What Business Can I Start As A Student In Nigeria Today?

Been a student entrepreneur is not just good but will help you to be financial stable in campus, over thousands of students have been asking me of the best business ideas for students in Nigeria to start and make money.

The economy of Nigeria is going more tougher everyday, students are getting more broke due to high expenses and the cost of things in school and in the market, as a student you will always spend money, either big or small because you will buy text books, gas and food items plus your transport fare to school everyday.

The worst thing that may ever happened to a student is being broke and you can’t easily contact your parents who are living far away and your friends in campus are broke too which means you are totally stranded with no money.

The above reason might cause a student to start thinking negatively about how to make money, according to my research over 480 persons in Nigeria search for Yahoo boy WhatsApp group link each month, which means those teenagers are looking for who can guide them on how to scam people to get money.

To clear the mind of our teenagers and inject positive thoughts in them I am going to share with you legit business ideas for student in Nigeria, most especially university students to start right now.


Why should you start a business as a student in Nigeria?

  1. You will stop depending on your parent for everything, which means less burden on your sponsor.
  2. You will be financially stable, which means you will always have money to buy your needs in school.
  3. You can still continue the business even when you graduate from school, that is you will become a working class immediately you graduate from school.
  4. You will not have time to waste on irrelevant things rather, you will always be thinking about your business whenever you are out of class.

The thought of writing about business opportunities in Nigeria came to my mind when a student asked a question on our Facebook group about business she can start with at least N15,000 capital. Business ideas for students in Nigeria

After commenting my own point I decided to share to others who can’t see the post here, at Usulorinform.com But if you already have a skill then am going to share with you simple ways you can make money with your skill as a student even if you did not have start up capital.

The profitable business opportunities that am about to share here are some businesses that student can start with 2k, 5k, 10k, 20k, 30k, 40k and above.


Best business ideas for students in Nigeria

1. Data reselling business

I am sure you are able to access the Internet to look for cheap business you can start as a student because you have data, without the data bundle you may be denied access to the Internet which means over millions of people that make use of internet daily usually buy data bundle.

You can start up this data reselling business and be selling data to people with at least 2k or 5k, to start this business today all you just need to do now is to visit dataway and register, after paying your one time registration fee of N2,000 you can proceed to fund your account with any amount and start reselling data to people at affordable rate.

Starting cost: 2k and above, N2,000 for registration on the platform, while you can fund your account with at least N100.


2. Recharge card printing business

Another business that is related to data reselling is recharge card printing business. Just like data reselling but this is more than that because you will need a minimum of 10k to 50k to buy E-pin online that will enable you to print out the recharge card in hard copy and start selling to people.

There are a lot of gain in these business and it is very easy to start, you can stay at anywhere in Nigeria campus and do it, and it is not a must that you will have a shop or shade rather you can be selling your recharge card around the school by creating the awareness about it in the campus.

You can also be selling your printed recharge card to some retailers that need it too. It is one of the profitable business ideas for students in Nigeria that I have tried when I was In University and I really make thousands of dollars from it as an undergraduate students back then.


3. Tailoring material business

Another business opportunity that I can recommend for any student is selling of tailoring materials in wholesale or retail to people depending on your budget.

As a student you can learn how to start mini-importation business and start importing tailoring materials from China to Nigeria at an affordable price without leaving your home.

Internet have make everything easier for us, which means to start this business you need to look for online platforms that normally help people to buy something and monitor the shipping till it get to your destination and negotiate with them, once you have accepted their policy and it’s okay for you, you can send the list of items you need to them and they will buy it and ship to you without delay.

All you just need to do is to start advertising your business by meeting different tailors around the school campus to patronize you, give them your contact anytime they need any of your product they will contact you.

Note: you are not the first student that will start this business in campus, many of my friends have done it when we were in school and am sure they made a lot of cash doing it.

Starting cost: 50k and above.


4. Foot wear business

Another hot business ideas for students in Nigeria to start today is buying and selling of foot wears, you can start by buying different kinds of foot wears that teenagers can wear and start selling in campus.

For example, my younger sister started this food wear business few months ago and she is making not less than 30k monthly from it. She normally buy each foot wear at the rate of N3500 and she will be reselling it at the rate of N6,000. Which means for each foot wear she sell she will make N2,500.

However, from my observation if my younger sister should graduate from schools and she decided to continue with the business she will be making not less than N100,000 monthly, will she thinking of looking for any white collar job again? I guess, No!


5. Selling of Underwear, boxers, bra and pants

Students like you need these things and making it available to them in different colours, design and size will really be a good business strategy for you because you will earn a lot of money selling it.

I know, they may be funny to you or you may be ashamed of selling bra, pants and different underwears but let me advice you, don’t be ashamed of your hustle, nobody is willing to give you free money.

