Top 10 Side Hustle In Nigeria For Students 2021 (High Demand)

It is very important for student most especially those in higher institution to have a side hustle in Nigeria, this will not only help them but will be able to improve their cash flow.

I could remember back then in Lagos state after my SSCE, I have never felt what is like to get pocket money from parents or relatives.

While in the higher institution I will hear other students complain that the money they are expecting from their uncle, brother or parents have not been given to them and i will be wondering, because even as a student I usually send money to my siblings.

I knew such thing was a norm in school, so I decided not to be part of that. What did I then do? I ventured into one of the best side hustle in Nigeria which I have learnt when I was in secondary school.

You too can stop depending on your parent by looking for one of the best side hustle in Nigeria for students.

In fact with the help of some of this side hustle you will be able to tackle your financial embarrassment, you can even start paying your bills by your self and buying your school textbooks etc.

Instead of sitting idle everyday after school look for something meaningful and be doing while other student were waiting for urgent 2k.

Their are numerous reasons why students need side hustle in Nigeria which may be: To support yourself and your family, to get rid of your financial challenges, to monetize your skills or to ball on campus.


Top 10 Best side hustles for students in Nigeria

These are some of the side hustles for students in Nigeria to venture into to be able to improve their cash flow while in campus, continue reading if you are ready to tackle your financial embarrassment.

1. Graphic Design

This is the act of creating, editing, designing and perfecting an art using a good graphic design software such as Corel draw, Photoshop, PixelLab and other Graphic design tools.

If you can be able to use any of those software applications very well then you are good to go if not you can pay people that are good at it to teach you.

I know a friend that is earning nothing less than #50,000 monthly doing this as a student, he can design logo, fliers etc. You too can earn more if you can put more extra effort doing it.

2. Teaching/Tutoring

Side hustle in Nigeria

Can you teach subject like mathematics, English language, Biology, literature, physics, chemistry etc if yes! Then you can start organizing tutorials for your junior once most essential those preparing for WAEC, NECO and JAMB examination.

Or start doing afternoon lesson for small children after school, helping them do their homework some parents will be ready to pay you very high as far as you can turn their children result around.

You can earn more than #100,000 monthly doing this, because once other parents start noticing your good job they will also like you to be teaching their kids also just be ready to change the children’s academic game and get ready to earn more.


3. Online Training Skills

Another best side hustle in Nigeria for students do start in campus is start teaching what you know online, I have used this skill to make money over and over again teaching people what I know online because it is a money generating skill and I recommend it for anyone especially smartphone users.

You can develop this skill and organize WhatsApp trainings around a highly demanding problem which people can pay you for, I learnt this great skill from coach Eno Sam, the president of BEWA Africa.

This week alone, I have at least six online trainings that will bring in income for me because it is a skill I have developed over the years.

Instead of getting confused on what business to start this month, why not consider starting an online training business? This is an escape route for you already.

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4. Affiliate Marketing Skills

This involves you selling other persons/company products or services, you get a commission for each sales you make. There is nothing like creating your own product or services rather you only sell what others have created.

Surprising right? This is where you need to be careful because it is a skill you learn not something you rush into. One of the requirements for you to get consistent income from affiliate marketing is the fact that you know how to sell especially online.

The amount you can earn from this side hustle in Nigeria alone is limitless, I earned my first affiliate commission when I was in 100 level in Ebonyi state university, Abakaliki.

5. Facebook Ads

Side hustle ideas in Nigeria

If you can master this skill very well, it can create a lifetime of income streams for you and your family. Everyday people run Facebook ads. Businesses are in need of more customers and visibility.

They need a better way of reaching out to their target prospects and clients. With Facebook ads they can achieve that.

you can learn this Facebook ads using your smartphone and get paid doing this for personal brands, organizations and business brands.

6. Video Creation and Editing

You can easily start this side hustle with your smartphone, There are free tools and applications you will need to create exceptional videos and edit them professionally for clients.

It has been confirmed that people consume videos more online than content.

There are business owners and personal brands that don’t have time to create these videos, you can come in and help them create these videos. You may ask, how do I get clients? This is why learning the Facebook ads gives you an advantage.

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7. Editing and proofreading service

People are creating blog post, ebooks, articles, and project documents everyday, some of the authors are looking for who can proofread it for them to be able to improve it quality.

As a student you can start proofreading service as a side hustle that you can be doing after school, if you know you are good in English language then you are good to go.

Their are many freelance website online that you can find client’s, I know a very good friend of mine that is earning over #80,000 monthly doing this.

8. Phones repair

Side hustles for students in Nigeria

Learning how to repair phone will take you atleast six month, you can’t just start this side hustle without first learn it from an experience person.

Almost all students in University, polytechnic, and college of education are using smartphone, this smartphones due develop problem sometime and will require the service of an experience person to get the problem solved.

If you know how to repair phone in campus you are already a big boy in campus because you will be tired of working everyday as monsy keep flowing into your pocket.

9. Make and sell products

Did you know how to make hat, body cream, soup, beads, snacks, handbags and school bags etc. Why haven’t you started making it? Or you are still waiting for me before.

If you can be able to make any of this you can be selling it in campus to other students and none students, this can seriously improve your cash flow and can even take you more higher after graduating from school.

10. Buying and selling (Mini importation)

Starting mini importation can really change your financial status, if you can be able to be importing things like, sneakers, shoes, bags, jewellery, wristwatches, phones, laptops, books t-shirts and gowns Ither electronic gadgets.

From county like China or buying here in Nigeria in locations like Lagos, Ibadan or Aba in Anambra state in a very cheap price and and sell in high price in the campus and earn good gain.

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Side hustle in Nigeria With High Income

  1. Photography
  2. Freelance writing and copywriting
  3. Start your own blog
  4. Social media management
  5. Website Designing
  6. Tailoring/ fashion designing
  7. Makeup artist
  8. Barbing
  9. Dry Cleaning
  10. Learn how to type document fast with computer/PC.

Did you find this article helpful? Let us hear your opinion most especially your advice for students that are planning to start any of these side hustle.


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