to understand the business strategy also.

Tailoring Business In Nigeria

There are many ways you can promote your tailoring business to be able to attract more customers to patronize you and am going to point them out here;

  • Sew some unique styles with quality materials and hang them in front of your shop, this will make people to either branch your shop to check on those beautiful dresses or branch to know if you can sew such cloth for them too.


  • Go to different offices and homes and tell them about your business, get their contacts and inform them to always patronize you each time they want to sew cloth, show them some of your past works this will stick unto their memory and they will always remember you each time they are thinking of sew cloth.


  • Make use of social media, social media is not just a tool to connect with your friends and have fun it is also one of the most important business tools that you needs to take advantage of to boost your business.

Always post your new styles on your WhatsApp status, Facebook profile and Instagram too, this will help you gain more visibility and by so doing you will keep attracting more customers, most individuals that see your beautiful handwork will like to patronize you, location is never a barrier because we are in a jet age.


  • Make use of blogging to promote your tailoring business, did you know how many people that are currently looking for professional tailors in your location? People go to search engine like google everyday to search for keywords like; best tailor near me, where to learn tailor in Nigeria, India, Ghana or Lagos.

With the power of blogging you can be able to turn those people into your customers, they can contact you through your blog and you will sew the cloth for them and waybill it to them and get your money.

I know a friend of mine that is a tailor here in Nigeria but she use to ship many cloths that she has sewed to different countries like; USA, Canada, South Africa etc and she earn in different currencies.

How much can I use to open a tailoring shop?

The amount that it will cost you to start tailoring shop depends on the location and the kind of shop you want to open and type of equipment and tools that you want to buy also.

But the minimum amount that you can use to start tailoring business in Nigeria is N200,000 naira (37,438.64 Indian Rupee).


Is tailoring a business or profession?

Tailoring is a business and also a profession at the same time. Because you need to learn the skill from an experience tailor and when you become a professional you will collect your certificate and go and open your own.

It becomes a business when you started sew for people to make money. You can be a professional tailor without making money because you are not doing the business you only have the knowledge, like most persons learnt how to sew cloth but they do not want to be sewing for people.


Who stitches your cloths?

A tailor also do stitching for customers that want to stitch their dress. This will help you to earn extra income as a tailor.



If you become a professional tailor and you start tailoring business you can earn thousands of naira even if you are doing it from home. I know most students that learnt how to sew clothes that are currently making cool cash from the comfort of their home.

If you do not have enough money to rend a shop, I will advice you to get the basic necessary equipment and start when you make some money you can be able to rend a shop and continue offering your services.

Did you have any other question related to tailoring garments business, kindly drop it in the comment box below, I will reply you as soon as I can.

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