Do your business shamelessly and make your money. poverty or sapa does not know anyone either female or male. If you are broke in campus and you see others that are working hard spending money you may be tempt to do something negative just for you to get money and enjoy like others, which is bad.


6. POS business

POS business is a good business idea for student to start in Nigeria to earn extra cash in campus. It is not a new business anymore but it is still lucrative, most especially if you are the owner of the machine.

To start POS business is simple, all you need to do is to request for the terminal from any POS company of your choice or from bank.

The most popular fintech company that offer POS machine currently are; OPay, Moniepoint, and Boxi box. These companies offers you the machine either free or paid, once you collect it you can go to any where and start operating it to earn your money.

And if you already have an already operating business like, super market you can add POS business to it to make more money.

Starting cost: 70k and above but if you already have the POS machine you can easily start with 20k to 30k.

7. Tutorial business

If their is any course or subject that you know very well, you can open a tutorial center and start teaching your Junior students while they pay you either daily or weekly.

You can even, start private tutorial for students in primary school or junior secondary. All you just need to do is to print fliers or start going house by house informing parent about your business, if they know you can help to improve their children’s academic performance they will be glad to even pay you more than your price.

However, since we are in digital era you can decide to be teaching people from the comfort of your home, there are many online platforms such as prepclass.com.ng where you can register as a tutor and start teaching over thousands of registered students on the platform without stepping out of your home.

Tutorial business is a very lucrative business ideas for student in Nigeria currently that is booming, no matter the campus or location. Since students will always find most courses difficult coming out to guide them and get paid if you are good at it is not a bad business idea.


8. Peanut business

Peanut is being produced using groundnut and other ingredients which you can easily get from market. Learning how to make peanut and be selling around the school environment is one of the cheapest business ideas for students in Nigeria with a minimum capital of 5k you can make enough peanut that will give you up to N3,000 profit.

I didn’t just come up with this business idea rather it is one of the best untapped business opportunities in Nigeria that many of my female friends have been selling to make money that they normally use to ball in the campus.

Students buy peanut when they are in school to use and quench hunger, most take it home so they can use it to sock garri, in fact the rate at which peanut is being consume is very high in Nigeria in general.


9. Crayfish business

If I should recommend business that can turn you into millionaire fast as a student I will recommend crayfish business, but depends on the campus. I started this business when I was in high school because my mom was a crayfish seller. I picked up the business idea from her and started selling mine in school.

When I entered university, I noticed that the demand of such species of crayfish is very high but little supply to that environment. Since I have known where my mom normally go to purchase it in large quantities I started travelling outside the state where my school is located during the weekend to buy the crayfish, it will not reach up to 5days i will finished selling up to 2 bags of crayship which I normally buy.

From this business I use to make at least 20k each week, calculate it for 3 weeks, which means am making 60k within 3weeks as a student, is that not much? No, that was how I became big boy in school back then.


10. Oil business

If you are still thinking of best business in Nigeria to start with 5k, 10k or 40k palm oil business should be among the list, why? Because their is high demand of palm all in Nigeria and the campus environment is not an exception.

You can buy palm oil in large quantity when it is cheap and store when the price goes high you may go and resell it and make your gain, or you can be selling it in bottles in the local market within the campus environment with this business you can be making money to solve most of your financial issues in school.


11. Zobo tea for weight loss

Business opportunities in Nigeria

Many individuals want to loss weight and producing zobo tea that can help them to loss that weight is a good business idea for teens. If you are not the one producing the zobo tea for instance, you normally buy it at the wholesale store from the market you will make 1k on each pack you sell.

There are many of your fat friends that are looking for how they can loss weight, showing them this product and explain how it works for them will make them patronize you.


12. Sales of past questions

Many students didn’t know that this is a very lucrative business, when I was a student I normally collect different past questions from my friend and mine too and keep each time will finished exams.

When school resume I will start advert by telling people if they need any past question that they should let me know that I normally sell, I even go as far as producing WAEC past questions and started selling to those preparing for WAEC, I was able to earn a lot of many from this cool business.


13. Standup comedy/MC

Standup comedy/Mc is another profitable business ideas for students in Nigeria to start for free, if you know how to crack joke or you can act comedy you can organize a team and start creating content and publish on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Or you can be working as an MC for an events, helping people to make their event lively will be a good business idea, since many events within the campus are normally held during the weekend, I know many popular comedians or MCs that started in school, but today they are millions in dollars


14. Barbing salon business

This list can’t be complete without adding barbing salon business, but the issue is that this business required skill which you need to learn under a professional.

If you have the skill, you must not have a salon of your own before you start this business, this is one of the best business ideas for students in Nigeria to start without capital.

If you do not have salon of your own you can go and register in another persons salon and start working there while you get paid either daily or weekly. I have written a comprehensive guide on how to start barbing salon business in Nigeria as a student.

Starting cost: 100k and above can start a standard barbing salon.


