Top 10 Best Selling Items On Mercari (Make Money in 2024)

Will you like to know the best selling items on mercari? Here I will be showing the most sold items on mercari in 2024.

Mercari is an online market place just like eBay, it is the best place that you can go to declutter or discover best items that have value and are quality.

This platform helps you to connect with millions of buyers and sellers across the United States through their application.

The most interesting fact about mercari is that you can also sell things that you are no more using but it still have value, mercari team will help you to make the exchange easier for both the seller and the buyer.

However, with the help of mercari online market place you can simply say goodbye to things you are no more using and welcome to the delightful new ones.

What is Mercari?

Mercari is an e-commerce platform that was founded 9years ago by the CEO, Shintaro Yamada as an online shopping platform.

Their first market place application was first launched in Japan in July 2013, and it has grown to become Japan’s largest online marketplace.

It expanded to United kingdom in 2016 from their office in United States of America. The platform has proven to be legit because it has existed since 2013 without any problem.


How does mercari work?

Our focus here is to know things to sell on mercari and the best selling items on mercari but before that knowing how mercari works will help you earn more money.

The best way to sell fast on mercari is to keep your listings at the top of the search results, because mercari algorithm mostly favour’s new listings on the platform.

It’s just like social media feed, people will easily see latest items listing on the platform while old items will go down. This is why most sellers normally either end their listings if it has gone down and relist the items or drop the price.

Both method can bring you back to the top and give you more exposure. Unlike eBay that even if your item has been their for months it may still be on top result but the case of mercari is different.

Most buyers normally go to top categories and browse new listing and most people do follow their favourite sellers, which will make them to see latest items on the home page each time they list it on the store.

The site charges a 10% commission on sales, plus a $2 processing fee for direct deposits under $10. There’s also a $2 fee if a direct deposit transfer is rejected by your bank.


What are the best selling items on mercari?

best selling items on mercari

If your aim is to make more money as a seller or dropshipper I will advice you to focus on the most sold items on mercari this will reduce your stress and give you chance to sell off your goods more faster.

Selling things that is not booming on the platform might make you to keep losing money instead of gaining and for you to start gaining as a seller you need to target the best selling items on mercari and start selling.

Mercari has large audience, the best support and the lowest fees, and it is the best eBay alternative.

Remember, what sold well in mercari in 2022 will help you to predict what will sell well on the platform in 2023, a better understanding of the popular products will help you increase your online sales.

Each category on mercari has it’s top selling items, let look at some of them;


1. Fashion:

Fashion industry is always the most booming industry anywhere both online and offline people must cover their body to look good and it’s one of the best things to sell on mercari.

On this category the best selling items on mercari for men’s cloth based on brand are;

Filson, shirts, the territory ahead, ermenegildo zegna, carhartt and schott while the most popular brand for women are; Eileen fisher, FLAX, free people, dale of Norway or diane von furstenberg.


2. Computers and tablets:

Another best selling items on mercari is computer, tablets, scanners, laptops, printers, etc. We are in jet age were by almost everything is being done using computer. People are always demanding for this kind of product mostly latest versions.

The most popular brands are; Apple, Samsung, Ghia, Kocaso or Asus.

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3. Health and beauty products:

It is true that health is wealth but beauty also add value to the wealth to make it perfect, your aim as human is not just to look healthy but also to look beautiful too.

Some fast selling health and beauty products on mercari are; vitamins, dietary supplements, skin care products, perfume, hair straighteners and hair dryers, make up, shampo, hair coloring, wigs etc.


4. Mobile phone and accessories:

This is also one of the top selling items on mercari because we are in ICT globalization stage were by people hardly do without mobile phone they need it for so many reason.

Some of the best selling mobile phones and accessories are; tempered glass screen protectors, silicone cases, in car Iphone holders etc.

The most popular brand is the Iphones and because of that Iphone accessories are the most popular.


5. Video games:

The best selling product on mercari are; video games and video consoles. The popular brands in this category are; Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Generic brands too.

If you are a good video game creator you can make money by selling it on mercari.


6. Crafts:

This is another best selling items on mercuri and the most popular category in crafts are; jewellery making beads, stone beads, paper craft and scrapbooking.


7. Home and garden:

There are a lot of best things to sell on mercari that will make peoples home look more attractive and beautiful too, such home furnishing items are; sofas, lighting, coffee tables.

The most popular garden items are; garden furniture, parasols and barbecues.


8. Seasonal decor:

Seasonal decorating is the great way to change the decor of your home and keep it fresh by using temporary ornaments and displays erected together with seasonal or holiday activities like; Canada day, Christmas day.

The most sold seasonal decor on mercari are; seasonal pillows, seasonal wreath, Christmas trees.


9. Stuffed animals & plush toys:

This is a toy that normally looks like an animal, made from plush or another type of thick, soft cloth, and filled with a soft material so that it is pleasant to hold.

Children or young adults usually carry it. The most popular stuffed animal that is the most sold on mercari is the classic teddy bear.


10. Shoes:

Shoes and some other foot wears are among the best selling items on mercari, I would have added it to fashion category but their are some specific types of shoes that are top selling such as;

Nike, Reebok, Skecher, Vf corporation, vans, converse, new balance etc.

Mercari login portal

Will you like to login to mercari market place, here is procedure on how to login to;

  • Visit
  • Enter your email address
  • Input your password
  • Click on login

Can’t login to mercari app?

Here is what you should do if you are unable to login to mercari app;

Visit scroll down and click on forgot password, enter your registered email and the link to retrieve your password will be send to you.



Frequent asked questions:

Is mercari legit?


Mercari platform is legit and is not scam or fake app for online market. It is one of the trusted e-commerce website in USA.

Though scammers might be on the app but sellers and buyers need to always use their common sense.


What are the most sold items on mercari?

The most sold item on mercari is clothing and electronics items. This ranges from women and men’s outfits to children’s clothing, shoes, accessories, and more.

People like to buy clothes, and electronic devices mostly and it’s one of the best selling items on mercari right now.


Can you sell handmade items on mercari?


You can sell handmade items on mercari and earn money, either new one or used items. You just have to make it look beautiful and quality.


Is it worth it to sell on mercari?


Mercari is one of the best platforms where you can sell any quality things that have value to people that really need it. They have good commission rate and better business bureau rating.


What are the secrets to sell fast on mercari?

  • Sell trending items

People mostly like to follow trend, they like to wear the latest trending cloths or use latest phones, try to list your items during popular buying times so you can make much aales.

  • Use multiple beautiful photos of your product

Do not just use anyhow photos on your photo description of the product rather take the photos of the product in a good light environment.

This will not only let people view the type of product they want to buy but also give then the mental picture of the quality and size.

  • Write attention grabbing-description

For you to make fast sales on mercari, try to write the description of the product in such a way that people will be able to have full insight about the product and make them understand it more better.

  • Use keyword in your title and description

People normally search for product to buy on mercari using keywords related to the product, as a seller you need to look for the popular keywords that people are using mostly to search for that type of your product, this way you will not only get more impressions but more sales.

How does mercari work

  • Always relist non-selling items

If you noticed that a particular item is not performing well based on sales, you need to relist it, since mercari website algorithm mostly favours new listing products, the best way to get more clicks to your product is to relist it.

  • Sell popular name brand items

Another trick to sell fast on mercari is to sell product that has popular brand name that people are always looking for, people mostly like to buy quality branded product like; NIKE, Adidas, Coach, and Michael kors.

Which means you need to be adding this brand name to your product title and description too.



I have been able to show you all the best selling items on mercari, things to sell on mercari to earn high income and how to sell on  mercari fast.

Mercari have both website and application, so you can make use of both, never forget that mercari platform hate fake products, selling quality items will help you earn high on the platform.

What is your experience about this platform?

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