15. Cyber cafe business

If you know how to operate computer very well you can start up cyber cafe business and start helping students to do their assignments, typing of different kinds of works and much more.

The fact is that you must not have your own shop before you start this business, because you can be working from the comfort of your home. You can be collecting the assignment and take it home to do and bring it for them.


16. Poultry farming

Business like poultry farming doesn’t stop you from doing other jobs nor distract you from going to school, I mostly recommend university students to start poultry farming because it is one of the best business ideas for students in Nigeria to make money from.

It is a business you do quietly without much problems while doing other jobs, though depending on the quantity of the birds. People around you especially your course mates will be wondering where you are getting money from until they enter your farm.

It is also business you can start small and grow in a short time if you are diligent. Everything about poultry is money.

Starting cost: N2,000 and above.


Online business opportunities for students in Nigeria

Business ideas for students

Below are the top online business ideas for students in university to start from the comfort of there homes, the only thing you need is internet access and smartphone.

Instead of wasting your time at home during ASSU strike learning one or two digital skill will help you never to get broke again in school.

Imaging making $100 to $200 from the comfort of your home as a student, you are already a big boy in school. The good thing about working online as a student is that you can stay at home or anywhere and do your work.

17. Blogging

Blogging is not just an online business for students to start and make money while in school but one of the best business you can invest in as a student.

You can create a niche blog and focus on creating high quality contents on it until you start generating some traffic, monetize it with google ads or by promoting affiliate product and earn your commission for each referrer you make.

The major reason why I like blogging is that it doesn’t disturb you from studying except if you fail to plan for it. You can always stay at home and create some high quality contents daily after school. If you are consistent after six months you will be sure of making some cool cash daily.


18. Affiliate marketing

Another good business ideas for University students in Nigeria is affiliate marketing which is the process of telling people to buy a product through you and when they make a purchase you get a commission for telling them.

It is very simple and anyone can do it. To get started all you just need is to go to platform like; Jumia, Amazon, and konga and register after the registration get your referral link and start promoting.

You can start sharing the referral link to your Facebook or Instagram followers and when anyone make a purchase using your referral link you will earn a commission immediately.

You can create a niche Facebook group and start promoting some product in which the members will like to buy, for example; when I was in University i created Hairstyles group and I register on a platform that sells wigs, hair creams, and other hair care products in which ladies will like and i started promoting them in my facbbook group.


19. Crypto trading

Another cool business ideas for students in Nigeria is trading of crypto currency like; Shiba inu coin, bitcoin and other coins, you can invest and allow the value of your money to increase before you withdrawal it. Or you can decide to be doing daily trading if your target it to be earning daily.


20. Forex trading

Just like crypto trading this one involve you trading different foreign like; Dollar and Euro. There are many forex brokers in Nigeria that can help you to trade forex easily like; OctaFX and others.

21. App development

You can make a lot of money helping different individuals and companies to develop an app. But, before you can start offering this kind of service you must understand how to code an application.

Learning how to create an app is very easy because their are many free and paid courses online that you can learn how to code and udemy.com is one of such platforms that you can learn app development.


22. Graphics design

Graphics design is among the best online business ideas for students in Nigeria that can help any teenager with graphic design skill to make enough money while in school.

You can start working as a freelance graphic designer which means you can work from anywhere, since their are many business owners looking for who can design logos, fliers and ither imagies for them, their is high chance of you succeeding in this business.


How can a student start a business?

  • Learn a skill, trade or how to make any product.
  • Learn how to market your skill or product to the right audience.
  • Invest in your business, the investment may be in form of time or money.
  • Be consistent and always deliver on time.
  • Choose quality over quantity service and be unique in your business.

The above mentioned points will help you to start a business as a Nigerian students either with capital or without any capital. If you do not have a skill at least learn how to make any product that you know people will like.

And if you are into buying and selling or you have a skill you need to master art of selling. You need to learn how to market your product to your audience, not just that invest both time and money into your business so that it will keep booming.


What do students buy the most?

There are a lot of things that students mostly buy, and these are the best selling items in students environment: shoe, cloths, foods, electronics gadgets, beauty products etc.

But, if you are thinking of the high demand handwork or skill in students environments are; Barbing, hair dressing, make up artist, programming, someone with typing skill etc.



Finally, before you start any business or marketing your skill you need to understand how to sell or how to market your skill either online or offline. If you fail to learn marketing skill then you will lose more customers even if you are an expert in your field.

People will patronize others with little knowledge of the skill that know how to sell than you who is an expert but can’t market your skill or product.

We have been able to point out the major online and offline business ideas for students in Nigeria to start and make money while in school, I also listed major skills they can learn or start during ASSU strike to make enough money before school resume.

I strongly believe that with the help of this writeup many Nigerian females students will be able to make money legitimately without depending on any guy.

Please, if you derived value from this article kindly tell me your opinion on why a student should start a business in school.

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